'To The Worshipper of the Cross': 'Whoever Welcomes [the Pope]… Is Not Part of Muhammad's Ummah'


Jordanian Salafi Jihadi Leader Abu Muhammad Al-Maqdisi  ‘To The Worshipper of the Cross’: ‘Whoever Welcomes [the Pope]… Is Not Part of Muhammad’s Ummah’

* Well, I suppose not everyone has the privilege to be part of this exclusive club…

”The Islamic Emirate in Afghanistan asks Pope Benedict XVI to act to stop the foolish and irresponsible actions of the crusaders upsetting the feelings of Muslim rebels, without awaiting the consequences of a severe reaction,” said a Taleban message on the website, alemarah1.org.


On May 7, 2008, in response to Pope Benedict XVI’s visit to Jordan, prominent salafi-jihadi Sheikh Abu Muhammad Al-Maqdisi posted on his website (Minbar Al-Tawhid wal-Jihad) a 12-page article titled “To the Worshipper of the Cross.” In it, he attacks the pope for his remarks about the Prophet Muhammad during his 2006 lecture at the University of Regensburg. Al-Maqdisi explains that he had been in prison when the remarks were made, and thus unable to express his rage – but that with the pope’s visit to Jordan, he had decided to respond, in order to fulfill “the duty of defending the Prophet.”
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45 thoughts on “'To The Worshipper of the Cross': 'Whoever Welcomes [the Pope]… Is Not Part of Muhammad's Ummah'”

  1. Brothers, I read through several articles on your website, and it is full of hatred and unfortunate ignorance. Your editorial team isn’t to blame for all of this completely. Muslims have done a terrible job of showcasing Islam in the last few decades and we have let our militant brothers steal our voices. Given the relative poverty of muslim countries compared to the predominantly Christian West and the wealth of the Jewish community in the US and abroad, muslims are losing the propaganda war quite comfortably. At the end of the day, none of this matters because we should be able to take responsibility for our personal actions, thoughts and words. Those who live by the sword will be consumed by it, and the hearts of who live by hatred will be consumed by it too. Allah knows best. May He grant you the wisdom to see the folly of your thoughts, words and actions.

  2. Anand,
    I have read several article by muslims and these are consumed by ignorance and hatred. You would do well to examine your own house first before commenting on your neighbours. When I read an article I cross reference against what is available in the open literature and what is available in both English AND non-English speaking countries. Most, in fact the vast majority, of the data that has been shown here is correct. Most of the claims made here against muslims are correct. Many of us have studied the book you believe is holy; it is full of contradiction and can be easily interpreted in a variety of ways – in short it is about as holy as the New York times. So when many of us state that we believe islam to be evil, we have good reason to state this and we can justify this – not only through our understanding but directly through the widely reported actions of a significant minority of muslims. Yes, we are directly responsible for our actions and we recognise that at present islam is a real and present danger to the educated world. We would be criminals if we did not work to make people aware of the threat islam poses and if we were not willing to fight for our society. Anand, you may find this hard to believe but I know your religion and I reject it utterly. If you wish to be a muslim that is your choice, and that choice will be respected until you try to subjugate others. G_d may know best but he left us the freedom to make our own choices – it is about time many of you muslims really tried to understand that.
    Following the words of a child molesting beduouin from the 5th century is not a recipe for success in the developing world. Society left mo and his followers a long time ago – it seems that many of you have not realised that
    the world has changed significantly since mo went about murdering his neighbourhood tribes. Most of us are not consumed with hatred, but we know that muslims are a threat. If muslims had been capable of living in peace with other societies this web blog would not exists and we would be doing other things. There is a war coming – and it will be driven by muslim actions. Choose very carefully the side you will take.

  3. Anand
    I have read the Koran and never have I come across a so called holy book so full of invoking much slaughter amoing the infidels.
    India was the worst to suffer from Islamic invaders. Such was the devastation caused by Muslim invaders and rulers, that even till now Hindu India has not recovered from the trauma. Afghanistan, that land once peopled by gentle Buddhists, is now a land of murderous barbarians intent on killing little girls who may want to learn.

    If there is hatred of Islam, then Islam richly deserves it.

    PS: Anand is generally a Hindu name. Are you a Muslim pretending to be Hindu?

  4. The Pope did not say he respects Islam, just the people trapped in and by it.

  5. Muhammad’s Ummah’ is not a religion it is a DEATH cult. Islam has absolutely nothing positive to offer humanity, that is why it is spread through violence and held together with violence. You are so right Anand your fellow travellers will be consumed by the sword.
    “Allah knows best. May He grant you the wisdom to see the folly of your thoughts, words and actions”. Allah is talking to Muslims with this statement.

  6. DP111,

    Maybe you read a slightly different version of the Koran?! 🙂 You have to remember that kafirs were enemies of the muslims, when muslims were being persecuted for following their faith. If you’re in the middle of a war with Pakistan and you say “go kill the Pakistanis” it doesn’t mean that you’re suggesting for all future generations of Indians to go kill Pakistanis. Lets be clear on this, the Quran is the word of Allah, and Allah doesn’t ask us to kill innocents, not once. I challenge you to find a place where killing of innocents is asked for. In fact murder is considered the gravest of sins in Islam (and every faith that I know of). If you’re knowledgeable about the Bhagavad Gita, Krishna asks his protege Arjun to kill his own brothers because they were defending truth and the kingdom. Doesn’t mean all Hindus are supposed to kill their half brothers. In the manusmriti (the social bible for hindus), sudras who listen to the Vedas are asked to have their ears filled with hot oil. Do you really think thats what Hindus are supposed to do? I don’t disrespect Hinduism at all, but you have to have some degree of perspective.

    Many muslim countries today are poor, illiterate and full of internationally involved conflict. It creates all the ingredients for religion to be misused to fulfil man’s own greed. In muslim countries, Islam is the currency of debate, so when someone wants to justify any action (war, social etc), Islam is invoked. Unfortunately, no one in Afghanistan says “the Koran implores all of us to be educated in the sciences … so learn” … Afghanistan is a broken country, community, much like several poor Christian countries in Africa (see Zimbabwe) and some poor territories in India, where there is no legal framework and anarchy rules.

    You may choose to ignore this, but the Taliban and the mujahideen were expressly created by the US and Pakistan to fight the Godless communist enemy. Its easy to go to a poor country and rile them up with hatred.

    Contrary to your statement about Hindus being devastated by Muslim kings (some of whom were plunderers … but a LOT of Hindu kings were plunderers too … plundering and pillaging was the order of the day back then, just that the Mongols were superior in war to the local Indian kings back then), Hindus have always been the majority in India. If infidels were supposed to be killed or converted, you wouldn’t have nearly a billion Hindus left in India, would you?

    PS: I’m not a Muslim pretending to be a Hindu. I’m a Muslim. Anand, my name, is a secular word, which means happiness.

  7. kaw,

    Thanks for your response.

    Muslims consider the Holy Koran to be the word of Allah, the one Lord of creation. You may consider it to be on par with the NYTimes, which is your personal opinion, but that doesn’t change a belief.

    Your description of our dear prophet is really unfair, to say the least. If you read about the life of the prophet you’ll know that he was a human being, hence he may have had his flaws (child molesting isn’t one of them). But thats why muslims don’t worship our prophet, but Allah.

    BTW, you say you “cross reference” all your facts but yet you say the prophet was “5th cenruty bedouin.” If you cared to do some research, the prophet was neither of 5th century, nor was he a bedouin. The prophet lived between the 6th and 7th centuries. Shows the limitations of your ability to verify the truth, doesn’t it? It also makes me wonder if you know what you’re talking about!! 🙂

    Its sad that you consider muslims a threat.

  8. DP111,

    “The Pope did not say he respects Islam, just the people trapped in and by it.”

    One of the difference between muslims and christians is that muslims are told never to disrespect the prophets of other faiths (not false prophets mind you), which includes Jesus. You’ll never find an imam saying terrible things about Jesus, Moses etc.

    Thats because we believe that the prophet Muhammad was the last of several great prophets that Allah communicated with.

  9. infidel,

    “Muhammad’s Ummah’ is not a religion it is a DEATH cult. Islam has absolutely nothing positive to offer humanity, that is why it is spread through violence and held together with violence. You are so right Anand your fellow travellers will be consumed by the sword.
    “Allah knows best. May He grant you the wisdom to see the folly of your thoughts, words and actions”. Allah is talking to Muslims with this statement.”

    You’re absolutely right. Muslims who live by the sword and kill innocent people, like al-Qaeda and the Taliban are destined to die by it. And even if they live, they will be hiding in caves out of fear. Muslims are called to defend against aggressors, never to be the aggressor.

  10. kaw, Sorry to have to shame you on this, but you should stop making claims of being accurate and cross-referencing and not even know when the prophet Muhammad lived, or what he was. Saying that he was from the 4th century reveals to me the extent of your knowledge of the Holy Koran or the life of our dear prophet. Please try to educate yourself.

  11. Anand,

    I follow the Lord God who made the universe and all that is in it. He became personified (begat) the Lord Jesus Christ, God the Son, who died for the sins of all who would believe. It is an historical fact, (supported both within the Gospels and secular historians agree) that Jesus was crucified and rose on the third day. My Lord is alive. mohammed is dead, buried, and in the ground. The example set by Jesus completely and utterly refutes the notion that mohammed had any support whatsoever from God. There is such a vast difference between the two, Jesus brought life, healed the blind, the deaf, the lame, mohammed brought death to the ‘infidel’. Please look honestly at the facts, and then you will realise that islam is so completely negative and against all that is true and right.

    You will also find that even though many non-religious people access and comment on this site, they wish for islam to end and for moslems to see the error of their ways, whereas it appears that moslems only want death or submission from those who dont follow your ‘prophet’, and even for those that do yet may be from a ‘different’ islam. As for islam’s agression towards Israel and the Jews, you really need to see that they are God’s chosen, and islam has never, and will never defeat Israel.

    In His name.

  12. “Brother John, Glad to know that your Christian faith gives you strength. I’m not surprised – the same Allah who spoke to our dear prophet also spoke to Jesus. You’re absolutely right that the prophet is dead – he was, after all a human being. When the prophet died, one of his disciples couldn’t believe that he had died. Upon which, Abu Bakr said “If you worship the prophet Muhammad, know that he’s dead. If you worship Allah, know that Allah is alive!

    I agree with you that in several countries, minorities within Islam (Shias etc) as well as minorities of other faiths, are treated poorly. That has to change.

    Islam has no aggression against the jews. Muslims (AND christians in Palestine) are only trying to fight people who have taken away their land. Some of them are using terrible means to fight (then again, when the US bombs 100 Afghani civilians … thats wrong too, don’t you think?) If you read up on history even, you’ll find that muslims protected the jews who were persecuted in christian lands. Talk to any knowledgeable rabbi and thats what he will tell you.

  13. Anand,

    Respectfully, allah is NOT God. You have been misled by too many islamic leaders and preachers who lie to further the aims of islam. (Allowable by islam in these times of ‘war’)
    The acts of your muslim counterparts makes a lie of your statement “Islam has no aggression against the jews.”

    Also, check historical facts. Israel owned all of the land that now is called Palestine, and it was given to them by God. The Bible clearly indicates that in these last days the whole world will be against Israel, but God will intervene. The Arab nations couldn’t defeat Israel in the recent past, all wars that were instigated by muslim nations under muslim banners. (Very peaceful, yeah right) http://www.historyguy.com/arab_israeli_wars.html

    Sorry Anand, but your ‘spin-doctoring’ will never work against people who are prepared to research and honestly appraise recent and current events, such as the people here!

  14. Anand when you call Mohammad a ‘prophet’ what is this based on I wonder? Not to be rude but I have read the Koran and cannot see any prophecy uttered by Mohammad, much less any that actually came to pass of course. Plus I noted the repeated failure of him being able to perform any miracles when the people asked him.

    Sure he is a leader – that is why you are called Mohammadans after all – and good Moslems like Osama genuinly do attempt to follow his lead. But why do you claim the title of ‘prophet’ for one who apparently could not prophecy or performa any miracles?

    BTW Jesus did not just speak to God, he IS God and he IS the creator and judge of the world. From the Koran I understood that Allah (your god) did not speak to Mohammad, only Gabriel.

  15. John and Anand.
    If only you knew how much pleasure atheists get from indoctrinated zealots attempting to disprove each other’s superstitous belief systems.
    Keep it up !! very entertaining indeed …

  16. Chris,

    You’re absolutely right that the prophet never performed any miracles, although some traditions do talk about miracles (those may have been added later). The prophet, as I mentioned was a human being chosen by Allah to communicate His message to mankind. We consider the fact the prophet delivered Allah’s message to us, lived a righteous life, setting an example to muslims worldwide as the true “miracles.”

  17. atheist,

    I can imagine how you feel. Care to explain, using your science based logic, how I become a “zealot”? Anything that I said that causes you to say that? Or are you just reflecting a general contempt for the faithful?

    Either way, someone like me understands that there are always going to be atheists. Better to learn to live with each other rather than fight and kill in the name of religion, race or science, no?

    I am frankly not trying to disprove Christianity or any other faith system. Just attempting to clear some obvious falsehoods on this website that are propagated. The writer did not even know which century Muhammad lived in, and then goes on to say “I verify and cross reference everything.” Oh well.

  18. Anand ,
    Why are so many muslim countries poor , illiterate and in conflict? What has islam done for these countries? To outsiders , it would appear that islam has no value.
    Islamic countries produce very few scientists and even fewer patents. Why is this?

  19. John,

    We have to be clear on something, the arab-israeli conflict is not about religion, but about land, pure and simple. Religion was invoked by the jews to claim the land, kick the Arabs out, and religion is now being invoked by the Arabs to reclaim it. What is clear is that the Palestinians (again, both muslim and christian) are living under terrible conditions, as a direct consequence of the Israeli govt and military actions. And are resorting to terrible means to fight Israel.

    Please read about the Haganah and other Zionist (they called themselves Zionist by the way) organizations who tried to kick the Arabs out of Palestine.

    The interesting thing is that Christian Europe killed 6 million jews and Arabs had to pay the price for it. And christian countries, who essentially created the concept of anti-Semitism, are blaming the Arabs for it. I’m wondering how you would react if immigrants from Mexico start exploding bombs in California, take over major cities and kick out the locals?

    Good to know that you honestly appraise history and events. Sometimes you have to be open to the possibility that you’re wrong, thats all. I’m happy to be proven wrong.

  20. theresaj,

    I think its a fair question because its an obvious one, but its unfair to blame Islam for the ills of certain societies. Science and education in many (not all) muslim countries has definitely taken a backseat. Especially in the Arab world, oil money has made people somewhat lazy.

    But all civilizations go through ups and downs. If you look at the history of Christian countries, you’ll see that there were several dark ages of little or no progress, violence and bloodshed. And if you look at the history of the muslim world, there is no doubt (unless you’re reading the history of a different planet) that muslims were the standard bearers of literature, education and science for several hundred years.

    Also please don’t mix correlation with causality (an obvious and most commonly made logical error). The fact that muslim countries are poor has nothing to do with their faith. As an example of this fallacy, we could look at the widespread prostitution, availability of porn, premarital sex, strip clubs etc in western countries and say “christianity is immoral.” But that would be a foolish thing to do, wouldn’t it?

    As far as conflict goes, there is no single reason for muslim countries to be in conflict. Each issue has to be taken separately. There’s a conflict in Chechnya because of Russian brutality, there’s a conflict in India because the Indian govt never fulfilled its promises to Kashmiris, there’s a conflict in Israel because Israel grabbed Arab land because they were being persecuted in Christian Europe.

  21. thanks for taking notice Anand. Please understand that you are only a muslim because of the circumstances of your birth. No-one in their right mind could possibly believe the trash that is written in the Koran unless indoctrinated as a child . Don’t worry Anand, I feel the same about Christians and Jews with regards the Bible and Torah.

  22. atheist brother,

    Actually I wasn’t born into a muslim family. So you’re not always right! 🙂

    Secondly, all human understanding (whether science or not) and scientific laws are ultimately based on belief and an extrapolation of empirical data. I know you’re bound to disagree but we can have a reasonable debate about that I’m sure.

    The trouble with atheism is that it fails to acknowledge the possibility that our intelligence, impressive as it may be, could be incapable of comprehending a truth that only a handful of humans through history have been able to comprehend (we call them the prophets).

    The birth of Einstein was say, a 6-sigma event – a person who had incredible intelligence to see things that most of us don’t see. That doesn’t mean it didn’t happen or that simply because we don’t understand Einstein’s theories are … that he was wrong. I can guarantee you that you believe in several scientific theories that you don’t fully comprehend, right?

  23. atheist,

    All I’m saying is that despite the outwardly differences, the faithful and the atheist aren’t really that different. At the end of the day, we share the many of the same insecurities, fears, happiness and desires.

    You believe in several scientific laws that you don’t fully understand (unless you’re a genius and knows exactly why all the physical laws work). Faithful believe in an Allah that we don’t comprehend.

    You see a flower and say “smells good, nice color, should pluck it and impress a girl with it.” I’d say “Mashallah (Allah’s will) smells good, nice color, should pluck it and impress a girl with it.”

  24. Anand – you weren’t born into a Muslim family ? So, that means you grew up as an atheist and converted to Islam as an adult ? somehow I don’t think you are telling the truth ..

  25. atheist,

    I grew up in a non-muslim family and later became a muslim. Thats 100% true and I’m not sure there’s anything controversial about it.

    Looking back, I actually don’t think I was atheist for too long. Most of my life, as I do today, I maintain a healthy curiosity about religion and faith because I think the questions posed and answered by religious thought give me insight into the nature of humans (which is really what I’m ultimately interested in.)

  26. * Muslims have done a terrible job of showcasing Islam …

    Anand, they have done a fantastic job – no PR company or ad agency
    could have done better. Hijack aircraft & destroy towers; throw acid
    in the faces of girls & women; lop off the heads of … anyone, really;
    burn cars in Paris & elsewhere; threaten “dire consequences” over
    the most trivial issues. Be rewarded with jizyah, terrace houses,
    super lax prisons, muslim reference groups, muslim-only “prayer”
    rooms in universities, “interfaith” love-ins … a wonderful outcome,
    except for the rest of the world funding this nonsense.

  27. Here are a few more words from the death cult!

    Koran 5:51
    Believers, take neither Jews nor Christians for your friends. They are friends with one another. Whoever of you seeks their friendship shall become one of their number. Allah does not guide the wrong-doers.

    Koran 9:29
    Fight those who believe not in Allah nor the Last Day, nor hold that forbidden which hath been forbidden by Allah and His Messenger, nor acknowledge the religion of Truth, (even if they are) of the People of the Books (Jews and Christians), until they pay the Jizya with willing submission, and feel themselves subdued.

  28. Annand,
    Mo was born around 570 AD. Most historians consider that islam began about 620 AD . However because it basically was the creation of mo, I state 5th century because mo was born the the late 5th century. Nowhere have I mentioned 4th century. Mo was born in Medinah – this make him basically a Saudi tribesman – and these are the Beduouin. Note that the term relates to several tribes. Again I suggest that you educate yourself. Islam is basically a rehash of the old testament with some psychopathic utterings made by mo in Mecca – he was not a nice man and my comment on him was probably much nicer than he deserves. Annand, do your homework before entering the field of battle – you might give yourself a chance. I find your arguments amusing but not terribly deep. Religion is a human concept – try understand it within these limits. I also find your line regard reasons for muslim misbehaviour as amusing – btw the Indian government never made a promise to the Kasmirirs and the decision to align Kashmir with India at partition was made by the Kashmiri rulers – India had little to do with it. Russian brutality began after Chenchen muslim brutality. Russia actually left Chechyna, after which the muslims decided to invade Dagestan – so the Russians had to return. DO YOUR HOMEWORK!

  29. Anand,
    To correct your lack of education again – The USA supported the mujahadeen against the USSR in Afghanistan. The mujahadeen was fractured, after the soviet withdrawal, partially by ISS (paki secret service) actions into the Taliban and the Nothern Alliance. Note that the break was closely aligned with tribal boundaries. Shah Mahsood, who was probably the most respected and reasonable leader of the Northern Alliance was assasinated by Taliban with ISS support. The USA never supported the Taliban – that was a creation of the ISS probably just after the Soviet withdrawal but this is not certain. As I said, we do carefully cross reference and check – it is a shame that you are insufficiently sufficiently bright to understand. And you want to tell us about religion!!!! As I implied – a 5th century death cult and you are a member.

  30. kaw,

    You said: “Mo was born around 570 AD. Most historians consider that islam began about 620 AD . However because it basically was the creation of mo, I state 5th century because mo was born the the late 5th century.”

    Don’t mean to be offensive but you need to get some basic education buddy. 570AD falls in the 6th century, not the 5th century.

  31. kaw,

    You said “As I said, we do carefully cross reference and check ”
    And then you said “ISS (paki secret service)”

    Pakistani secret service is ISI, not ISS. I’ve seen enough examples of your “careful cross referencing and checking” my friend ! 🙂

  32. kaw,

    Again, another example of your “cross reference and checking”

    “Mo was born in Medinah – this make him basically a Saudi tribesman – and these are the Beduouin.”

    You are implying that our dear prophet was born in Medina. The prophet was born in Mecca, not Medina. Again, one more example of your inability to get your facts straight. This is like saying that you’ve read the Bible thoroughly and then stating that Jesus was born in Jerusalem. You are really doing a very poor job of convincing people of your scholarliness my friend.

  33. Anand:
    Sheik Yer’mami left a comment for you at:

    UK: Anjem Choudary is planning to peddle his hate to teenagers at a ‘jihad’ summer school

  34. Anand,
    you are wasting time – ISI is correct (a typo because I am busy on other things) however you miss the point and try to obfuscate through minor detail. Your comment that the USA created the Taliban and supported it was incorrect. The ISI did, drawing on Pashtun tribal differences with other groups. Your prophet was born in 570 AD thereabouts in Mecca – his philosphy is borrowed from the old testament and offers nothing new. He would now be jailed as a rather nasty serial killer but he shares that with some Christian saints as well. I see that you try to equate science and religion. They both serve different purposes and, if one wishes to consider both as a form of philosopy, are constructed in quite different ways. They are not mutually exclusive sets – well the blind philosophy that is islam excludes everything. Actually all religions (even Islam) have shown the ability to coexist science without threat. I have no intent of convincing you of anything. You have given examples of so-called muslim persecution, all of which are easy to disprove. So I put in a typo – the ISS rather than the ISI however I specifically said the Pakistani secret service. I also find your statement of scholarliness rather amusing. As an aside I am not your friend, I am also not your enemy, and in fact you mean absolutely nothing to me what so ever. If I need to be write an academic paper then I will happily do so, with carefully noted cross references etc. However it is not necessary to do so in refuting your claims. The key points I note remain undamaged. However, it is interesting to note that you seem to be unable to accept muslim responsibility for the problem in Kashmir or Chechyna. Perhaps you might wish to enlighten us on your silence on what is virtually a genocide against non-muslims in Southern Thailand and in the Southern Phillipines. As I said earlier, and as you have have patiently been unable to understand, the problem we have with muslims is their behaviour. You have given little to lessen our suspicions.

  35. kaw,

    You call our dear prophet a “nasty serial killer” and you somehow think that this is very scholarly? Sorry friend your ignorance is irreparable. Kindly continue to spam us with your hatred. I will try to correct your facts when I can.

  36. Anand,
    The facts support what I have written. It is not hatred, silly boy, just stating what has been written and accepted as fact, even by muslims. The trick, of course, is the interpretation of the written statement, isn’t it. Now stop wasting our time, it appears that you are the serial spammer. You do know that both the old testament and the Quran are rather violent in nature, but then given that the Quran is an undigested copy of the old testament this is of no surprise. Actually I suspect their violence stems from the accepted norms of human behaviour in those early times – and this, if you are capable of thinking sufficiently deeply, says an awful lot on the origin of both. And of course, I shall return the favour and correct your errors if the opportunity arises. As I said, you have done little to allay our suspicions. Have a nice day. PS – calling Ted Bundy a “nasty, serial killer” would be acceptable in a scholarly article – well I am not exactly sure what the requirements are for behavioural science articles because, although I am a scientist, behavioural science not my professional field – Bundy killed because his sexuality was wired in a way that is incompatible with normal human behaviour – it is unknown if mo had a similar problem, it is much more likely that he sought power through religion and conquest – these are the implications of recorded history which you folks seem to be rather keen on rewriting – this, in my opinion, validates the description which you find offensive. I would use the same term to describe a well known Austrian corporal who served with the German army on the Western front (France) in WW2. :

  37. “You do know that both the old testament and the Quran are rather violent in nature”

    Actually I don’t. Violence is part and parcel of human existence. The Old testament contains stories of human action, some of which are going to be violent in nature, but that doesn’t make it a violent book. The Jews were the first people to receive the message of Islam from Allah.

  38. Anand,

    Like the Pharisees of old, you seem to want to be associated with Moses and Abraham.

    Jesus was quite clear when he spoke to these pedants.

    Note: Your father Abraham rejoiced to see My day, and he saw it and was glad…. John8. 56

    Abraham did not seek to see mohammed…but Christ.

    Tell me Anand, what were the Pharisees guilty of? and why did they move to have Jesus crucified? have you any idea?

  39. Anand
    Teaching of Jesus peace be upon him

    Jesus engaged in much public debate with the Pharisees and Sadducees, two Jewish factions that opposed Him and his teachings. It was during one of these debates that Jesus stated the Greatest Commandment:

    One of the teachers of the law came and heard them debating. Noticing that Jesus had given them a good answer, he asked him, “Of all the commandments, which is the most important?” “The most important one,” answered Jesus, “is this: ‘Hear, O Israel, the Lord our God, the Lord is one. Love the Lord your God with all your heart and with all your soul and with all your mind and with all your strength.’ The second is this: ‘Love your neighbor as yourself.’ There is no commandment greater than these.” (NIV, Mark 12:28-31).

    Teaching of Muhammad peace be upon him

    2:255 Allah. There is no god but He,-the Living, the Self-subsisting, Eternal. No slumber can seize Him nor sleep. His are all things in the heavens and on earth. Who is there can intercede in His presence except as He permitteth? He knoweth what (appeareth to His creatures as) before or after or behind them. Nor shall they compass aught of His knowledge except as He willeth. His Throne doth extend over the heavens and the earth, and He feeleth no fatigue in guarding and preserving them for He is the Most High, the Supreme (in glory).

    2:256 Let there be no compulsion in religion: Truth stands out clear from Error: whoever rejects evil and believes in Allah hath grasped the most trustworthy hand-hold, that never breaks. And Allah heareth and knoweth all things.

    What is the teaching of Hindu regarding ALmighty God the Creator?


  40. Anand,
    By any definition both the Quran and Old Testament are violent. books – especially in the sense that one has the freedom to interpret many passages as an instigation to violence. You should perhaps think a little more deeply when you read. Then you should consider why these verses are being used to instigate violence by your co-religionists. No doubt this is another reality that you wish to deny. The Jews do not share your interpretation in the source of Moses message – although they also believe it to G_d. What amuses me is that you quote with little understanding. It seems that your principal goal in posting here, asserting some form of supremacy of your faith over others, has been exposed. Jesus did not seek mo – it was the other way around. mo copied ideas from others ie the old testament. Mo was a wiley politican who used religion and religious based violence to bind various tribes together. However, that makes his message human, not divine. I suspect that you have accepted too much and erred in not asking a sufficient number of questions. Your choice. You were given a hint earlier as to a possible meaningful way to start contemplating what religion really is but you did not understand. Again your choice.

  41. Arah,

    I am surprised that you think both passages, the one from the O.T. and the one from the Quran mean the same. Like the Pharisees whom Jesus addressed, you are unwilling to accept Jesus for who He is.

    In a nutshell, your answer shows that you would have done the same that the Pharisees did. The Pharisees had Jesus crucified because they believed He blasphemed by claiming to be God.

    Jesus is resurrected, proving that He is without sin, and as a direct consequence, His resurrection asserts that His claim to being God is true.

    Tell me Arah, would you have had Jesus crucified as well for the same claim? Why or why not?

  42. Actually, Anand’s comments do not seem to have been written by one whom, as he directly states, maintains a healty curiousity on religion and similar matters. Furthermore, Anand, the land that was settled by Jewish settlers fleeing from Europe both pre and immediately post 1945 to Palestine (a British creation) had been brought from Arab landowners – it was paid for – not “grabbed”. The exodus to lands which had been brought from the Arabs actually began before WW1. The Palestinians were the tenants, not the land-owners – most of them were Fellahin. If you feel upset with Jewish settlement then ask yourself why Arabs did business with the Jewish folks in the first case. Reading through the history it can be seen that the Jews first worked land that Arabs had been unable to, using superior farming techniques which were usually developed on-site. So the reasons for selling are mostly clear; some Arab landowners felt that the Jews would fail but that they (the Arabs) would like to make a profit; some felt that interaction of Jewish and local populations would be good for economy and progress (probably a minority but that is my personnel bias), and there are other plausible reasons as well . In short Anand, the original pre-1945 Jewish settlers made lands (on which Arab agriculture had failed) fertile. This is where Jewish settlers moved to immediately post 1945.
    The majority of land exchange then occured after commencement of arab hostilities by arabs and subsequent winning of successive conflicts by Israel.
    This is not a comment on Arab ability, rather a comment on an unwillingness of Arabs to shed old customs and learn – a signature of modern Islam and I would definitely make that connect. I am not terribly convinced that, were the situation to occur elsewhere today, an arab/muslim population would react differently to changing circumstance as did the Palestinians. In fact, we see this on a daily basis within the growing muslim ghettos of Ghettos of Europe. This is a growing problem that will have to be resolved shortly.

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