We Got Mail! From "Rickrose…"

Rick rose
Submitted on 2009/05/23 at 3:17am

not wierd. u make this rasist web calling muslims stuff and shitt.. not nice. and u say muslims are terrorist? hmm well u are now terrorist, muslims are trying to protect them selfs, Example. if u put ur dick in another country i bet they will be pissed off, Example: if i put my dick in ur wifes vagina , i bet u will be pissed off. no offence.
before calling some one a terrorist, try checking ther background what happend to them and why. before Makeing a webpage like this.
Cuz You called for WAR not muslims.

Update: Blacks invented Hygiene:

sabdra brown
Submitted on 2009/05/23 at 4:55am

fuck you racist crackers , black and asians came here and built up this country for your english skunts. it is us blacks who taught you fools to dress, walk , and maintain a good hygiene . when i see u folks on road your dead roast pork . when the muslims get compensation in britian who will know how to close your eyes on fuck off.

* Thanks bro. The evidence is all over Africa and the Middle East…. where would we be without you!

In other news:

* Not that Paki-land was ever “stable”- what is this guy talking about?
The Pentagon’s top military officer said Thursday he’s concerned that the US troop buildup to roust insurgents from Afghanistan could further destabilise neighbouring Pakistan.However, Joint Chiefs of Staff Chairman Adm Mike Mullen, Read full story »

7 thoughts on “We Got Mail! From "Rickrose…"”

  1. Charming Rick is in Norway …
    P Address:
    Hostname: 149-68-241.oke2-bras11.adsl.tele2.no
    AS: 1257
    AS Name: TELE2

    Sabdra is in once-Great Britain …
    IP Address:
    Hostname: host81-151-144-64.range81-151.btcentralplus.com
    Country: GB
    AS: 2856
    AS Name: BT-UK-AS BTnet UK Regional network

  2. They are not exactly high up the food chain. I am so happy that these dumbass fools go into bat for the Islamist filth.

  3. Miss Brown is the funniest moe-negrette in UmmahKingdhim! But we “fuckin’ crackers” can hear this tune everywhere, if we listen: Muhammadans tell us they invented everything, their stupid book includes even genetics. Our peace lovin’, highly civilized sub-sahara humans brought us hygiene, clothes and the ability to walk – in the nineteensixties… Boy, don’t you remember the smell in the streets before the invasion of the cultural vanguard commenced?

    With every stupid statement and every close encounter of the 3rd kind it becomes more and more difficult not to lump our enrichers together – but I keep trying.

    Greets from Eurabia,


  4. Why are they unable to move past basic swear words and infantile sentence structure? It’s very apparent now why members of the RoP tend to gravitate towards violent actions and outbreeding, rather than logical arguments, to advance their cause. Violence and shagging are the two most basic human instincts, which appears to be all that islamic males can offer us.

    Of course there are islamic scholars, but i’ve yet to have seen one posting on here!

  5. Having seen the work of Islamic scholars do not expect the quality to significantly improve.

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