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Paki attack: boy suicide bomber, 12, kills 41 people in Taliban strike

Never too young to kill:


A Taliban suicide bomber aged as young as 12 blew himself up in a busy market place in north-west Pakistan, killing at least 41 people and injuring dozens more.

It was the fourth major terrorist attack in Pakistan within a week.

The attacks, which have claimed more than 100 lives, represent a major escalation by the Taliban and come before the army launches a major offensive against militant targets in South Waziristan, near the Afghan border. More from the Telegraph, UK

Suicide bomber kills six Iraq’s Diyala province

‘Tolerating Intolerance is Not a Virtue’ (Catholic Herald)
An interview with Nonie Darwish.


Get Lucky with a Butt Bomb (People’s Cube)


“Are you a sexually frustrated young man? Then you’ve come to the right place.” check it out, here>>

Updates, Newslinks (you know the jihad never sleeps…)

Cry your heart out:

Psychiatrists cannot undo Taliban brainwashing


* Would-be suicide bomber still considers suicide attacks best way to tackle any person who becomes hurdle in implementing sharia

KHWAZAKHELA: The scars may take years to heal for Hamad Ahmad, one of many boys purportedly brainwashed by the Taliban and determined to enact maximum carnage as a suicide bomber.

Ahmad says he wants to carry a pistol and strap explosives to his body in the name of sharia – not hold books and wear school uniform.  More>>

The Jawa Report: Taliban Child Beheading Uncensored Video Frames …

Christians Allege Police Stood by During Burnings…

  • France demands freedom for terrorist who plotted to murder Rabbi Ovadiah Yosef
  • GOP Whip Eric Cantor: Obama Must Focus on Iran, not ‘Settlements”
  • More Commies, more happy: ‘Another Step Closer to a More Perfect Union’: President Obama Says He’s ‘Very Happy’ with Senate Vote to Confirm Sotomayor

    How to lose a war by not fighting it:


    “War on terror” was always a deeply flawed term, but the Obama Administration is not discarding it in favor of any more realistic or accurate alternative. “White House: ‘War on terrorism’ is over: ‘Jihadists’ and ‘global war’ no longer acceptable terms,” by Jon Ward and Eli Lake in the Washington Times, August 6 (thanks to all who sent this in):

    It’s official. The U.S. is no longer engaged in a “war on terrorism.” Neither is it fighting “jihadists” or in a “global war.”

    It’s official: the war on terror is over!

    It’s official: the war on terror is over!

    Michelle Malkin:

    Nazi-invoking Democrats complain: Rush is calling us Nazis!

    Revolt against AARP in Dallas: “Do you work for us or do we work for you?”

    “I hope Glenn Beck kills himself”

    Jawa Report:


    Mosque tied to Tarheel jihadists demonstrates “moderation” by inviting racist speaker for Friday prayers

    Noted al Qaeda Supporter to Speak at “Human Rights” Fundraiser in London [Updated: Noted Terror Apologist Responds]

    Iraq: “Cubs Of AlQaeda” & “Birds Of Paradise” Arrested

    Stay tuned, more trouble every day!

    Sydney Moonbat Herald Discovers "Jihad in Jakarta"

    • Just wondering how many calls they had from angry ‘moderate Muslims’ eager to explain that jihad is nothing but ‘inner struggle’…
    • Sally Neighbour also discovers that Terror returns to Jakarta” and David Hicks, aka Mahmud Dawoud  comments on ABC unhinged.  There is, of course, a way to eliminate the worst of the lot, which means to close the madrassahs and the mosques, to round up the headbangers including Bucktooth Bashir and to put ’em up against a wall. All that’s needed is the political will and determination. But you will not find that in Indonesia.

    420jakarta-420x0Rescuers tend the wounded outside the Ritz-Carlton hotel. Photo: Deisy Wong

    Trade, tourism ‘wounded by Jakarta blasts’

    An expert on Indonesian politics from Curtin University says the latest suicide bombings in Jakarta could permanently damage tourism and trade in the region.

    Today’s killer video: eliminating the competition; inner strugglers vs inner strugglers, Insurgents vs. Insurgents: members of Ansar Al-Sunnah ambushes members of the Badr Brigades.

    Black magic in Saudi Arabia

    Saudi Arabia: New Rules for the Religious Police

    Gates of Vienna:

    China: Eerie Friday in Urumqi: Under Tight Army Control Mosques Remain Almost Deserted

    No fresh violence has been reported but tensions remain high in the Xinjiang capital. Many mosques are closed. In others administrators tell worshippers to stay at home for prayer. Authorities announced new arrests in riot-related incidents.

    Uighur Are Not Tibetan

    “Islam was once found only beyond the western border
    Who could have foretold that Muslims were to dwell in China forever?” — A 17th century poem.


    Pope Meets KRudd, Pope Gets Dose of "Stolen Generation…"

    Andrew Bolt, Friday, July 10, 2009

    Man who says sorry to people who don’t exist meets man who prays to god that doesn’t exist, either:

    KEVIN Rudd presented Pope Benedict XVI with a leather-bound copy of the Australian parliament’s motion of apology to the “Stolen Generations” during a 20-minute audience at the Vatican tonight.


    Stolen Generation; Lost & Found

    KRudd privately admits: climate deal a dud

    Other News:

    Muslims excel at killing unbelievers:

    A MUSLIM who claimed he was being victimised for his religion after anti-terror raids on his home took part in a fundamentalist protest against British soldiers which caused nationwide outrage, the Mail can reveal.

    Zakeel Abbas’ Sydney Street home was raided by police in April, 2008, during an investigation into an extremist poster campaign in Burton, urging Muslims to attack non-believers, the White House and Rome.

    However, no charges were subsequently brought against he and three other men whose homes were also raided. The 32-year-old demanded an apology and even set up a support group for others ’persecuted for being Muslim’.

    Continue reading Pope Meets KRudd, Pope Gets Dose of "Stolen Generation…"

    We Got Mail! From "Rickrose…"

    Rick rose
    Submitted on 2009/05/23 at 3:17am

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    Cuz You called for WAR not muslims.

    Update: Blacks invented Hygiene:

    sabdra brown
    Submitted on 2009/05/23 at 4:55am

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    * Thanks bro. The evidence is all over Africa and the Middle East…. where would we be without you!

    In other news:

    * Not that Paki-land was ever “stable”- what is this guy talking about?
    The Pentagon’s top military officer said Thursday he’s concerned that the US troop buildup to roust insurgents from Afghanistan could further destabilise neighbouring Pakistan.However, Joint Chiefs of Staff Chairman Adm Mike Mullen, Read full story »