Calais: Anarcho-Support for Islamic Invasion of Britain Brings Police Out in Force

Police arrest 47 anarchists threatening to lead swarms of illegal migrants through Channel tunnel to Britain

By Peter Allen/Mail Online thanks to Davey

French riot police have arrested 47 anarchists after they threatened to lead swarms of illegal migrants through the Channel Tunnel to Britain. 

Weapons including machetes, metal poles and a spiked club were found hidden by the activists during raids in Calais late on Wednesday. 

Some of those arrested had been massing in a protest camp aimed at helping the migrants to ‘tear down the borders’ to England . 

Gathering: Protesters belong to the anarchist group No Borders and are believed to be headed for Britain  

Protesters belonging to the anarchist group No Borders are massing in Calais

police outside channel tunnel  

Police position themselves close to the entrance of the Channel Tunnel

More than 800 elite CRS riot-control officers are in the town, with another 1,200 on standby in the immediate vicinity.

A tense atmosphere has gripped the port all week, with a spotter helicopter circling overhead, roads blocked, and mobile police patrols circulating constantly. 

A local policeman spokesman confirmed that 17 of the arrests had been made in the vicinity of the camp, where officers were using stop and search tactics. 

He added: ‘Those detained face a range of public order offences including carrying offensive weapons. Others were carrying drugs. 

‘Many hundreds are massing in the town, ready for a widescale demonstration against immigration control on Saturday. All vulnerable targets are being guarded. We can take no chances.’ 

Of the arrested protesters, another 30 had chained themselves to the Lesquin detention centre in Calais and had to be cut free before being taken away. 

All the protestors are from a group calling itself ‘No Borders’, which has pledged to ‘tear down the borders’ stopping migrants getting across the Channel. 

Hundreds of protestors arrived in Calais today to call for an end to border controls

Siege fears: A protester paints placards yesterday as hundreds more arrived and threatened to destroy the fences preventing illegal immigrants coming to Britain

As their tents and marquees were pitched on an official site to the east of Calais, some of the 2,000 odd migrants sleeping rough in the Calais area began to join them. 

Local authorities in Calais have gained an official order preventing anyone buying or possessing anything which might be used as a weapon – including substances which can start fires or be used to make Molotov cocktails. 

They said they had received email threats by protesters pledging to destroy wire fences and other security measures around the  Channel Tunnel . 

There have also been threats to burn ‘symbols of capitalism’ including local government offices, and even hotels run by prominent global chains. 

Local prefect Pierre de Bosquet said that 2,000 CRS officers were in the vicinity of the town, along with a squadron of mounted officers. 

Mr De Bosquet said police intelligence had revealed plans for wide scale violence. 

Last month Natacha Bouchart, the mayor of Calais, said the UK ’s lax asylum system and benefits culture had ‘imposed’ thousands of illegal migrants on her town. 

In a blistering attack in which she also called for millions in compensation, Mrs Bouchart said the UK was entirely to blame for the those who use the port as a staging point. 

Mrs Bouchart, a member of President Nicolas Sarkozy’s ruling UMP Party, even called for border controls to be lifted to allow all migrants to flood across the Channel at the earliest opportunity. 

Such views are heartily supported by the militants organising the ‘No Border’ demonstrations.

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  1. This will only create civil unrest, ineffective political parties and politicians will be voted out of office. Having spoken to friends in the UK there is a feeling that given the right cocktail of events there could be serious problems in some of major cities .

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