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Geert Wilders: EU is not Israel’s friend

The EU is “one-sided and always against Israel,” Wilders said,  “nothing will happen” if Israel “depends on the Europeans” to stop Iran’s genocidal threats against the Jewish state.


Asked about the EU’s posture toward Israel and forcing the Islamic Republic of Iran to halt its nuclear weapons program, Wilders said the European Parliament has “always been biased against Israel.” He said he regrets “that they (EU) have a foreign minister” and argued that the “European Parliament should not be involved in foreign politics.”

Wilders said Israel was the “only light of democracy in the Middle East” and that Islamic war was “against us all.” The Jewish state was “more like the canary in the coal mine,” he said, and stressed that an “ideological conflict” was unfolding in the region. “It is not a territorial conflict. Please forget about this crazy concept.” The Islamists “see Israel as a big settlement” and if Israel “gives Territory A,” said Wilders, then the other side will ask for Territory B, “such as Haifa.”  More>>

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4 thoughts on “Israel Today”

  1. That is right Mr Wilders, it is better to be friends with the intelligent people of Israel than the murderous thugs of the other states.

  2. Western left wing, multi culti, gay/lesbian loving, ‘yuman rites spouting’. Obambi loving Moonbats are extremely similar to Mohammedans. When someone like Geert Wilders exposes their lies and deceit and tells the truth about just what they are they go in to ‘Rage Boy’ mode too and ignore the message and the TRUTH it contains and attack the messenger. Whenever this happens as it does all the time with Widers you know he is hiiting nerves and scoring telling points and the Moonbats just show what they really are ‘lying, cheating, Islamophile, anti semitic morons”

  3. I have read a number of Mr Wilders’ speeches, now. He comes across as a decent, intelligent, courageous person who tells it like it is. He is, I think, doggedly following the example of one of his personal heroes – Winston Churchill. That is: having identified a clear and present danger, looming ever darker over the world, he is ringing the warning bells, loud and long.

    Churchill had to speak against Hitler, over and over; Wilders is warning about Jihad and Sharia, over and over. He doesn’t have the ‘poetry’ that Churchill could command; sensibly, he isn’t trying to imitate Churchill’s *style*, but what Churchill chose to *do*: to speak the plain truth into the face of the rising storm, with courage and tenacity, and keep on speaking it.

    For all that he is an enormous blonde Dutchman, more than six feet tall, he reminds me of nothing so much as Tolkien’s cheerful, brave, gutsy hobbits. Readers of Tolkien’s epic ‘The Lord of the Rings’ will know what I mean when I say that Wilders is blowing ‘the horn call of Buckland’ – ‘Awake! Fear! Fire! Foes! Awake!’.

    And, he being both a ‘Catholic Atheist’ and a steadfast lover of Zion (his speech in Jerusalem in December last year, when I read it, came damn near to reducing me to tears), is I think consciously carrying the torch that another Catholic atheist and supporter of Israel, the late Oriana Fallaci , threw to him. He names her also among his heroes.

    If Europe is, per miraculum, saved from the Third Jihad, I think historians may just possibly identify Oriana Fallaci, that fiery Italian journalist, and Geert Wilders, that steadfast Dutchman, as two of the key players; building on the foundation of the wrenching historical knowledge made available, and the warnings made, by that Jewish Cassandra, Bat Yeor.

  4. The democracy of Israel ” this new species of canaries” is absolutely different .Mr Wildes apparently has a deep hatred to Islam without knowing what Islam really is.I just ask the readers if they have read aboutUN resolution No 194 which gives all Palestinian refugees the right to return to their homes and farms and to have compensations for the losses in property.Such politicians who still use this wooden language and believe that the populations of the Palestinian territories should be driven out according to bible then he and all zionist must learn that 6 millions of these Palestinian will never surrender their right in Palestine and will do whatever they can to restore their lands. To every Israeli kid we say you should know that you are drinking our water ,planting in our farms and dwelling on the relics of our destroyed houses.

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