If he was Chinese he would be shot for treason…

*  But he is the  corrupt Australian DEFENCE MINISTER.. That means he will still get his pension and benefits… perhaps his Chinese handlers will offer him employment as a ‘consultant’ or ‘advisor…’

Andrew Bolt:

Fitzgibbon quits

 Fitzgibbon’s bizarre links to a Chinese businesswoman who sponsored him, rented a house to him and introduced him to 60 Chinese generals was a more serious disqualification, but I guess this was just the last straw on a donkey’s haystack. The issue:

DEFENCE Minister Joel Fitzgibbon is under renewed pressure after revelations that an army general was instructed to attend meetings with the minister’s brother at which defence health contracting was discussed

Update: Joel Fitzgibbon, forced to quit yesterday as Defence Minister, doesn’t like treason:

I have at least two or three Judas’ in my midst, and they have the drip [sic] on me,” he said. “Sadly, I’m not able to rule out my own ministerial office.”

Irony & chutzpah on the double:

It’s not that we’re racist – it’s just that we’re too feral for foreigners, whether Indian or Chinese:

THE future of the $15.5 billion overseas student industry is under threat after the Chinese Government went public with concerns about violence against its students in Australia….

Chinese embassy counsellor Liu Jin yesterday said his Government was intervening to ensure the safety of Chinese nationals.


 Is there any irony in the fact that the Chinese Government is complaining about our alleged meanness to its students on the 20th anniversary of its own slaughter of hundreds of them?  BOLT has more: They won’t put up with what we will