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“Hurt Feelings” Watch:

(you know I’m rootin’ for both sides in this conflict…/ed)

Whose Allah is better?  

Both sides in Iran claim to represent Islam

Which is why any genuine substantial change appears unlikely. Nonetheless, events in Iran bear close watching — after all, the Shah ran a relatively secular state, and there is still a considerable number of proponents of such a state in Iran. As the chaotic events unfold, things could turn in their direction.

Meanwhile, for the best, up-to-the-minute coverage of what is going on in Iran, don’t miss Atlas Shrugs, where you can find it all — be sure to scroll down, as there are many relevant posts.

“In Iran, Both Sides Seek to Carry Islam’s Banner,” by Neil MacFarquhar in the New York Times, June 21 (thanks to JW):


basijs600x600                                     Iran’s Hitler  Ayatollah Youth’s

Mousavi calls Basij and military “protectors of our revolution and regime”

More evidence for the fact that the choice between Ahmadinejad and Mousavi is, as Pamela Geller memorably put it last week, “a battle between a wolf and a wolf in sheep’s clothing.”

* Well, I called it a choice between a voracious cannibal and one who knows how to use knife and fork….

Who is Mir Hossein Mousavi?

Gateway Pundit posts an interview with Iranian human rights activistBanafsheh Zand-Bonazzi that puts Mousavi in a much more positive light than what we thought of him a week ago.

Carl has a video, here

Jim has been all over the Iran story, and you can find lots more pictures and video from Iran by going here.

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  1. * “In Iran, Both Sides Seek to Carry Islam’s Banner,”

    They can carry that banner all the way to Hamangog, for all the good it will do them.

  2. Every sect within islam thinks theirs is the TRUE is all a joke..they endlessly kill one another in order to prove themselves right.
    Whatever happens , they can’t stop fighting…

  3. For eg Kaw , muslims in other countries do not consider that Iranians are REAL muslims. Within Iran, various groups do not consider others to be REAL Muslims etc etc I read an excellent article on all the various sects and their corresponding targets written by an ex -muslim, talk about infighting. He said islam depends on human blood , the blood of other muslims or that of infidels. Just more proof that it is a death cult
    I think I read this article on Australian Islamist Monitor.

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