Racist, racist racist! UK Mirror Smears, Bunglawussi Cheers

UK Mirror moonbats Will Payne and Gary Anderson in an ‘Exclusive:’

New age reporting from Londonistan:

“Undercover Sunday Mirror investigators infiltrated the BNP” celebrating their success in the  Euro election where they won two seats, in the back room of a pub in Dagenham, East London.


But the evening turned into nothing more than another opportunity for activists to express racist views. (against which race?)

Although the BNP, led by new Euro MP Nick Griffin, have tried to reinvent themselves as a serious political party, it soon became clear that many party members still harbour extremely offensive views. (Offensive to whom?)

Bailey then went into an antiMuslim rant. He said: “We do not need Islam in Europe and we do not need it in the UK. In London we know the stark realities of Islam more than anywhere else. They bomb buses, they bomb trains, they have created terror here.” (that’s called telling the truth. How come these progressive wankers have a problem with people who tell the truth?/ed)

*  No wonder that Inayat Bunglawussi, the comical, goofy looking spokesman of the MCB,  cheers: BNP – refugee-hating, Muslim-hating Nazis

Bnp spokesman Simon Darby said yesterday: “It was a joke. People in this country are famous for their sense of humour. We are quite open that we don’t regard the mass importation of Afghans and replacement of the native population as a good thing.”

So are we. That’s what this is all about. But look what’s considered acceptable by these A-soles: