British passports to be given to a record 220,000 "migrants" this year

* Replacing the natives with an imported Mohammedan proletariat:

a work in progress, aided and abetted by Britain’s corrupt establishment, both left and right. A fantastic, unreal situation. The BNP is the only party that stands against this madness… needless to mention that most of these ‘immigrants’ come from Islamic countries.

Dailymail UK/thanks to Davey


The number of British passports given to migrants is set to hit a record 220,000 this year.

In the first three months of 2009, 54,615 citizenship applications were approved – up 57 per cent on the same period in 2008.

At that rate, the number receiving passports – and with them the right to full benefits – this year will smash the record of 164,540 set in 2007.

Last year the total was 129,310, and when Labour came to power in 1997, just 37,010 people were given citizenship.

* Muslims will win fast-track passports if they stand on picket lines or knock on doors asking people to vote Labour, it emerged last night.

It means approvals have rocketed by almost 500 per cent under the current Government.

Officials blame the massive increase on the fact that ministers are introducing a ‘tough’ new system of earned citizenship next year.

They say migrants are rushing to obtain their passports before they have to undergo an extra probationary period.

Under the new system, obtaining a passport will take six to eight years from a migrant’s arrival in most cases, rather than the current five.

Critics said the rush shows just how lax the current system is. They also point out that, by handing out so many passports, the Government is changing the make-up of Britain without any public debate.


Chris Grayling

Immigration minister Phil Woolas (L) says extending earned citizenship from five to eight years will save taxpayers £2billion while shadow immigration minister Chris Grayling branded Labour incompetent at managing the flow of migrants

Shadow home secretary Chris Grayling said: ‘This is yet another example of the Government’s incompetence in managing our immigration system.

‘They openly admit they are introducing a new system and that everyone is rushing to get in before it. It just smacks of ministers having no idea what they are doing.’

Grants of settlement, the stage before citizenship, were also up in the first three months of 2009, running at an annual rate of 190,000.

Sir Andrew Green, chairman of Migrationwatch UK, said: ‘At this rate, grants of settlement will have trebled under Labour.

‘At this rate, grants of settlement will have trebled under Labour’

‘We are on course for a massive increase in the population which nobody wants and on which nobody has been consulted. No wonder people are so angry with the political class. It is not just fingers in the till, it is fingers in their ears when the public have a serious concern.’

The top five native countries of those gaining citizenship in the past two years have been India, Pakistan, Iraq, Somalia and Zimbabwe.

India and Pakistan are historic sources of migration, particularly via marriage to a British citizen.

The large numbers of Iraqis, Somalis and Zimbabweans reflects the fact that asylum seekers who arrived at the start of this decade have now been in the UK long enough to receive citizenship.

what they claim.jpg

The introduction of the earned citizenship scheme was recently delayed by nine months, to Decemember 2010. Immigration minister Phil Woolas claimed yesterday that it would save taxpayers up to £2billion in benefit claims.

He said the new rules will deter some migrants from travelling to the UK or staying long enough to obtain citizenship and benefits.

Until a passport application has been approved, migrants do not have access to child benefit, council and housing tax benefits and income support. Mr Woolas insisted: ‘The pull factor of coming to the UK is to be taken away.’

The Home Office said last night: ‘The increase in settlement grants reflects the success of UK Border Agency staff in clearing outstanding applications. It also reflects the Home Office’s decision to tighten up the criteria for settlement.

‘In 2006 we raised the qualifying period for settlement from four to five years, which meant that migrant workers who wanted to stay permanently had to wait an extra year.

‘We have also set out our plans for earned citizenship which demand that people earn the right to stay.

‘We are now looking at raising the bar further by applying a pointsbased system to the path to citizenship and we will consult on this in the summer.’


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  1. The death of Britain, set to “Living on a thin line”, for those who haven’t
    seen it:

  2. Londonistan is already a reality and the defeat of “REDKEN’ at the last Mayoral elections merely a blip in the trend. Already large swathes of the previous Engineering heartland and powerhouse of the UK’s now non existent manufacturing base have been colonised by immigrants mainly from Pakistan and India I speak of Leicester, Birmingham, West Bromwich and Wolverhampton. In the north of England, Oldham, Bradford, Salford, and Preston are fast becoming that way. Romanian Gypsies roam the land camping at will and bag snatching, pick pocketing, stabbing, house breaking and mobbing and of course going to the front of the Doctors queue ( you know it makes sense THEY might suffer??????)
    The UK is finished get out while and if you can or suffer the consequences.

  3. Realist, remember the bright future we were promised as nations like GB, USA and Oz evolved from industrial to post-industrial societies, where we would all be working happily in value-added high-tech information and service industries? The reality is a phone call from India just as you sit down to eat on a plate made in China and drink from a glass made in Indonesia.

  4. I regularly sut down to a meal cooked by an Indonesian, my wife, and drink the beer she pours me in the glass. What has happened is ‘white guilt’ promoted by unscrupulous left wingers to demonise white people which the idiotic general populace has swallowed hook line and sinker and RACIST ‘affirmative action’ which has successfully dumbed down all our services and institutions and PC , Multi Culti, ISLAMOPHILE , anti semitic, anti American Universities churning out brainwashed students since the 80’s who are now our Politicians both national and local, Judges and Police Chiefs and who are not capable of thinking any other way.

  5. Make that ‘sit’ down and the 60’s not the 80’s ma’af as they say in Bahasa Indonesia

  6. The beer is probably still brewed in Oz, even if by a Japanese-owned brewer, which is of course Globalisation – nations mean nothing, and are a hindrance in pursuit of “global governance”, where those governed have little say in the process, & turn to “fringe” parties in desperation at being ignored (‘marginalised”?) by the mainstream globalist parties.

    I am a product of the ’60s – perhaps just as well I went into a trade school instead of a university? (but did most of the 60s & 70s things, so have no excuse)

  7. Many politicians in our previous govt went to universities when communism was the latest thing…I recall one particularly zealous friend promoting ”the little red ” book…what a load of hogwash..young people would have no idea of how strong this influence was or of even who wrote this book.
    My son attended school in Asia where he studied all sorts of classic literature. When we returned to NZ , he attended a state secondary school. The only books they were ever expected to read were about racism ; the only speech topics , racism and diversity. The children were constantly brainwashed into accepting all the newcomers sitting beside them in their classrooms.

  8. Me too Mullah a technical school then the Military where I got Technical training . I have since worked and lived all over the world and would never ever return to live on the Multi Culti Socialist paradise of the UK apart from visits to my children. I have nothing against immigrants after all I am one myself in Thailand however I have no desire nor intention to change Thai culture or Governments and wil never make any claim on Thai money to subsidise my life in fact I like most British expats worldwide are net CONTRIBUTORS to local economies totally unlike the non contributing scroungers who flood in to UK and consume the Taxation I have paid all my life.

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