Today's Obambination: The Mask is Coming OFF!


“The United States, one of the largest Moslem countries”

  • Still got doubts that this is the Manchurian candidate?
  • Suddenly, now that it’s politically opportune, Barack Obama is no longer shy about admitting he has Muslim roots.
  • The mendacity of the dope: … “And so there’s got to be a better dialogue and a better understanding between the two peoples.”…Wait a minute, I’ve got it: so now our allegedly American president is expressing the mohammedan division of the world into mohammedans and kaffirs — and all the rest of us get to be kaffirs! 


Obama asks Supreme Court to protect Saudi Arabia and four Saudi princes from accountability for their alleged role in 9/11

Yet another Which-Side-Is-Obama-On Alert: “Obama administration supports Saudi immunity in 9/11 lawsuit,” from WND, June 1 (thanks to JW-Read it all.)

What Obama Should Say to the Muslim World (American Thinker)

“We are hated because we have spent American treasure to try to secure a better life for Muslims the world over. . .”

At a few days of its arrival in Normandy for the commemorations of the Unloading, Barack Obama gave its first interview to French media, where it evokes the Middle East and pays a homage supported to Nicolas Sarkozy.

“the United States and the Western world must learn to better knowing Islam. Moreover, if one counts the number of Moslem Americans, one sees that the United States is one of the largest Moslem countries on the planet”, Obama said in an interview with Canal +, the first granted to French media. Before adding: “What I try to do, it is to create a better dialogue …

Jewish Leaders Losing Patience With Obama Policy

Tell CBS 2 HD Administration Trying To Strongarm Jewish Politicians Into Going Along With Middle East Plans

President’s Trip To Concentration Camp Also Touches Nerve

Hoenline: I’m More Concerned With Living Jews Than Dead Jews

Jews are also concerned about President Obama’s latest overtures to Iran asking U.S. embassies around the world to invite Iranian officials to their Fourth of July celebrations in Manhattan. More>>


Obama denounces ‘irresponsibly large’ debt of GM while bankrupting America for generations

Yesterday, in announcing the nationalization of General Motors, President Obama stated, “…for years, GM has been buried under an unsustainable mountain of debt… Andpiling an irresponsibly large debt on top of the new GM would mean simply repeating the mistakes of the past.”

* Taliban Editorial: Obama’s ‘Contradictory Decisions’ Reflect Americans’ ‘Weakness’ and the ‘Wavering of Their Failed Policies’

“In the Obama Administration … It’s Easy Being Palestinian” by: Daniel Pipes

The fast-moving changes in the U.S.-Israel relationship.….more

The Speech President Obama Won’t Give in Egypt By: Dennis Prager An honest speech would ask Muslims who’s making war on whom. ….more
Driving Our Allies into Bomb SheltersBy: Frank J. Gaffney Jr.The effects of Obama’s Middle East policy will be deadly. ….more

 Former Iranian Revolutionary Touts Christianity  (Buffalo Reflex)

“President Obama recently said that Muslims have made many great contributions to America. ‘That was embarrassing’, Shayesteh said. ‘I have just one answer for that – name one.’ “

That clanking sound you just heard was America’s Ironometer exploding, its housing shattering into a million pieces (for those of you unfamiliar with the complex instrument known as an Ironometer, it is the most sensitive device ever invented for measuring levels of irony in the atmosphere) More>>

Obama: Iran “has right to nukes”

“Iran has legitimate energy concerns, legitimate aspirations,” says Obama. Funny thing: Iran’s energy concerns are legitimate, but America’s aren’t. No drilling for oil, no nuclear energy here — but in Iran, sure.

A Which-Side-Is-Obama-On Alert: “Obama says Iran’s energy concerns legitimate,” by Nancy Zuckerbrod for AP, via JW

The Emergence of President Obama’s Muslim Roots

Obama: The United States is “one of the largest Muslim countries in the world”

What planet is he on?

“Obama Says U.S. Could Be Seen as a Muslim Country, Too,” by Jeff Zeleny for the New York Times Caucus Blog, June 2  via JW:

HAHN, Germany — As President Obama prepared to leave Washington to fly to the Middle East, he conducted several television and radio interviews at the White House to frame the goals for a five-day trip, including the highly-anticipated speech Thursday at Cairo University in Egypt.In an interview with Laura Haim on Canal Plus, a French television station, Mr. Obama noted that the United States also could be considered as “one of the largest Muslim countries in the world.”…

Was that an observation or a wish?

“What I want to do is to create a better dialogue so that the Muslim world understands more effectively how the United States, but also how the West thinks about many of these difficult issues like terrorism, like democracy, to discuss the framework for what’s happened in Iraq and Afghanistan and our outreach to Iran, and also how we view the prospects for peace between the Israelis and the Palestinians,” Mr. Obama said.The president said the United States and other parts of the Western world “have to educate ourselves more effectively on Islam.”

I’m all for that. And I hereby offer my services to assist in this great effort.

“And one of the points I want to make is, is that if you actually took the number of Muslim Americans, we’d be one of the largest Muslim countries in the world,” Mr. Obama said. “And so there’s got to be a better dialogue and a better understanding between the two peoples.”…

Here is a What-Is-Obama-Smoking? Alert:

Indonesia: 200 million Muslims. India: 156 million Muslims. Pakistan: 150 million Muslims.

United States: 2.3 million Muslims (according to the Pew Research Center).

“I think the most important thing I want to tell young people is that, regardless of your faith, those who build as opposed to those who destroy I think leave a lasting legacy, not only for themselves but also for their nations,” Mr. Obama said. “And the impulse towards destruction as opposed to how can we study science and mathematics and restore the incredible scientific and knowledge — the output that came about during centuries of Islamic culture.”…

A comment from Hugh:

United States: 2.3 million Muslims (according to the Pew Research Center).” 

And of those 2.3 million, at least 1.5 million are members of the Nation of Islam, which is not regarded by Muslims in, at least, the Arab lands, as a completely orthodox part of Islam, not least because of the claims made in the past by the Honorable Elijah Muhammad, and by some of the practices tolerated by the Nation of Islam — such as music on certain occasions, and something approaching equal treatment for women — that would be verboten in orthodox Islam.

So, out of 300 million Americans, less than 1% are Muslim. And if, further, one were to count, only the fully orthodox (i.e., leave out members of the Nation of Islam) that figure would be less than one million, or about 1/3 of 1%. 

What is Obama thinking? Or has he decided not only to believe, but to broadcast around the world, the propaganda that CAIR and other Muslim groups put out about “7 million Muslims”? Does he think he can play fast and loose with the nature of this country? Does he feel no responsibility to find out a good deal more about Islam than he knows, about its texts, tenets, attitudes, atmospherics, and about the obsrevable behavior of Muslims toward many different kinds of non-Muslims, in all the places conquered by Muslims, for Islam, over the past 1350 years, from Spain to the East Indies. 

He should read “The Dhimmi.” He should read “Infidel.” He should read “The Decline of Eastern Christianity Under Islam.” He should read K. S. Lal on the Muslim State. He should read, read, read, and stop making such preposterous and presumptuous and dangerous pronouncements. Such a practice does not wear well. And we are not even six months into this presidency.

10 thoughts on “Today's Obambination: The Mask is Coming OFF!”

  1. Even some of his [former] democrat cheerleaders in congress are shocked at his sudden turn of pure anti-Israel stance of trying to strong arm Israel over west bank settlements while spewing pathetic rhetoric about Iran having the right to nukes. BHO’s true colors are bleeding through that political mask…and it’s coming out green…as in Islamic green.

  2. Can Obama please enlighten us as to the “incredible scientific output” than came as a result of Islamic culture” … THERE WAS NONE, or at most very little. I have given previous posts on this issue so I wont report again here but this is a blatantly dishonest statement Obama. You are lying!!

  3. theresaj,

    He’s no moron – he knows exactly what he’s doing.

    It’s the Americans who voted for him who are morons. And the rest of the world who applaud him.

  4. I agree with Cassandra, Therasaj, Obama is very dangerous, but he is no moron. He is following a plan, and this means that it is unlikely that he works alone.

  5. You might want to consider two very important things George H. Bush received a flourishing country and by the time he left it was in ruin. Two that the average IQ of a Republican is vastly lower than that of a democrat and that European government which is improving the lives of there citizens rather than corporate pocket books side with democrats. Beyond everything why is it that when our country was strong in bushes day that he was able to pass a terribly stupid bill for School improvement. I think that many recognize Bush was not that smart. I think very few recognize him for how stupid he was. This nation need democrats to turn it around republican values of letting companies go wild such as Fanny and Freddy are not working and we are not getting a decent education.

  6. Mark,
    Aside from the fact that you cannot spell, and write poorly, you seem to have confused history. Actually, you arguments are strongly aligned with those of the brain dead left and their cohorts in crime, the islamists. This leads me to suggest that your real name is not Mark at all. Actually, in your country the democrats are the fools doing major damage and, quite amusingly, you have failed to recognize that the idiot who was placed into the position of POTUS, a position it insults and demeans every day, has a not insignificant connection to the break down of the FNMA though a certain Mr. Johnson. But then again, you left wing democrats really are the bottom of the barrel in all senses of the word.

  7. Mark,
    Since when is the European government improving its citizens lives? If you want a reality check all of the American liberals seem to need, just live in Europe for a few years like I did. Its not pretty and I do NOT want to be like them. It is not a good movement for our nation.
    One day people will look back and realise that President Bush is not nearly as bad as everyone thought. Under the Republicans, we are getting a fine education and I have personally heard several Asians speak of how they are so grateful to get a US education.
    Get your facts right.

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