UK Compo Jihad: Muslim cop accused of sexism claims discrimination

“He seemed to be treating women with contempt, and his conduct warranted a disciplinary hearing.”

Who guessed it? This touchy feely polit-kommissar for  Islamic causes displays all the usual traits, attitudes and atmospherics that come as a package. A Muselmanic package, so to speak. A scruffy beard? Check. Misogyny? Check. Disregard for infidel laws? Check. Milking the infidels for discrimination? Check. An obsession with special rights that would elevate him over the infidels? Check. Just ask him about how he feels about Israel and Jews, then you know everything…
The Birmingham Post — Ben Goldby. H/T the Counterterrorism blog

A Muslim police officer, who claims a boss compared him to Osama Bin Laden, was fined for boasting about his sexual performance and use of Viagra, it emerged yesterday.

An employment tribunal heard how Pc Tariq Dost, 40, from Birmingham, who is claiming racial and religious discrimination against West Midlands Police, was fined 13 days’ pay and “came close to dismissal” over the incident.

Pc Dost was disciplined in October last year for discussing the sex drug with colleagues and telling one “she won’t be able to walk when you’re finished with her”. He also admitted failing to act with respect towards a fellow officer after an incident in which he allegedly accused another Pc of planting drugs on a suspect.

The recruitment officer was also given managerial advice over his attitude to women, after allegedly discussing the size of a potential recruit’s breasts.

Detective Superintendent Piers Westlake, the acting head of disciplinary issues at West Midlands Police, said he regarded the complaints against Pc Dost as “very serious”. “Pc Dost was a positive action officer,” he told the tribunal.

“His job was to mentor people to apply to the police force with particular focus on ethnic minorities and women. I was concerned about his credibility and, in particular, his attitude towards women.”

“He seemed to be treating women with contempt, and his conduct warranted a disciplinary hearing.

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  1. Superintendent Piers Westlake of the West Midlands Police didn’t provide the full back ground detail of the sexist comments that were alleged to have been made by PC Dost – the facts are Mr Yates alleged that PC Dost had made the comments which were unfounded but the Police force has a kangaroo court system – if you are not white you are guilty until proven innocent.

  2. What has colour got to do with it. It is not race you moron, it is your anachronistic belief system. It is always funny to hear Muslims cry racist when Islam is riddled with racial hatred. Now stop trying to hide behind black people, they don’t like you either!

  3. The last resort of the charlatan is to cry Racist and Mohammedans are nothing if not HYPOCRITICAL charlatans.

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