Buy your degree from an Arab university in the Netherlands

Just call me doctor Jihad:


Seven Arab universities have recently been established in The Hague. Some of them train pilots, others offer courses in Islamic sciences or nuclear physics. But far from everybody is convinced that the degrees the universities offer hold any value.

By Tariq al-Qaziri/ Radio Netherlands

Is this a a real poncho or is this a Sears poncho?

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2 thoughts on “Buy your degree from an Arab university in the Netherlands”

  1. What the heck are they serving? Whatever it is it has to be Islamic “halal” fare.
    Do you suppose they butcher their animals, halal-style, out back?
    Mmmm! Yummy! Now, I wonder where all the cutomers are?

  2. See links above to fully understand my comment.

    ‘All teaching at the Free University is in Arabic. “Most of the books written in the English language are translated from the Arabic anyway”, explains Dr Khalil.’

    Now straight from the horse’s mouth – but of course we have misinterpreted this idiotic statement from a somewhat dishonest arab!!!!!!

    I can guarantee that few books written in English were
    first translated from arabic. In fact. I know only of maybe 20 – amongst millions of documents which is of order 0% – and these were copies of slight improvements of greek works anyway. In fact,. this idotic arab has taken claim of all artistic, scientific and social innovation created by the west as arab innovation. If only we had realized this, we wouldn’t of had to sweat blood and tears to make the discoveries – we could have just let the arabs
    do the work and then taken credit — oops – if we had done that we would still be prescribing camel urine for illnesses and the fastest mode of transport would still be a camel running away from a randy arab male..

    The joke is why the Netherlands are allowing these frauds onto their soil???

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