Jerusalem: Two families of Arab squatters quietly evicted

Update: Obama Watch

the Jerusalem city zoning commissioner President of the United States had condemned theeviction of squatters takeover of an Arab home in Jerusalem’s Sheikh Jarrah neighborhood pursuant to an order of Israel’s leftist Supreme Court by vigilante ‘settlers.’

Someone needs to tell the President of the United States that this is a country of laws and that the Supreme Court – which generally does not rule in favor of the ‘settlers’ even when it ought to – ruled that the Arabs’ ownership documents were forged and that the Jews (specifically the Sephardic community) had good title to those houses. Carl has more>>

Two Arab families who were squatting in Jewish-owned homes in the Shimon haTzadik neighborhood were quietly evicted this morning after the Supreme Court ruled that their ownership documents were forged. The Shimon haTzadik neighborhood is the Hebrew name for Sheikh Jarrah, home of the Shepherd Hotel (pictured).

Two Arab families were evicted from Jewish-owned homes in the Shimon HaTzaddik neighborhood of Jerusalem on Sunday morning. The evictions took place following a Supreme Court ruling in which the court found in favor of Jewish families who claimed ownership of homes in the area.

The evictions took place without unusual disturbances, police said. More from Carl in J’lem

Why the Arabs can’t accept a Jewish state

Prime Minister Netanyahu has demanded that the Arabs accept Israel as a Jewish state. That’s a demand that the Arabs are incapable of accepting – ever. Mordechai Kedar explains why.

Thus, according to Islam, the State of Israel is not legitimate. From a religious point of view, Judaism is void. The Jewish nation is an invention of the Zionist movement. The land called “Israel” is considered Islamic Waqf land, consecrated for Muslims.

Netanyahu’s insistence on recognition of the state as a Jewish nation-state contradicts the Islamic faith, and questions the very essence of Islam, whose relevance is based on the invalidity of Judaism (and Christianity as well).

Therefore, there is no escape from the conclusion that Israel’s struggle for survival is religiously based, even if externally it assumes the form of a territorial struggle. It does not matter what its size, Israel will never gain recognition by the Arab and Muslim world as a legitimate state. Similarly, international documents which legitimize the “Jewish State,” such as United Nations General Assembly Resolution 181 of 29 November 1947, are viewed by Muslims as illegitimate.

Many say: “You are turning a territorial conflict into a religious one,” when they mean to say that territorial concessions would facilitate the recognition of the Arabs and Muslims in the legitimacy of the State of Israel. Such a statement assumes that the Arab and Muslim world is as secular as our own, and shares our concepts, values and priorities. This is the result of Israeli and Western ignorance of all that is related to Islam and the Arab world, derived from the fact that Westerners do not understand Arabic and Arab and Islamic culture. Israelis and Westerners alike are not exposed to the harsh truths which are expressed in the local tongues, and are well-concealed by spokesmen of “inter-religious dialogue.”

Recognition of Israel as a legitimate Jewish nation-state has no hope or chance as long as Islam perceives itself – and itself alone – as “the true religion with Allah.”

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Hugh Fitzgerald wrote in The “Two-State Solution” Folly based on folly

Bush and Rice and Company are desperate for a “victory”. And whenever a “victory” is needed, it’s Peace Process Time in the Middle East. That’s always good for all kinds of sentimentality, and exaggerated false hopes, and studied inattention to the dismal facts, including the central fact ” the unavoidable fact, the absolutely critical fact ” of Islam, and the impossibility of Arab Muslims ever, ever conceivably accepting the permanence of the Infidel (and what’s still worse, Jewish) state of Israel. Peace treaties between Muslims and non-Muslims are always Truce Treaties, to be broken at the earliest opportunity.

In those two sentences, he expresses more wisdom that the entire foreign policy establishment has ever possessed. More>>

Exposing lies about Jerusalem

In a letter to the editor in the Boston Globe, CAMERA’s Andrea Levin exposes some of the liesbeing told about Jerusalem.

Jerusalem’s Arab population grew much faster than its Jewish population, rising from 25 percent of the total in 1967 to 35 percent in 2008. Likewise, Arabs have enjoyed a building boom in the city as Palestinian demographer Khalil Tufakji candidly observed in a CNN interview, stating: “We can build inside Jerusalem, legal, illegal, rebuild a house. . . Maybe we lose 10 houses [to demolition], but in the end we build 40 more houses in East Jerusalem.’’

Arabs and Jews have equal access to building permits, pay the same costs, and experience the same waiting period to get approvals. Some in both groups sidestep the law and build illegally, then face removal – just as in Boston or any other city with zoning laws.

Natan Sharansky, then minister of housing, reported in 2002 that at least 40,000 housing units had been built with Saudi money for political purposes.

Casting Israel as the heavy while ignoring Palestinian activity in Jerusalem may suit an ideological preference, but it’s inconsistent with the realities.


Buy your degree from an Arab university in the Netherlands

Just call me doctor Jihad:


Seven Arab universities have recently been established in The Hague. Some of them train pilots, others offer courses in Islamic sciences or nuclear physics. But far from everybody is convinced that the degrees the universities offer hold any value.

By Tariq al-Qaziri/ Radio Netherlands

Is this a a real poncho or is this a Sears poncho?

FZ Camarillo Brillo


UK: Islamists pushing the burka, niqab, freedom sack… Bunglawussi applauds…

Defending the indefensible:

Its a stoopid thing to do, but the believers are eager to do it…


Fatima Burkatulla/Times

Fatima Burkatulla clears up “misconceptions” about the niqab.

1.The niqab is a symbol of female subjugation.

None of the niqab-wearing women who I know, wear it because they have been forced to. They see it as an act of devotion to their Creator: the culmination of a spiritual journey. In fact most of them are women who were born and brought up in the UK; many are White or Afro-Caribbean Muslim converts to Islam who have chosen to observe it. The hijab, niqab and abaya are outer garments and are worn only when outdoors or in the presence of men who are not close relatives and so, contrary to popular belief, underneath their robes, in family and female-only settings Muslim women are often very fashion conscious and outgoing. They dress in everyday clothing; they get their hair done, go on holiday and even buy lingerie!

2. Women who wear the niqab cannot possibly contribute to society

People are surprised to hear that niqab-wearers come from varied vocational backgrounds. They include doctors, teachers, dentists, authors, social workers, university graduates, lecturers and more. They usually prefer to work in a female environment and so would not wear the face-veil all the time. Other women say that wearing the niqab actually makes them feel more comfortable when they are working with men. It is ironic that the very women who are the subject of debate are far from being a burden on society: they don’t get drunk and disorderly, don’t smoke and are likely to be very good citizens. Many of them are full-time mothers who take pride in raising well-educated children who will be an asset to British society.

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Poll Results: Do you think it is a good idea to move Gitmo jihadists to U.S. jails?

6   %  voted for “some of them…”

8  %  think its a “Great idea, they will make the prisons Islamic…”

86 %  said “Hell No”

New Poll starts today:

What do you think of Obama’s speech in Cairo?


Whose side is he on?

Peace in our time…

Its clear he’s a Muslim…

Obama will destroy Israel and the U.S.

Sound and Fury in Cairo: Obama reads half the Koran:

obama-jpObama: “Let’s remake this world.”

Ladies and gentlemen, this is a fascist pronouncement. People who want to remake the world slide inexorably into totalitarianism, because they have to act against that annoying and persistent impediment known as “human nature”. The 20th century was strewn with millions of corpses in mass graves and killing fields as the result a variety of ideologies that attempted to remake the world.

Obama reads half the Koran

Andrew Bolt  is onto it also:

Barack Obama in flattering the “Muslim world” with his Cairo speech on Friday quoted in defence of Islam half of a famous passage from the Koran.

Guess which:

On that account: We ordained for the Children of Israel that if any one slew a person – unless it be for murder or for spreading mischief in the land – it would be as if he slew the whole people: and if any one saved a life, it would be as if he saved the life of the whole people. Then although there came to them Our messengers with clear signs, yet, even after that, many of them continued to commit excesses in the land.

The punishment of those who wage war against Allah and His Messenger, and strive with might and main for mischief through the land is: execution, or crucifixion, or the cutting off of hands and feet from opposite sides, or exile from the land: that is their disgrace in this world, and a heavy punishment is theirs in the Hereafter;

Qur’an Misquoted! (5:32-33)   (Islam Watch)

If you want to believe that the Qur’an really says not to kill, then it’s best not to look too closely at what is actually said.

Qur’an Misquoted! (9:120-123) 

Robert Spencer provides yet another example of Obama taking a verse wildly out of context.

Update from the Occidental Soapbox:

2384fArab Cartoon

“I am honored to be in the timeless city of Cairo”

A skeptic’s guide to President Obama’s Cairo speech

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The Obambi-man can…

The Obama Infatuation

Al BeBeeCeera reports:

Tonight the Obambi circus is on the way to Egypt, where America’s first Muslim POTUS will deliver his super duper unifying speech al Al Azahr university, this bastion of higher (Islamic) learning. Among other things, the Obambi-man will also lecture the Muselmaniacs about our ‘shared values’ like free speech and freedom of religion. He didn’t mention anything about freedom from religion…


Robert J. Samuelson/Newsweep

Is the press giving the president a free pass?

The Obama infatuation is a great unreported story of our time. Has any recent president basked in so much favorable media coverage? Well, maybe John Kennedy for a moment, but no president since. On the whole, this is not healthy for America. More>>

Christopher Hitchens:

The Government long ago admitted that it had no idea how many immigrants, legal or illegal, were in the country. The Minister for Immigration should perhaps think himself fortunate that he is only being ridiculed, rather than being considered responsible for the general contempt in which the Government holds the electorate. More>>

American capitalism gone with a whimper

It must be said, that like the breaking of a great dam, the American decent into Marxism is happening with breath taking speed, against the back drop of a passive, hapless sheeple, excuse me dear reader, I meant people.

True, the situation has been well prepared on and off for the past century, especially the past twenty years. The initial testing grounds was conducted upon our Holy Russia and a bloody test it was. But we Russians would not just roll over and give up our freedoms and our souls, no matter how much money Wall Street poured into the fists of the Marxists.

Those lessons were taken and used to properly prepare the American populace for the surrender of their freedoms and souls, to the whims of their elites and betters.

More from Pravda>>

Here’s the song again:

The Obama-man can…

ad_subscribe_corner_0402096* Who can pay your mortgage, and put gas in your car…?  Who can take tomorrow and spend it all todaaaay?  Who can turn it all to spin and mixes it with hope  and makes the world tastes good…? Listen to the song: The Obama-man can…

*  The Mother of All Myths by MICHAEL J. TOTTEN    

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Ahmadinejad Can Speak on a US Campus, But Netanyahu Cannot

By Edward Olshaker/American Thinker

Imagine it’s 1940, and picture Adolf Hitler speaking at a US university, receiving a polite reception, while Winston Churchill is barred from speaking because his safety cannot be guaranteed.


It’s unthinkable, yet the very same pro-fascist dynamic is a reality in 21st Century America.

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu comes to America knowing he is a second-class citizen who is denied the free-speech rights enjoyed even by prominent jihadists, having been violently prevented from speaking on campuses in the US and Canada in recent years.  
Protestors at Berkeley, the campus once synonymous with the term “free speech,” forced the cancellation of Netanyahu’s speech there, as well as two subsequent speeches, in November 2000. The Jewish Bulletin of Northern California reported:

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Who are these people?


* Who, in his right mind, would voluntarily go to an Islamic nightmare country, a dreck-hole that has seen nothing but uncivil war for more than 20 years, a country that is ruled by war-lords and anarchy, knowing that he or she would be nothing more than a target for kidnapping?

* We have seen a few of these cases before, like the Italian commie ratbag Segrena, accurately depicted here at Jawa report:

 Giuliana Sgrena is a propagandist for the Communist daily rag Il Manifesto. Her writings do not reveal a bias, they reveal that Sgrena is an enemy of the United States of America and responsible for supporting terrorists and the murder of American soldiers and civilians.

* We do not imply that Mr Brennan, Canadian journalist Amanda Lindhout are commie-moonbats who are on the side of our enemies, but their folly is of concern.

What was their intention? What were they looking for? Whose side are they on?

Al Jazeera video

The footage aired on Al Jazeera reportedly shows kidnapped Australian journalist Nigel Brennan and a Canadian companion

*  So yes: who are the people for whom we are  made to feel sorry now? Check these reports and come back to us if you know more than we do:

Newslink: Jihadists force closure of Mogadishu airport

  • Australian authorities investigating footage
  • Thought to show kidnapped Aussie Nigel Brennan
  • Brennan “well mentally and physically”

AUSTRALIAN authorities are investigating video footage reported to be of Australian journalist Nigel Brennan and a Canadian companion kidnapped in Somalia.

The footage, showing 35-year-old Mr Brennan, Canadian journalist Amanda Lindhout, 27, and their translator and guide, Somali reporter Abdifatah Mohammed Elmi, has been aired on Al Jazeera television, Reuters reported. 

More from News Com

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Turkish army chief warns against Islamization

* This guy is actually threatening the Erdogan-Gul government with a military coup, which, in this case, is a blessing…

When he says that the military will take seriously any attempt to undermine Turkey’s secular principles and turn it into an Islamic state — which does seem to be the ultimate goal of Prime Minister Erdogan and the ruling party — will result in a military coup to protect the Kemalist order. It has happened before.

“Turkish army chief warns of Islam,” from PressTV, August 28 (thanks to JW)

* Note he means ‘Islam’- not ‘militant’ Islam or ‘fundamentalist’ Islam, just Islam…

Turkey’s new military chief warns against what he calls a rising “religious lifestyle”, highlighting secularist and AKP government tensions.

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Turkey: Suspects in Turkish attack accuse each other

*   3 Christians slain at publishing house Bible study

© 2008 WorldNetDaily

Necati Aydin, Tilman Geske and Ugur Yuksel, (L to R) who were martyred by Muslims in Turkey

All five suspects who are on trial in Turkey for the deaths of three Christian martyrs allegedly slain in a vicious attack by Muslims who had agreed to meet them at a Bible publishing house have denied responsibility, instead pointing fingers at each other.

Compass Direct, which has been documenting the case, said court testimonies by the five suspects were completed this week during a sixth hearing before Malatya’s 3rd Criminal Court.

“All have insisted that they had not planned to murder anyone and that no individuals or group instigated their raid on the Zirve Publishing Co. office in Malatya on April 18, 2007,” the report said.

As WND has reported, Tilman Geske of Germany and Turkish nationals Necati Aydin and Ugur Yuksel died in the attack. Authorities have said they reportedly met several Muslims for a Bible study, then were tied up, stabbed and tortured for several hours before their throats were slit.

Now Compass Direct reports that the alleged ringleader, Emre Gunaydin, has stated in a letter to the court that, “Our purpose was just to gather information and give it to the press.”


Hijab Resistance in Turkey:

Rapporteur favors rejecting Turk headscarf case: TV

By Emma Ross-Thomas/Reuters

Turkey’s secularist establishment, made up of the army, professors and parts of the judiciary, sees the headscarf as a threat to Turkey’s secular state and a symbol of political Islam. The court challenge to the headscarf amendment was filed by secularist opposition party, CHP.

The AK Party, which was elected with 47 percent of the vote last year, defends the use of the headscarf in universities as a matter of religious and personal freedom, and says some two-thirds of Turkish women cover their heads.

The closure case, filed by the chief prosecutor of the Court of Appeals, has hit Turkey’s financial markets and the European Union candidate country faces months of uncertainty.

The AK Party, which has its roots in political Islam but is also reformist and pro-business, denies the charges and says the case is politically motivated.

As well as closing the party, the prosecutor wants 71 party officials, including Prime Minister Tayyip Erdogan and President Abdullah Gul, banned from politics for five years.

The Constitutional Court is dealing with both cases, having agreed to take up the closure case at the end of March. Eight of the court’s 11 judges were appointed by former President Ahmet Necdet Sezer, a secularist opponent of the AK Party.

Turkey has banned more than 20 political parties for alleged Islamist or Kurdish separatist activities.

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