China Jihad: Uighurs stabbed, stoned, burned and beheaded victims…

“Perhaps they were jealous of his success. They clearly targeted the family…”

As The Times stood outside what is left of No 447 Zhongwan Street, a Han neighbour approached. She had watched the killings from her home in an apartment block overlooking the store.

“We saw hundreds of Uighurs running down the street on the afternoon of July 5. About ten suddenly rushed into the store. They began to hit the people inside, even the old mother, with bricks and stones. They tried to run outside. Then they were dragged back inside.

“There were terrible screams. Just wordless screams. But then very quickly they fell silent.”

She said that the son tried to hide in a chicken coop but was dragged out and his head was cut off. All the victims were left to burn inside the building. The corpses of the boy and his father were found beheaded. Mr Yu said: “Even the 84-year-old mother was stoned and then burnt. It was terrible, terrible. So cruel.”

Counter Terrorism: Spiritual mother of Uighurs or terrorist?



4 thoughts on “China Jihad: Uighurs stabbed, stoned, burned and beheaded victims…”

  1. The ABC (AKA OzPravda) portray the Wee-gers as sweet Turk-like people who simply want their own separate homeland but have been invaded by hoards of Chings.

    No mention of their ‘violence, intolerance and racism’ as the left like to prattle on about.

    How would ABC report if Australians started bashing and beheading foreign immigrants simply because we figured there were too many here?

  2. The moonbat lefty libtards are trying to spin this as an ‘ethnic’ clash not t=religious at all so its strange how all these ISLAMIC practices like beheading and stoning are used by the Uighers . Moonbats just love to pretend that every Mohammedan outrage is an isolated incident and amazingly its always the Mohammedans who are victims. All that left wing libtard brainwashing in the Universities since the 60’s is paying off well hey.

  3. Agreed – the screaming muslim moron pack fall silent. UNDERSTAND THIS MUSLIM PARASITES – YOUR TIME IS COMING!!!!!!!

  4. And yet the corrupted western press wants us to feel sorry for these animals. It’s Kosovo all over again, how long before America starts bombing the shit out of China, do you reckon?

    Surely some parts of the western governments are awake to the muslim victim complex?

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