Geert Wilders: Show Me the Money!

What exactly is the cost of Islamic immigration?


The anti-immigration party of Dutch populist Geert Wilders wants each ministry to make a cost-benefit analysis of the presence of non-Western immigrants and their offspring in the Netherlands.

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A question we on WoJ have asked many times. Long overdue. Don’t expect that our “global warming” polit-props will touch it anytime soon. But it will not go away:

Geert Wilders’ anti-immigration party PVV has asked a number of government ministers to calculate exactly how much non-western immigrants cost Dutch society, Trouw reports on Wednesday.


The finance, social affairs, health, housing, education, economic affairs and defence ministries have all been asked by PVV MP Sietse Fritsma to calculate how much immigrants cost their departments and how much they contribute in terms of taxes.

‘The core of Fritsma’s questions is: The Hague spends relatively more on non-western immigrants and gets little back,‘ Trouw states.

The paper says Fritsma has asked the tax office to calculate how much non-western immigrants pay in taxes compared with the native Dutch. The education ministry has been asked how much it spends on catching ethnic minority truants.

And the health ministry has been asked to say how much more money it spends on non-westerners because they are more likely to visit the doctor.

The party has asked for the calculations to be based on government spending over the past five years with a forecast for the next five.

Trouw says it is unclear if individual ministries will cooperate with the PVV’s requests or whether ministers will prepare a joint statement.

Add to this the enormous cost for Islamic crime, rape, counseling, monitoring,  added security efforts for airports, synagogues, churches, anti-terrorism measures, prisons, subsidies for mosques and madrassas,  and you’ll find that the Islamic invasion is not only  financially a bottomless pit, but more than anything detrimental to our way of life.  All of which has a devastating effect on our  freedom and puts the future of our civilization in doubt.

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  1. How can you place a monetary value on the destruction of your once beautiful country? Muslims are about as welcome in the west (except to slum landlords,left-wing politicians,minimum wage employers,and people employed in the diversity industry) as a turd in a swimming pool.

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