Jewish Beth Din Courts and Sharia are not the same…

Britain’s Pakistani mouthpiece for the MCB, the comical “Mr Bean” look-alike Inayat Bunglawussi, is upset that the Islam-promoting Guardian offered a “platform for the  -in his opinion-  discredited (?) Denis MacEoin.” No Sharia Law in Britain

 Muslims always resort to ad hominem attacks. Since they are stuck with their 7th century belief-system that doesn’t leave room for doubt, they are forced to defend the indefensible.

The Bungla instead offers up a piss-poor piece of crock from a clueless Andy McSmith at  the Independent, which he finds “fair and balanced”. But hey! Who are we to judge? Go and do your own reading!


when the Grunard offers Bunglawussi a soapbox, he suddenly becomes “one of us” again: “We have failed…”

“Anti-Islamic attacks are not history”

Violence against Muslims across Britain and Europe shows we have failed to consign such far-right extremism to the past.. 

(you know the drill: really, really wishing Islam was a race, ad infinitum… and then a bit of fake solidarity with  the immigrant Roma community in Northern Ireland, a community that was so badly mistreated) only in Pakistan would they be treated properly, wonder why they didn’t go there, anybody..?

Britain’s Sharia Courts 

By: Kathy Shaidle 

Jewish Beth Din courts have operated in UK for more than a century. “If the Jewish courts are allowed to flourish,” insisted Inayat Bunglawala of the Muslim Council of Britain, “so must the Sharia ones.”

This plausible-sounding defense is in fact specious. As Robert Spencer points out, “Jewish courts do not rule on the basis of a law that Jews are laboring to impose upon the whole of British society. Sharia courts are.” Therein lies a crucial distinction, and one that Sharia advocates fail to mention.

Sheikh Siddiqi and Bunglawala may have been inspired on by the example of some Canadian Muslims. Back in 2004, Muslims in the province of Ontario also used the existence of long-standing provincial Catholic and Jewish arbitration tribunals to campaign for the establishment of Sharia courts. When some expressed concern, Sharia supporters accused their critics of “Islamophobia” and paranoia. Undaunted, one intrepid reporter took the time to visit the website of the pro-Sharia Canadian Society of Muslims. What he found there was chilling.

“As Canadian Muslims, you have a clear choice,” wrote the group’s president Syed Mumtaz Ali. “Do you want to govern yourself by the personal law of your own religion or do you prefer governance by secular Canadian family law? If you choose the latter, then you cannot claim that you believe in Islam as a religion and a complete code of life actualized by a prophet who you believe to be a mercy to all.” The punishment for apostasy under Sharia law is death. More>>

2 thoughts on “Jewish Beth Din Courts and Sharia are not the same…”

  1. Why not give you your own courts ?
    Because you want to take over – that’s why nobody trusts giving the muslims any more power
    bunglebollocks – have you nothing to say about the world besides sticking up for muslims ?
    Yiou stick up for them / yourself no matter what they do but you criticise us at every opportunity
    Why don’t you leave along with all your fellow muslums ?
    You’r e not happy here and you’re a troublemaker .

  2. Had the same thing here in Ontario, Canada. The usual wails about discrimination from the muzzies. The government agreed with them.
    Abolished ALL faith based mediation. Their argument, there is only one law and that is Canadian law. Not a word of protest from the Jews, they have always been the most pragmatic.

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