jihad news: Omar Bakri's second daughter defies Islamic boundaries

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Muslim Hate Preacher Omar Bakri Humiliated Again

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(UK) Muslim hate preacher Omar Bakri, 51, has been humiliated again. Some readers may recall that Bakri was outraged and humiliated last year when his daughter Yasmin, 27, was exposed as a scantily-clad pole dancer and her pictures were plastered all over the internet.

Apparently the episode so disturbed Bakri that he ordered his 15-year-old daughter Raya to cover up from head-to-toe. The instruction was sent long-distance since Bakri lives in exile in Lebanon after being booted out of England.

In the latest news, daughter Raya has disobeyed her father while also violating the strict Muslim code. Raya posted a picture of herself on Facebook in which she wears no hijab, no niqab and no burqa. Her face and arms are exposed.

A source close to the family said last night: “Raya’s pictures on Facebook will make her father explode with rage.

“He’s already been mortified by pictures of Yasmin half-naked.”

Since Bakri praised the 9/11 killers and blamed the 7/7 London bombings on the government, one can only guess what he would do to his daughters — if he could get to them.

In conclusion, Omar Bakri is experiencing rage, embarrassment and humiliation due to the behavior of his daughters. I, on the other hand, am feeling schadenfreude, delighted with the suffering of Omar Bakri. I know it’s un-Christian but I can’t seem to help myself.

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2 thoughts on “jihad news: Omar Bakri's second daughter defies Islamic boundaries”

  1. I, too, enjoy his humiliation and gleefully declare that it serves him right. On the other hand, I do fear for the welfare of his daughters; these disgusting people, may allah blacken their faces, have no qualms about murdering their own children in the cause of virtue.
    Bakri has been deported (what happened? Did he slip through the fingers of the multi-culti appeasers?); still, there are several million of the great paedophile’s zombies in the UK who would be happy to carry out the order.

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