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Australia: Misunderstander of Islam admits to plotting to murder thousands

Yet another convert to Islam misunderstands his new, peaceful faith. When will Honest Ibe Hooper and Brave Ahmed Rehab of CAIR and their Australian counterparts take the hint and institute programs for converts to teach them the true, peaceful Islam? And if they don’t have any interest in doing that, why not?

“Australian admits plotting to kill thousands,” from AFP, July 2

New Abu Yahya Al-Libi Video: ‘Swat – Victory or Martyrdom’


In a video posted on jihadist websites on July 25, 2009, senior Al-Qaeda commander Abu Yahya Al-Libi urges Pakistanis to take up arms against the Pakistani army and government. The video was produced by Al-Qaeda’s media division Al-Sahab. MEMRI

Fitzgerald: The worldwide Jihad is simply the sum of all the local Jihads

The worldwide Jihad is simply the sum of all the local Jihads. Each local Jihad receives automatic support from Muslims worldwide, who are quick to identify, always and everywhere, with other Muslims. For a century and a half the pursuit of Jihad was largely abandoned, not because the doctrine of Jihad had been changed, or had fallen into permanent desuetude, but because Muslims were too weak, vis-a-vis others, and they were fully aware of that weakness. 

After World War II, the main objects of Jihad were the State of Israel and Kashmir. The former, in particular, received so much attention because, as Bernard Lewis so dryly put it, expressing what we all know to be true, disputes involving Jews were certain to attract attention, not least from antisemites (who found a new, more politically and socially acceptable outlet for their antisemitism, now that Mr. Hitler had temporarily dampened the open delight one could take in it). Others who were feeling, often unaware, an intolerable civilisational guilt, found it quite a relief, eventually, to accept the Arab narrative about those terrible Israelis and thus to have the psychic consolation, in the most extreme form of this mental illness, of allowing themselves to believe that it was Jews who were now behaving like Nazis. This was utter nonsense, but what a boost, not least in Germany and other parts of Europe. The cult of “Palestinianism” could be tied in — quite wrongly — with a hypertrophied sense of embarrassment about anything that might, however implausibly, be linked to European “colonialism.”

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Whoops: Cleric who helped negotiate truce between Taliban and Pakistani gov’t arrested for “continuing to encourage terrorism”

And “attempting to reorganize insurgents.”

The truce is long dead, but now the region is stuck with the implementation of Sharia that occurred as a result of the truce. Sufi Muhammad got what he wanted. “Cleric who negotiated Taliban-Pakistan peace deal is arrested,” by Zulfiqar Ali and Alex Rodriguez for the Los Angeles Times, July 27:

Africa’s Afghanistan

Andrew Bolt

Another front opened:

RADICAL Islamists yesterday torched a police headquarters, a church and a Customs office in northern Nigeria, as the death toll in weekend religious clashes climbed to 150… The Nigerian Taliban emerged in 2004 when it set up a base—dubbed Afghanistan—in Kanamma village in Yobe, on the border with Niger, from where it attacked police outposts and killed police officers.

Its membership is mainly drawn from university dropouts.

It seems again that it’s ideology rather than oppression that’s driving these people to kill. (indeed. Its called Islam/ed)

Tim Blair –  Local Knowledge

                               “Freedom fighters” attack Mumbai…

6a0111685b4b71970c01157141dd53970c-800wi American idiots: Muslim terrorist merely a ‘gunman’/Counter Jihad

Indians know the difference between terrorists and gunmen. The New York Times (among other newspapers) doesn’t.

The End Times have arrived: Associated Press discovers “Islamic militants”

In a story on the Boko Haram (“Education Is Sin”) Sharia supremacist group that has started riots in Nigeria, the Associated Press actually refers to the perpetrators as “Islamic militants.” The story is “Nigeria imposes curfews, sends troops to the north,” by Bashir Adigun, July 28, and you can find it here (thanks to M. P.). The story even notes that Boko Haram is also known as “Al-Sunna wal Jamma” — that is, “Followers of Mohammed’s Teachings.”

Half of France’s prisoners are Muslim

The French government is increasing the number of imams available to practising Muslims in some 200 prisons across the country. (which is the same as if the allies had given captured Germans copies of Hitlers “Mein Kampf”/ed)


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