Why doesn't anyone talk about the Turkish occupation of northern Cyprus?

The  Turkish occupation of northern Cyprus is an ongoing scandal, a tragedy and a foreboding of things to come in EUrabia. WoJ  reported about Cyprus here on several occasions, most recently here: Turkey loves to occupy Cyprus

Islam demands that all land that used to belong to Muslims must be returned to them. Thus, Spain, for example, must eventually be re-conquered.

But nothing and no one stands up to the Turkish invaders and calls them on their crime.  Instead, enlightened progressives like Britain’s David Miliband,  have become useful idiots for Islamic Turkey:  UK’s dumbest Jew shills for Islamic Turkey in the EU

If that doesn’t pacify them, what will?

This week marks thirty-five years of the Turkish occupation and ethnic cleansing of northern Cyprus. People have been driven out of their homes, churches have been converted into mosques, and the thriving resort of Famagusta transformed into a ghost town. Nobody cares. Instead, the trumped-up plight of the “Palestinians,” an invented nationality committed to the eradication of a sovereign state in the name of Islamic jihad, occupies the world’s attention.

“Turkish Invasion and Cyprus Occupation,” from CyprusNet (thanks to LGF2) and JW

On 15 July 1974 the ruling military junta of Greece staged a coup to overthrow the democratically elected Government of Cyprus.On 20 July Turkey, using the coup as a pretext, invaded Cyprus, purportedly to restore constitutional order. Instead, it seized 35% of the territory of Cyprus in the north, an act universally condemned as a gross infringement of international law and the UN Charter. Turkey, only 75 km away, had repeatedly claimed, for decades before the invasion and frequently afterwards, that Cyprus was of vital strategic importance to it. Ankara has defied a host of UN resolutions demanding the withdrawal of its occupation troops from the island.

On 1 November 1974, the UN General Assembly unanimously adopted Resolution 3212, the first of many resolutions calling for respect for the sovereignty, independence, territorial integrity and non-alignment of the Republic of Cyprus and for the speedy withdrawal of all foreign troops.

Furthermore, the General Assembly, the Security Council and the Commission on Human Rights of the United Nations as well as the Non-Aligned Movement, the Commonwealth, the European Parliament, the Council of Europe and other international organizations have demanded the urgent return of the refugees to their homes in safety and the full restoration of all the human rights of the population of Cyprus.

The invasion and occupation has had disastrous consequences. About 142.000 Greek Cypriots living in the north – nearly one quarter of the population of Cyprus – were forcibly expelled from the occupied northern part of the island where they constituted 80% of the population. These people are still deprived of the right to return to their homes and properties. A further 20.000 Greek Cypriots enslaved in the occupied area were gradually forced through intimidation and denial of their basic human rights to abandon their homes. Today there are fewer than 600 enslaved persons (Greek Cypriots and Maronites)….

Turkey has also promoted the demographic change of the occupied territory through the implantation of Anatolian settlers. Since the invasion some 115.000 Turks from Turkey have been illegally imported in the occupied area. This large influx of settlers has negatively affected the living conditions of the Turkish Cypriots. Poverty and unemployment has forced over 55.000 to emigrate and they now make up only 11% of the native population.

35.000 Turkish soldiers equipped with the latest weapons and supported by the Turkish air force and navy, are still in the occupied area making it, according to the UN Secretary-General’s Report (December 1995), «one of the most densely militarized areas in the world».

The illegal regime in the occupied area has pursued a deliberate policy aimed at destroying and plundering the ancient cultural and historical heritage of the island, as part of a wider goal to ‘Turkify’ the island and erases all evidence of its Cypriot character. Abundant evidence gathered from foreign and Turkish Cypriot press, as well as evidence obtained from other authoritative sources (Jacques Deli bard’s UNESCO report); demonstrate the magnitude of the damage and destruction caused to the cultural heritage of Cyprus.

As a consequence of Turkey’s policy and illegal actions:

* at least 55 churches have been converted into mosques
* another 50 churches and monasteries have been converted into stables, stores, hostels, museums, or have been demolished
* the cemeteries of at least 25 villages have been desecrated and destroyed
* innumerable icons, religious artifacts and all kinds of archaeological treasures have been stolen and smuggled abroad
* illegal excavations and smuggling of antiquities is openly taking place all the time with the involvement of the occupying forces
* all Greek place names contrary to all historical and cultural reason were converted into Turkish ones.

In this respect, the Republic of Cyprus is making great efforts to recover stolen items which include invaluable icons, frescoes, mosaics, texts and artifacts. A successful case of repatriation involved the 6th century mosaics that were illegally removed from the church of Panayia Kanakaria in the occupied areas and sold to an art dealer in the USA. Following a legal battle that generated world attention, the US Courts ruled that the mosaics should be returned to their legal owner, the Church of Cyprus. Similar legal battles are now under way in the Federal Republic of Germany, where Cyprus is striving to repatriate hundreds of items stolen from churches in the occupied part of Cyprus.

In contrast to the total disrespect shown by the occupation regime, all Muslim sites in the area controlled by the Government of Cyprus are properly and respectfully kept, preserved and maintained by the competent authorities.


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* What took them so long? Cowardice?    (ANSAmed)


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  1. The truth is that Turkey intervened in Cyprus to halt a 25 year long ethnic cleansing programme by Greek Cypriots against Turkish Cypriots. Turkish Cypriot villages were attacked and the inhabitants driven into fewer and fewer ghettoes. Their land was taken and thier lives. In the facee of inaction by the international community, Turkey had no choice. the Greek Cypriots, in connivance with the Greek government brought the event on their own heads after repeated warnings from the Turkish government

    1. There was never an “ethnic cleansing programme by Greek Cypriots against Turks”- what it is, and always was, in a nutshell, is the Muhammedan excuse for jihad.

      Unchanged since Muhammad invented Islam!

  2. Read the genocide file’s on cyprus and you all can make your mind up about ethnic cleansing, The greek cypriots keep hiding behind the Eu.

    1. Commentaries: The Armenian Genocide, Ethnic Cleansing in Cyprus, and ”Turkishness”
      by greek_news

      By George Gregoriou
      The Turks are at it again. Denial, denial, denial! The genocide of 1,5 million Armenians in 1915 is “yok”. The Turkification of 37% of Cyprus and the ethnic cleansing are also “yok”. These atrocities never happened! Armenians and Turks were killing each other. That’s all. There was no genocide. The noted Turkish writer Pamuk, did he “lie” about the Armenian genocide and the 30,000 Kurds who died fighting for their rights? If he was guilty of insulting “Turkishness” why isn’t he in jail? The charges against Pamuk for “insulting Turkishness and the Ataturk legacy” were dropped, but others (less known) are being tried for the same crime. How can 70 million Turks feel “insulted” by the mere mention of the Armenian “genocide”? To paraphrase Shakespeare, they “protest too much”. One would think that the “genocide” is the insult. It would be less insulting to acknowledge it, apologize for a crime committed almost a century ago, and get over it. PBS officials, The NYTimes reports, acknowledge and accept that there was a genocide. So do Turkish villagers, recalling their ancestors’ stories:

      “They caught Armenians and put them in a barn and burned them, “a man in a town in eastern Turkey tells an interviewer” (NYTimes, 2/25/06).”
      The Greek Cypriots must be lying too! To Turkish nationalists, the invasion in 1974 was a “peace mission” to protect the Turkish Cypriots, though the Greek junta thugs were busy killing Greek Cypriot communists, socialists, and anti-junta democrats. If Turkey’s mission was to restore constitutional legitimacy, its proclaimed goal for the military invasion, where is the evidence? Were the 130,000 settlers from Turkey sent to restore constitutional legitimacy or change the demographics in Cyprus, and seize Greek Cypriot homes and land? The Turkification of towns, streets, even cemeteries (all given Turkish names) and the vandalizing of Greek churches and their conversion into mosques, was this done to protect Turkish Cypriots or ethnic cleansing?

      It is a well-known secret among Greeks, Turks, and the rest of the world (except inside the Washington belt way) that the Greek junta was installed by Washington in 1967, was given the “green light” to overthrow Makarios in 1974, and the green light to Turkey to invade in order to partition the island. In Kissinger¹s words, Turkey was too important in the war against the Soviet Union. Great Britain (the guarantor power!) and the US, were these two powers just Œinnocent bystanders¹ in the war to cut Cyprus in half?

      The partition of Cyprus was put on the table by Washington throughout the 1960s (the Acheson Plan 1964). It was rejected by Makarios. The elected officials in Athens could not implement the American plan, without the force of arms. The junta was installed in 1967 to do just that, to stop the democracy movement in Greece and get rid of the Cyprus problem. This plan was implemented in 1974, though the Anglo-American-Turkish de facto partition has not been legitimized by the Greek Cypriots nor the international community. The last attempt was the Kofi Annan Plan (a/k the Anglo-American Plan). It was voted down by the Greek Cypriots in a referendum in April 2004. Why? It was a “two-state” solution.

      Evidently, the Armenian genocide and the occupation and ethnic cleansing in Cyprus, along with the violation of human rights for Turkish citizens and the on-going war on the Kurds, are sensitive issues to Turkish nationalists and to the Erdogan “soft” Islamic fundamentalist government in Ankara. These problems interfere with Turkey’s trajectory to be in the EU, and will not go away. Turkey cannot have its cake and eat it too, cannot be in the EU and barbaric. Washington is very angry, not about Turkey’s behavior, but a possible veto of Turkey’s membership. Turkey has to be in the EU, to be Washington¹s Trojan Horse.

      This “sensitivity” over “Turkishness” is like a fuse, ready to explode. This time, “Turkishness” has been insulted by the PBS plan to show documentaries on the Armenian genocide in April (The NYTimes (2/25/06, B7 & 13). Turkish nationalists had their “hired guns” in public relations at the ready, to be on television to deny the claim of Armenian genocide, like having someone tell the world “the holocaust on the Jews did not happen!” The entire world knows this genocide happened, including progressive Turks, like Pamuk. This “sensitivity” is over “Turkishness”, not historical facts. Whatever it is, this “sensitivity” is the last line of defense, for Turkish honor and the Ataturk legacy, though Ataturk came to power after the Armenian genocide which was committed by the Young Turks in power during the last Ottoman Sultan’s regime. Washington has been “sensitized” to this Turkishness.

      Very few people outside Turkey would understand, even notice this “sensitivity to Turkishness”. The sultan would be without clothes. Why so much attention? Behind this “sensitivity” lies the geopolitical game, used by Ankara to force its way into the EU, with the full backing by Washington. The NYTimes (2/25/06) reports:

      “In the past, the Turkish government, an important ally of the United States in the region, has hired Washington lobbyists to help defeat attempts by Congress to pass resolutions condemning the killings as genocide. Representatives of the Turkish government have suggested, among other things, that labeling them as genocide would jeopardize support for American military bases there.”

      So, the bottom line for Turkey¹s behavior is that Erdogan has the US shoulders to lean on, the military might of the superpower whose permanent policy is to control the oil in the Middle East and the Caspian Sea. Turkey is in the neighborhood, a staunch ally and a willing agent in implementing this policy, for the common good, the American-Turkish good. So, Turkey can do whatever it wants: lie about the Armenian genocide, lie about the war on the Kurds, and lie about the occupation and ethnic cleansing in Cyprus.

      This policy of blackmail is directed at the Greek Cypriots right now. Turkey is occupying the northern part of Cyprus since 1974 and had only one policy: the partition of the island into two states and Turkish military presence on the island on a permanent basis. Washington is on the side of Turkey on Cyprus, though it is playing the pathetic role of an “honest broker”! Turkey is not only more important to the US than Greece, in geopolitical terms, as a Muslim country she has forced her own “sensitivity” onto the US throughout the Cold War and now on the “war on terrorism”. This blackmail is reflected in Washington¹s obsession, to punish the Greek Cypriots for rejecting the Kofi Annan Plan, referred to above. The White House is determined to end the self-imposed political and economic isolation of the Turkish Cypriots.

      Investors, tourism, and direct flights to the occupied northern Cyprus are encouraged by the White House. There is more to this. In October 2005 Turkish Cypriot companies signed an agreement for $10 million with Bearing Point, Inc., one of the largest consulting company in the USA. Bearing will consult the Turkish Cypriots on ŒSupply Chain Solutions. Supply Chain Solutions are generally deployed by big corporations to streamline their supply chains. Such “Supply Chain Solutions” at the tune of $10 million are irrelevant for small enterprises. So, which Turkish Cypriot companies need such a Supply Chain Solution, and which can afford it? Does the US government have a hand in this? It is illegal for such activities in northern Cyprus. The Turkish occupation itself is illegal to the international community. Is Bearing doing this with encouragement and authorization by the US government?

      Is it possible that Bearing Point, with its extensive knowledge of supply and chain solutions, has been asked to look into ways and means to help the Turkish Cypriots export and import products by bypassing the internationally recognized government of the Republic of Cyprus, thereby offering Bearing¹s shady deal a fig-leaf of “legality”? With its well-known pro-Turkish policy, is the White House trying to boost the status of the illegal Turkish Cypriot break-away state, with the objective to force the Greek Cypriots to capitulate to the de facto partition and ethnic cleansing imposed by Ankara since 1974?

      George Gregoriou
      Professor, Critical Theory and Geopolitics
      Department of Political Science
      The Wm Paterson University, NJ 07474
      e-mail: gregorioug@wpunj.edu

  3. the genocide of turk cypriots was well stated in the akritis plan , its worth noting that turk cypriots are all alcoholics and pork eaters not to mention gambling addicts its as hedenostic as anything if not worse cleanse yourself of your ignorance regarding muslims especially the turk cypriots ironically its the greeks that were religouse electing an archbishop the turks wouldnt ever elect an imam in cyprus not by free election NO WAY if a turk cypriot says im going mosque then you imediately know its a funeral because under no other circumstance would a turk cypriot pray in a mosque if they are in one its a funeral THEY DESPISE RELIGION and have no belief in an afterlife they might as well become communists which many actually are the ctp communist officially athiest party is the main faction

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