Yes, women can be assholes too…

That’s right. Just don’t say you heard it from me:

ABC likens Rio’s Hu to al Qaeda’s Hicks

Andrew Bolt – Monday, July 13, 

images107                                     Leigh Sales: learned stupidity beats natural stupidity…

What is Lateline host Leigh Sales suggesting to Liberal MP Andrew Southcott with her absurd analogy – that Rio Tinto’s Stern Hu trained and fought with Uighur terrorists?

Andrew Southcott: This is the job of the Prime Minister, to be in touch with his counterpart on a very important issue involving an Australian citizen who’s been detained and not yet charged.

Leigh Sales: Well Dr Southcott, isn’t it a bit rich for the Coalition to be so exercised about this matter when the Coalition left David Hicks at Guantanamo Bay for two years without charge and for five years without a completed trial?

e86ba7ea00_burqa_0712LIBERATING: Khalidah Bilal, right, says her burqa is a symbol of faith, not oppression.

The burka, the place to be. How come you don’t know your place, Leigh?

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