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Useful Idiots: the ABC's Gushing Ramadan Promo Downunder

I’ll spare you the drivel from Brigid Andersen. This twit doesn’t even question segregation. You won’t find a critical question in this mindless propaganda piece.

(Thanks to Mullah for sending this in)

But you are welcome to take a closer look, here. Infuriating that this crap is produced on the taxpayers dime.

No Islam promo without the “misconceptions:”

Abdul Jalal, the president of the Islamic Society of Darra, admits there are many misconceptions about Islam.

If we talk about it, we  will understand:

“But with Islam, everything was put in a nutshell. I think the more we talk about it, the more people will understand.  I’m talking about our Australian brothers and sisters – if we don’t talk about it and keep Islam to ourselves then we’re not getting the message through.”

Mr Jalal says Muslims have a responsibility to educate others about their religion.

“If I keep Islam to myself, it is not your fault it is my fault because I have not taken Islam to you to make you understand what Islam really is,” he said.

“The negative attitude that we see here is partly our responsibility.”

Here’s how Muslims educate others about their religion:

Wanna talk about it, Abdul? I’m right here, on sheik@sheikyermami.com. Call in any time!

Shiite Not Gone Yet

Chances are, he won’t be gone anytime soon.  The lefty loons, certain “community leaders” and assorted church-creatures present him as a “peace making sheik”.  Can’t miss out on that “interfaith dialogue” and those generous gov’t grants that come with it.

An update on this story: Spying for Iran: Mansour Leghaei

Sheikh Leghaei has lived in Australia for 16 years with his wife and children (why is he here? Are 16 years an entitlement? Did he become Australian or does he intend to make Australia Islamic?/ed)

By John Stewart for Lateline/ABC with thanks to Mullah

Religious and community leaders in Sydney are rallying behind an Iranian sheikh who will be deported from Australia in a fortnight.

Sheikh Mansour Leghaei has lived in Australia for the past 16 years but was prevented from gaining a permanent visa after being declared a security threat by intelligence agency ASIO.

The sheikh’s supporters say he is a peace maker and has been building bridges between Islam and Christianity for more than a decade.

We need drawbridges to protect us from the interfaith parasites/ed

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Yes, women can be assholes too…

That’s right. Just don’t say you heard it from me:

ABC likens Rio’s Hu to al Qaeda’s Hicks

Andrew Bolt – Monday, July 13, 

images107                                     Leigh Sales: learned stupidity beats natural stupidity…

What is Lateline host Leigh Sales suggesting to Liberal MP Andrew Southcott with her absurd analogy – that Rio Tinto’s Stern Hu trained and fought with Uighur terrorists?

Andrew Southcott: This is the job of the Prime Minister, to be in touch with his counterpart on a very important issue involving an Australian citizen who’s been detained and not yet charged.

Leigh Sales: Well Dr Southcott, isn’t it a bit rich for the Coalition to be so exercised about this matter when the Coalition left David Hicks at Guantanamo Bay for two years without charge and for five years without a completed trial?

e86ba7ea00_burqa_0712LIBERATING: Khalidah Bilal, right, says her burqa is a symbol of faith, not oppression.

The burka, the place to be. How come you don’t know your place, Leigh?

ABC Barracking For Hussein, the Muslim POTUS

ABC: The All Obamessiah Channel

*  How long before the Obamessiah’s Ministry of Truth becomes the only source of information the the US of A?

By Michelle Malkin  •   Here’s my  Logobama:
oabcIts dirty work, but somebody’s gotta do it:

ABC News should be required to register as a federal lobbyist.

On June 24, Drudge reports, the network will broadcast from inside the White House to air a propaganda special for Obamacare.

Opposing voices will reportedly be excluded. ABC News says “thoughtful” and “diverse” points of view will be allowed. In other words: Shills of all colors!

ABC: The All Barack Channel.

Rush calls ‘em our state-run media.

I call it government-controlled stenography.

Sharpen your pencils, boys and girls, and look spiffy when Dear Leader comes to greet you.

Doug Powers creates a new logo for the All Barack Channel.

  • Here’s the official ABC News response.

Other Muslim POTUS news: