Australia's Lefties Support Islamic Jihad in China

“One man’s terrorist is another man’s freedom fighter”- our Socialist  progressives never tire to throw  this line around  as if they can’t wait for the freedom of the burka. Since many of them already grow scruffy beards out of solidarity, the freedom of Islam is  closer than ever for all of  us. As usual, the left is complicit in aiding and abetting the Global Jihad:

Australia welcomes Uighur terror leader Rebiya Kadeer

The Australian — Rowan Callick and Michael Sainsbury

AUSTRALIA has issued international Uighur leader Rebiya Kadeer with a short-stay business visa in the face of strong pressure from the Chinese government.

China had signalled that such a move would exacerbate tensions in a relationship already reeling from a series of problems, including what Beijing sees as unfair media coverage over the imprisonment of Australian Rio Tinto executive Stern Hu.  Counter Jihad>>

china-video-grab_208162sUighur Riots

Exiled Uighur leader not a terrorist: 

Stephen Smith, Foreign Minister of Australia

Australia has rejected China’s objections over next week’s visit to the country by the exiled Uighur leader Rebiya Kadeer.

Foreign Minister Stephen Smith says Ms Kadeer is not a terrorist and there is no reason why she should be denied a visa.

Ms Kadeer is planning to attend the premier of a documentary about her life – 10 Conditions of Love – at the Melbourne International Film Festival.

China accuses Ms Kadeer of heading a separatist terrorist movement and blames her for the violent riots in Xinjiang province earlier this month, which left nearly 200 people dead.

Mr Smith says he will not be meeting Ms Kadeer during her visit. More from the ABC>>

But China’s Uighurs are not Tibetan monks. Rabid Rabiya is not the Dalai Lama…

Its okay for the nutroots to run around with “Free Tibet” posters, but when the left supports Islamic head choppers who just killed over a hundred Han Chinese in the Uighur bloody riots I smell an eerie, misguided equivalence…

Kadeer is believed to be the mastermind behind the July 5 riot in Urumqi and responsible for a series of protests at Chinese embassies worldwide.

The riot in the capital of the Xinjiang Uygur autonomous region left nearly 200 dead and 1,600 injured

Islamo propaganda:

Rabiya Kadeer says 10,000 people disappeared in one night in Urumqi, complains about US silence

Accused by Beijing of masterminding the violence in Xinjiang, Uyghur leader calls for an international inquiry to see who was behind the clashes and deaths in Urumqi. China says US agrees the matter is an internal Chinese matter. Beijing criticises Japan and Australia for hosting Kadeer.

Tokyo (AsiaNews/Agencies) – Exiled Uyghur dissident Rebiya Kadeer accused China today of trying to lay a veil of silence over the disappearance of “about 10,000 people” during the unrest in Urumqi, Xinjiang. The head of the World Uyghur Congress has also reproached the United States for its silence over the matter as well. Ms Kadeer arrived yesterday in the Japanese capital to urge the international community to provide support to her people, “massacred” by the Chinese.“About 10,000 people disappeared in Urumqi in one night. Where have they gone? If they are dead, where are they” now, she said during a press conference through an interpreter.  Read it all>>>

The New York Times:  China Dismisses Uighur Claim 10, 000 Are Missing 

Uyghur Activist Alleges 10,000 Muslims Missing in China…

Wakademic F*kcwit Alert:

“Ask not what immigrants cost, ask how we can give them jobs”

Work, Jobs, and Worth

Majorca, Spain: Spanish Police Hunt Terrorist Suspects

5 thoughts on “Australia's Lefties Support Islamic Jihad in China”

  1. This story is indeed an interesting one as far as Australians are concerned.
    We have a Beijing sponsored and facilitated Socialist ( Communist) Union financed Labor Government in Australia, led by the bumper sticker known as Kevin 07 and we have his “beautiful people”supporters demanding that their (Muslim) terrorists of choice in China be left alone to go about their Terrorist activities (peacefully?) without any hindrance from the Kevin 07 friendly Beijing Communist Party Government.

    Please someone help me out here, Muslim GOOD Non Muslim BAD?
    China GOOD Non China BAD?
    or China GOOD Muslim BAD?

    Hey Kevin 07 and your Beijing sponsored Union financiers please tell me, who , this week is BAD, ok ok ok I know that the Great Satan aka the Judeo Christian Western World is the Badddie air re esst of them all, but who is the worsie air re est of the Chinese Communist Party and the followers of the Religion of Peace?

    So Kevin 07 or Lee Kewan as you are known in Bejing, just who IS the bad guy,the followers of your ideology of choice or those Fucking Muslims who are giving your despots of choice and financial backers so much shit as we speak?
    Should Australians studythe Koran or Mao’s little Red Book , tell us Lee Kewan what should we tell our children?
    What manifesto borne of Godless savagery should Australians side with in the present conflict between evil and more evil?
    Kevin 07 ,Lee Kewan Australians await your supreme guidance in these most difficult of times that require so much studied and virtuous considerations that can only be manifested from an Australian PM with such intimate associations with the Superior Communist Asian mindset that is only available to one such as you

  2. Forget the “T ” in the previous post unfortunately the T was just part of a much more detailed post that was deleted except for the T

  3. Aussie,

    Yes, it’s a conundrum deciding which totalitarian system we should support when they argue.

    Kev would naturally have to support his Chinese mates.
    But then he doesn’t want to offend his Islamic mates.

    Maybe he could write another 6,000 word dissertation which nobody can understand to smooth things over.

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