Australia's Moslem Rapists Get A Slap on the Wrist


August, 2003. Abraham Hzaife is jailed for the rape and imprisonment of two prostitutes:

The County Court heard that Abraham Hzaife, who has the reading age of a nine-year-old, “carefully planned” both attacks. He used a car fitted with stolen registration plates and child safety locks, but no window winders.

Judge Anthony Duckett said prostitutes were entitled to the same protection under the law as any other citizen. But Hzaife, who has an IQ of 74, could be free in early 2007, having already served 11 months in jail …

Judge Duckett said Hzaife had an excellent working record, was remorseful and had good prospects of rehabilitation.

Hzaife’s co-accused in that case was his brother-in-law. Six years later, in August, 2009, Hzaife is again sent to prison:

They were brothers who teamed up for a terrifying week-long rampage of rape and robbery.

But when Abraham Hzaife, 39, was sentenced to 15 years in jail yesterday and Ahmed Hzaife, 22, got 14 years, they showed vastly different emotions.

The brothers pleaded guilty to charges related to robberies and attacks on massage parlours and brothels in Sydney’s west in 2007 …

A number of victims applauded and yelled “justice has been served” as the brothers stood to leave Parramatta District Court to the sounds of their weeping mother.

Abraham Hzaife, of Woodpark, yelled “go f . . . yourselves” across the court and angrily shouted at a security guard as he tried to speak to his sister.

This time, Hzaife’s non-parole term ends in 2019.

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  1. * But Hzaife, who has an IQ of 74, could be free in early 2007, having already served 11 months in jail …

    I thought an IQ just above room temperature was found only in jokes,
    but in islam, this genius would probably qualify for Mensa.

  2. Yes – the muslim genius has been jailed – and that is the muslim genuis – unbridled violence against others, stupidity etc etc.However is this pig free??
    – it is now 2009.

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