KRudd the Dudd

Australia’s Prime Minister Kevin Rudd cannot get himself to call it Islamic Terrorism.

It is a tragedy for Australia that in such a time of need the country is led  by the nose by such a pathetic, cowardly fool from whom you get nothing but  hot air and “Climate Change”.

Even the New York Times takes notice:

Prime Minister Kevin Rudd said the arrests offered a sobering reminder of the “enduring threat from terrorism at home, here in Australia, as well as overseas.”

Australia has not had a major attack on its territory in recent years. (no idea what that’s supposed to mean. It certainly doesn’t mean we’re safe with more Islamic migration…/ed)

However, a number of people are serving lengthy prison sentences for plots that have been uncovered since the government imposed tough anti-terror laws in the wake of Sept. 11, 2001. Dozens of Australians have been killed in attacks overseas, including three people who were killed in simultaneous suicide bomb attacks at two American hotels in Jakarta, Indonesia, last month.

More from NYT

Andrew Bolt  is onto it:

No idea what motivated them

If the ABC’s online service were to publish a long piece on the anti-terrorist raids in Melbourne this morning, which one word would it scrupulously omit?

And then there’s this:

“I also want to assure the broader Islamic community here in Victoria we understand that the overwhelming and vast majority of the Islamic faith are not terrorists. They do not support terrorism and they have successfully integrated into our community.”

News about the raids were leaked to The Australian before the suspects were rounded up

from 3AW 693

Victorian Police Commissioner Simon Overland has lashed out at The Australian newspaper for putting officers conducting terror raids on Tuesday at serious risk by reporting on the terror raids even before they were carried out.

“Obviously there was reporting of these raids in The Australian newspaper this morning and I am extremely disappointed the details of this operation have been leaked and I will be vigorously pursuing the leak from my end – and I expect the Federal authorities will be doing the same,” Overland said on Tuesday morning.

Mr Overland is most concerned about  “the importance for people not to get carried away with the fact the terror suspects are Muslims. They do not support terrorism and they have successfully integrated into our community.”

Really? Where is the evidence of their “successful integration?”  How would Overland know what Muslims support?

5 thoughts on “KRudd the Dudd”

  1. Rudd and his labor accomplices are destroying the hard won results of the Howard government. Why is it that every Labor government screws the pooch, and why is it the the voters are so stupid to get these jerks another chance.??? Don’ bother answering – the questions are rhetoric.

    Mr. Overland is also talking s___. While most muslims are not terrorists nearly all terrorists are muslim – this population group is a risk!!!! And yes , muslims have openly supported terrorism and still do openly.

  2. “Really? Where is the evidence of their “successful integration?” ”

    / Well…. they have successfully moved right in and made you people succumb to Islamic supremacy and preferential treatment. Now that s integration! Oh, I didn’t know the word ‘integration’ meant f*ck you!, did you? /

  3. This Mr. Overland needs to learn a bit about islam and what it REALLY means, what their aims are, i.e. “death to the infidels”. But I guess he thinks being a dhimmi will save his arse…

  4. * “… terror suspects are Muslims.”

    Really, what were the telltale clues? I never would have guessed.

  5. Mr Overland will learn a bit about islam when its peaceful followers rampage through Melbourne, chanting “run you dogs!, run you kaffirs!” to Victoria’s finest, but it will be too late for diversity officers and muslim reference groups when we reach that inevitable sad state of affairs.

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