Lockerbie bomber: Jack Straw admits Government caved in to Libya

The trouble with men like Straw, Bliar and Brownnose is that they’re in charge but not responsible. One can only hope that when the collective anger  boils over,  that these cretins will be brought to justice:

Lockerbie bomber: Jack Straw 'allowed Megrahi free because of oil negotiations'The release of Megrahi, who is suffering from prostate cancer, on compassionate grounds and his return to Libya provoked a storm  of international condemnation.Photo: Reuters

The Justice Secretary said that he originally wanted Abdelbaset Ali Mohmed al Megrahi omitted from the agreement, but then relented, deciding the bomber should be eligible.

He said that the Libyans deserved “something” in return for giving up their nuclear weapons programme, but vehemently denied striking a “backdoor deal” over Megrahi.

* Want some good news for a change?

THE Taliban chief who threatened to slaughter Prince Harry has been assassinated by special forces soldiers.

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3 thoughts on “Lockerbie bomber: Jack Straw admits Government caved in to Libya”

  1. I watched the inteverview, the title is incorrect, Straw did not say that the UK caved in. The subject is in fact still being debated if there was something to hide.

    I suggest to be at least looking like your an honest broker that you retract the title.

  2. The exact sequence of events that resulted in the Libyan’s release is still unclear.
    Be patient and wait for relevant facts to appear – then make your decisions. For what it is worth I strongly suspect that he is indeed a very sick man.

  3. I also see signs and nothing to contradict his illness. Having a wife for a doctor helps, she pointed out that when you see someone just after radiotherapy (which is used agressively to keep the person alive) you will see them at their worst and then with that and medicines including huge injections of vitimines and even steroids, they will look very different.

    The events will come out because tabloid journalism in the UK is rather like a lion’s den. I feel a serious rift though between the British and the Scottish parliaments/administration. No doubt Scottish Law provides for compassionate leave and though the UK and Libyian governments may have discussed a thousand issues, his health and that law may have interceded in ways people did not expect.

    But getting back to the point, the title of this article is incorrect, I rather dislike purposeful politically motivated journalism – in fact I abhore it.

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