Susanne Winter News via Russia!

“Russia Today”-Report:  Susanne Winter

Mind-Blowing Hypocrisy: US Leads Attacks On Israel For Evicting Pali Squatters From E. J’lem

Why Would the Episcopalians Side with the Culture of Death?

Dare to compare!

1.Extermination of non-aryan ethnic groups
2.Extermination of Jews and homosexuals
3.Dictatorship of the aryan race over all other races.
4.Installation of totalitarity in all aspects of life and policy


1.Extermination of so called”unbelievers”, subjugation of the “people of the book”  (dhimmitude- worse than slavery)
2.Extermination of jews and homosexuals
3.Dictatorship of muslims over all+man over women [incl.pedophilia]
4.Installation of totalitarity in all aspects of life and policy

  • You can reduce the difference to a costume drama!

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  1. You can add a #5 to that list too.

    5. Write a book (Meine Kampf) telling the world exactly what you are going to do which moonbats will totally ignore.

    5. Write a book (The Quo’ran) telling the world exactly what you are going to do which moonbats will totally ignore

  2. “I have said before that the eviction of families and demolition of homes in east Jerusalem is not in keeping with Israeli obligations,” Clinton told reporters.

    However the uprooting of hundreds of thousands of people from Judaea and Samaria is perfectly all right.

    I hope American Jews are satisfied by their electoral support of Obama.

  3. Not sure how much truth there is to this, but I have seen on several websites this quote attributed to Hitler:

    “Had Germany been a muslim nation, it would have conquered the entire world.”

    I’m not sure as to the authenticity of the quote, and have yet to find a reliable source, but how interesting! Sheik, can you shed any light on this somewhat magnificent link between islam and nazi-ism?

  4. Davey not sure about Hitler saying that but he and Himmler especially were admirers of Islam . Himmler sais Islam was the perfect religion for a soldier as the love DEATH not LIFE and of course he was right. Himmlers SS also had a COMPLETE DIVISION of Mohammedans recruited from Clinton and Obambis favourite Mohammedan shit hole Bosnia. They were in fact so BRUTAL and CRUEL the other SS divisions would not associate themselves with them. What a laugh Mohammedans kicked out of the SS for cruelty LOL

  5. Realist, I knew about the Bosniac SS Handschar division, and the deep connections, although always denied by our liberal historians, between the nazi’s and the grand mufti of Jerusalem, Haj Amin al Husseini.

    Now i’m reading up about it, it is a truely disturbing connection. It makes me wonder why all the nationalists choose to side with hitler and the muslims, and to denounce the Jews. The evidence is clearly in favour of hitler being a muslim tool to divide Europe and allow the muslim invasion, and yet all the blame is laid at the foot of the Jewish people, who should be our ally as they are on the front line of the muslim aggression in Israel. Europe (and Israel) should set aside the age old conflicts and unite to confront this 1400 year old threat head on, any other way will lead to the extinction of our people!!

  6. I have always suspected that Hitler must have read the Koran, either in jail or was somehow exposed to Islam and influenced by it. There are too many similarities. Although I cannot prove it, its more than just coincidence. Moonbats have often smeared Friedrich Nietsche for inspiring Hitler, but that is simply not true because Nietsche was not an anti-Semite. (His sister was, but that’s another story altogether)

  7. ^ True, I have often heard that Nietzche influenced hitler, but I have also heard that Nietzche’s sister changed his books to suit her own desires once he fell ill and was unable to influence his own future.

    Also Sheik, all comments are accounted for, not counting re-submissions. I did submit a couple of stories to you though, about anti-muslim and muslim protests in London and Birmingham that you may have missed. Well worth chasing up, as the protests are in the next few hours!!!!

  8. Sorry mate. We’re being spammed at a rate of 500 to 1000 messages an hour. Its meant to slow the site down and to frustrate our efforts. I’ll keep an eye on it and save it when I see it, but I delete it whenever I can, its really crazy. They really hate it when the message gets out…

  9. Thats alright mate… i’ll give you the links on the comments section in future if thats any better, rather than being lost in the deluge of hate-speech from the uneducated masses of islamites:

    Take into consideration that this is a UK government sponsored islamic group when you read the following comment posted on the website:

    Undercover_85: Quote

    Some of the text messages that I have been preparing for the big day
    ‘Anti islamic gropus are planning a racist demo in Brum for 8 Aug in there 100z…
    The BNP recently protested in Birmingham on 4th July, and as a result there have been many racist attacks (taxi drivers etc.).
    Its going to be pretty intense so be prepared to defend your religion when the time comes, and let friends and family know. Please forward to all.
    Lets kill and maim the *******s who want to destroy us. Make sure your there, and dont come empty handed (preferably a sharp or hard object).’

    Its on!!!
    (1) 2009-08-07 09:46:21

    The key words here are UK GOVERNMENT SPONSORED! Could there be any bigger statement of anti-British hate, than telling people to kill and maim decent people who oppose the muslim invasion ON A FUCKING GOVERNMENT SPONSORED WEBSITE! It’s ludicrous that any government would actively promote the murder of it’s own people, but that is whats happening here.

    This is news of a hizb ut tahrir demo in central london, hopefully there’ll be some counter protestors, though if our police have anything to do with it, there’ll be no opposition, no matter what happens!

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