UK: Labour Treason vs Native Brits

LABOUR slammed the brakes on its war against violent extremism yesterday – amid fears it had upset Muslim voters.

Frank Zappa: There’s a big difference between kneeling down and bending over …

Whatever it takes to stay in power. Even if it means brown-nosing the Islamofascists. Churchill must be spinning in his grave like an Iranian centrifuge…

Just look at the sleaze who is behind this:

Shahid Malik, A Crafty Bastard

POLITICS Expenses 091081Islamo-shyster Shahid Malik MP says Labour is being “counter-productive” in its efforts to stop Muslims turning to terrorism

Translation: resisting Islam is counter-productive to the spread of Islam which might incite the Mohammedans to wage violent jihad against native Brits….

Millions spent preventing Asian kids becoming terrorists will now be used to tackle right-wing racists in WHITE areas.

Community cohesion minister Shahid Malik admitted he was softening his stance because Muslims felt stigmatised.

But a former Labour aide called the move a “dangerous dilution” of the Government’s counter-terrorism strategy.

Attack ... David Davis
Attack … David Davis

Tories branded it a shameless bid to win back Muslim voters who deserted Labour over Iraq and Afghanistan.

More than £45million a year has been spent on measures to prevent Al-Qaeda recruiting young Muslims in the UK.

It included action to break up Islamic ghettos and stop university hate preachers.

But Mr Malik, the first British-born Muslim MP, yesterday unveiled plans to broaden the scope of the campaign.

He announced: “We shall be putting a renewed focus on resisting right-wing racist extremism. We cannot dismiss or underestimate the threat.”

Mr Malik told Sky News: “You speak to any Muslim in this country and they are as opposed as you and I are to extremism and terrorism.

“The frustration is they are constantly linked with terrorism as a community as a whole.”

His action contrasts with the tough stance of ex-minister Hazel Blears. She broke links with Muslim groups that failed to denounce extremists.

Her adviser Paul Richards said: “The good work by Hazel is being undone in the name of political correctness.”

Former shadow home secretary David Davis said: “This has been watered down for purely political reasons. Labour has always seen Muslim voters as its own property.”

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  1. muslims, muslims , muslims – we hear nothing but bloody muslims every day , six times a day , bombs , threats , moaning
    about ‘discrimination ‘ .
    I’d always been against the ida of labelling everyone in a particular group of people but I see every one of them as a potential threat now .

  2. Fear and loathing in Birmingham- excellent post which applies i’d guess to us all.

    Appease by attacking what they term the right wing.
    While leaving the violent extremists of Antifa and UAF free to fight the governments corner, Ah, the far left extremist’s in support of all the anti British policies which these Communist groups also support.

    Author of the above- a common purpose graduate no doubt- Anna has held various positions under Labour/Fabian MPs.

  3. Bloody labour idiots!!! Hang your heads in shame – TRAITORS!!

    Thanks for the link Sally – it is an excellent post. And agreed – a CPG without doubt is Ms. Turley.

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