UK Rape Jihad: Muslim Rapes Two 13-Year-Old Girls at a Church…

Munshar Ali

Ali offered the two girls a lift before giving them vodka and raping them.

Munshur Ali, from Hyde in Greater Manchester, asked his victims for directions and began chatting with them before offering the young girls a lift.

Ali drove the girls to an off licence in Stockport and bought them a bottle of vodka to drink.

He then took them to a church and raped the pair twice in the back of his car. SKY News

Neighbours turn nasty: Political Correctness demands that the 23 other normal (native Danish)  families  either accommodate the one rotten family, or move out altogether. But most likely the Moslems are making things intolerable for the rest of the apt.building dwellers in order to make room for all of their relatives and friends.KGS

Tariq Ramadan Repudiated: The Dutch have finally noticed that Tariq Ramadan is who he says he is

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11 thoughts on “UK Rape Jihad: Muslim Rapes Two 13-Year-Old Girls at a Church…”

  1. * Neighbours turn nasty: Political Correctness demands that the 23 other normal (native Danish) families either accommodate the one rotten family, or move out altogether.

    Islamophobes! Fancy wanting to live in peace without being spat on,
    stoned, clubbed or knifed by muslims. The Housing Association should
    install mecca-compliant toilets, halal slaughter facilities & other third world trappings & put in more peaceful ones.

  2. g brown has just been on the bbc news saying if we don’t win the fight in afghanistan , the terrorism might find its way to UK .
    If you stopped anyone coming in from afghanistan , and the
    other muslim countries , the probem wouldn’t arise .
    Seems pretty obvious to me .

  3. * Neighbours turn nasty: Political Correctness demands that the 23 other normal (native Danish) families either accommodate the one rotten family, or move out altogether.

    Then it really is time for a revolt .
    What are they paying their taxes for ?
    Why did their forefathers bother building up the country ?

  4. The Danes and the Brits like all other western nations should tell these radicals and extremist making these demands to either stop complaining or go back if they are immigrants.

    They ask for things that are not in the Muslim world, so go figure.

    Just this morning I toured with a friend a new housing complex built here in Marrakech, nothing there that is not the same to a complex in Europe. The subject of halal is rediculous, if there is enough people they can find a compliant butcher or make a deal with a supermarket, like I used to in Rotterdam and later in Brussels and Stockholm.

    Simply put there are no “balls” in the European governments to basically say, we will support your faith by guarentee your liberty, help you immigrate but not demand assimilation and ensure your right to practice your faith. But you in turn must accept and support the standards and norms of our society. Also, telling them that the demanding questionable Islamic standards that are not supported in the Muslim world is simply – out but will be met with suspicion and investigated if it will be part of any case against that person or groups effort to intigrate.

  5. “ensure your right to practice your faith”

    Like in Morocco or Saudi Arabia, or Malaysia, or the Maldives, Solkhar?
    Where stoolpigeons are ready to grass on anyone exercising that right?
    Where Bibles, the Word of God, are prohibited? Those rights, Solkhar,
    or did you have something else in mind?

  6. Christianity is alive here in Morocco, most Westerners are, there are churches, a cathedral in Casablanca and even a long standing monestary that was not dismantled when the French left. Various translations/version of the Bible are for sale in bookstores for in fact anyone to buy.

    The case of the skandinavian diplomat was a unique one, he was allowed to practice his religion, there was nothing against that at all, but he broke three rules – the first was going against the law of open prosthelitizing, second as diplomat doing activities against his condition of service and status and the third was pissing me off by degrading my own faith when he found out I was a Muslim. I can see why you do not like it because you are a A-H like he was.

    So, you are wrong on all fronts again.

  7. So there is a “rule” against pissing you off, Solkhar?

    What did he say? “Death to those who follow the false prophet!”
    “Solkhar you will pay, your 9/11 is on its way”

  8. OMIGOD what an ugly evil looking man. Islam appeals to the most evil people on the planet, because it allows them to commit whatever crime they want, so long as it’s against non-Muslims.

  9. I suspect the solution to the UK immigration problem is quite simple – get rid of NullLabor, their stooges in various councils, and idiots like Galloway and the NoRespect party – all that is necessary is to junk their political careers – no violence is required. Just shut these social engineers down – without their input the system will stabilize although it almost certainly will not return to its original equilibrium points.

  10. I would go further, outlaw and get rid of all radicalism, make strict laws about bigotry and hate with massive penalties to organisations and groups that fight it. Thus the nuLabor will have to change to be part of the system, BNP has to close its doors, radical Muslims, radical Evangalists and Hindu chauvenistswill either be deported or gagged depending if they are citizens or not.

    It comes down to ensuring commitment, making gestures and promisses to do the right thing AND sticking to it.

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