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Voluntary Dimmitude:

It is hot in Brussels. Ramadan has begun. The faithful in the predominantly Muslim borough of Molenbeek are not allowed to eat or drink from sunrise until sunset. Non-Muslim policemen, patrolling the streets of Molenbeek in their sweltering cars, are not allowed to eat or drink either.


As every year during Ramadan, they have been told by their superior, Philippe Moureaux, the Socialist mayor of Molenbeek, that they have to respect Muslim sensitivities and not to “provoke” Muslims by violating Islamic Ramadan restrictions in public. In effect, Islamic or Sharia law is already applied – for everyone – in the Muslim areas of Brussels.

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9 thoughts on “Welcome to Ramadanistan”

  1. “In effect, Islamic or Sharia law is already applied – for everyone – in the Muslim areas of Brussels.”

    Another right-wing agenda overstatement.

    So the mayor wants people under his employ to respect the Muslims whom are fasting. So they cannot run into a caf̩ Рget real.

    Right now we in the Muslim world are fasting, it is not easy for most and is taken seriously by most Muslims. Here in Morocco as in most countries with a large foreign population (tourists, expats or business people) the government asks westerners to respect the fasting but there are resteraunts, MacDonalds, Pizza Hut, KFC and some cafés open for the non-Muslims. Some countries have proscribed laws to stop public eating and again in those cases they will simply direct the ignorant tourist to were they are allowed to go.

    It should also be pointed out that like myself, I took my five year old son to MacDonald’s yesterday for lunch, it was full of Muslim parents getting food for their son and the foreigners eating, one young Spanish couple who sat on the table next to us asked if I wanted them to sit in the corner table and I asked why? Because it was understood.

    There are some countries of course with strict and radical governemnts and community leaders, it is a problem, in the west it should not be an issue as long as both community understood each other.

  2. “So the mayor wants people under his employ to respect the Muslims whom are fasting. So they cannot run into a café – get real.”

    Like the sort of respect that countries like Morocco have for Christians and preaching the gospel, Solkhar?

    Christianity in Morocco

    Article 6 of the Moroccan constitution states, that Islam is official religion of the state.[2] Christian communities can openly practice their faiths (freedom of worship is guaranted by the constitution), however distribution of Christian materials among the Muslims is illegal.[3] There were reports that some foreign missionaries were expelled from Morocco for distributing Christian materials[4] and proselytizing Muslims.[5]

    Would this have anything to do with you, Solkhar? Would you be so
    disrespectful to God and his only begotten Son that you would have
    people expelled for preaching the gospel of Jesus Christ?

    Your world is ending, Solkhar. Change your mind, while you still have
    a mind to change.

    The prophecies have not been altered, and they will be fulfilled.

    Islam is doomed.

  3. Jesus Christ, God’s only begotten son, who was crucified for your sins,
    Solkhar, had this to say in Matthew 16:18:

    “I tell you that you are Peter, and it is on this rock that I will build my congregation, and the powers of hell will not conquer it.”

    Morocco doesn’t stand a chance, with or without you, Solkhar – “allah” doesn’t stand a chance, even with 1.x billion muslims. Eating halal food sacrificed to idols / “allah” is not a good idea, Solkhar.

    That pork cutlet I had last night was quite tasty, & I have another
    for tonight. I can be fairly certain that the pig was not slaughtered in the name of your foul god “allah”.
    the pig slaughtered in its name.

  4. Blog-owner,

    you may dislike me and my beliefs but I do not prosthelitize and then bag another faith in the same breadth. In fact I do neither.

    I know for a fact that such postings like those above would be banned immediately from GoV and even Jihad-Watch – so why do you tolerate it?

    Do you enjoy being a plateform for the worst form of evangalism?

  5. Solkhar, this site is “Winds of Jihad”, devoted to the muslim practice
    of waging war to conquer infidels like me for its “god” allah. I am involved in a war, as one of jihad’s targets, and I fight according to
    the ways of Jesus Christ. Jihad, if it succeeds, will establish islamic
    dominion over Earth, with mass executions & dhimmitude for the
    losing “infidels”.

    “Allah” has chosen jihad – God has chosen the foolishness of preaching the gospel, but the “day of grace” will come to an end,
    and God will destroy his enemies, in accordance with the words
    of the prophets, which have not been tampered with, except by
    false prophets such as Mo, and those who follow them.

    Do you want jihad to be so asymmetrical that the opposition is
    not permitted to fight back?

    You are dreaming if you do, Solkhar.

    This is part of the jihad …

    * A committee against Islamophobia
    * The Prophet Retains Counsel
    * Islamist Groups Threaten Free Speech Ruling

    You have chosen your side, Solkhar, as have I.

    And then there is this:

    * Iranian Daily: The Palestinians Must Not Accept Anything Less Than Israel’s Annihilation

    At the time of God’s choosing, and in accordance with prophecy,
    He will bring it on, but it will not be Israel that is annihilated.

    Far from it.

    One of Jesus Christ’s titles is “Lion of the tribe of Judah”, and he will
    protect Israel from “allah” and his hordes.

    Stay in Morocco, coccooned in state-sanctioned ignorance of the things of God, but it is ultimately an exercise in futility – allah’s
    marauding hordes will be destroyed, and buried in Israel, at

  6. Solkhar – it is an issue – if Muslims wish to fast then that is their wish and it should be respected: muslim religious sensitivities are respected. However these sensitivities apply ONLY to muslims. If a muslim gets upset because I eat in daylight hours during Ramadan in my country then the problem is with the respective muslim – not with me. Under no circumstances should a secular authority require that female police etc etc respect muslim dress codes inside a non-muslim country. The muslim majority council of a London borough (which does NOT have a muslim population majoritiy) effectively tried to enforce Ramadan rules onto non-muslim council staff. Under no circumstance will I accept this. Again, it is not the majority of muslims who are at fault here – it is PC based politics that needs to be removed together with a minority of muslims – for example Choudhury should have been expelled from the UK several years ago.

  7. Here’s a bit more “right-wing agenda driven overstatement” from
    once-Great Britain:

    (Teletext Co Uk – url won’t autocomplete)
    Police learn about Islam
    Avon and Somerset Police officers are being given training in Islamic culture in a bid to forge stronger links with Muslim communities.

    PCSOs have been allocated to mosques and will go regularly to meet worshippers and learn of their culture.

    They will also get twice yearly updates on Islamic life to ensure they understand key issues in the community.

    There was a time when I hoped that Britain would not take the final plunge to oblivion as a nation, but it now appears to be inevitable.

  8. kaw,

    I actually agree with you, there is respect and then there is going overboard. It is not wrong for a mayor to ask for his employees that include the police to not go into a section with large numbers of Muslims of his city and tell them to respect the fasting by not eating in front of their faces – I would expect that from a smart mayor.

    Things like the policewomen wearing a viel when entering a Mosque is for me another thing, that is rediculous. Police women in Morocco enter a Mosque for work will enter it, they have basically the same uniform that most Western police have. Again though, presuming the leadership of the police and the training is a bit intelligent they will know the environment of that Mosque, thus a female police chasing someone into or investigating something that requires entry into a Mosque is not jus going to burst in during a prayer time.

    Basic respect is what I would be seeking, going overboard is not and for my part is just another example of bad government asking for radicals and extremists to get more than in fact they get in the Muslim world and certainly more than they deserve.

  9. The posts above make me laugh ,the Christian guy, fighting for his god against the Muslim guy and his god…two sides of the same delusion.
    The very idea of gods is silly.

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