America rediscovers the 'lone wolf' jihadist…

The amount of obfuscation under successive US regimes is astounding:


Just type ‘lone wolf’ in your browser and one google click leads you to  “‘Lone wolf’ attackers a security concern,” from AP, in an article from  August 10, 2005 or here from JW

In the meantime, how many “lone wolf” jihadists have studied their jihad by the internet, encouraged in their local mosque and how many have been afflicted with “Sudden Jihad Syndrome?” How many more are planning to inflict maximum damage on us?

Curiously, all the learned analysts and the highly paid experts are prevented from connecting the dots, are instructed to mislead the public: because none of this, that is now official policy, has anything to do with Islam.

That’s right folks: just don’t mention Islam or Muslims!

Terror Case Is Called One of the Most Serious in Years

WASHINGTON — Since the terrorist attacks of Sept. 11, 2001, senior government officials have announced dozens of terrorism cases that on closer examination seemed to diminish as legitimate threats. The accumulating evidence against a Denver airport shuttle driver suggests he may be different, with some investigators calling his case the most serious in years. NYT

White convert to Islam tried to blow up Federal Building

A 29-year-old Illinois man has been arrested on charges of planning to detonate a truck bomb to blow up a federal building in Springfield, authorities said.

Michael C. Finton, who also goes by Talib Islam aspired to be a “jihadist fighter,” More from UPI

Terror Plot Most Serious Since 9/11?

Terror suspect allegedly used Web, beauty supply stores for materials to make bombs for Al Qaeda | PHOTOS

Charges of Lying to Feds Dropped Against Zazi

2 Men Accused in Separate Bomb Plot Cases

Worst Since 9/11?

Terror suspect allegedly searched Web, beauty supply stores for chemicals to build bombs for Al Qaeda

4 thoughts on “America rediscovers the 'lone wolf' jihadist…”

  1. Develope the DEATH PENALTY for thos planning, financing and attempting Terrorist activities on the population.

    I have sent a Death Penalty petition to Canada’s Ministers and party members.

    The petition no longer responds to e-mail.

    Sabotage at petitiononline?

  2. Develope the DEATH PENALTY for those planning, financing and attempting Terrorist activities on the population.

    I have sent a Death Penalty petition to Canada’s Ministers and party members.

    The petition no longer responds to e-mail.

    Sabotage at petitiononline?

  3. I can’t keep up with the number of terrorist cases that are being exposed in the US at present. I recently read something rather stupid about no plot being contemplated on Western soil by an Afghan. The Zazi Case in New York should put a sword through that one. As usual, the liberal left everywhere wrings its hands and blames us for the Islamic threat. Yes, we’re all to blame for their so-called religion and we must submit/surrender or die. As the famous saying goes, it is better to die on your feet than live on your knees. I have now become converted to the cause of death penalty for terrorism including planning. There’ve been far too many cases of so-called self radicalized would-be bombers who have taken their lead from the Internet. Quite recently, was a case in the UK of an 18-year-old, the product of a mixed marriage, quite bright and good at school. Such were his problems and self-loathing that he downloaded material and practiced making a suicide vest. It would’ve been better for all concerned if the authorities had allowed him to make the vest under supervision and then taken him to a remote spot to blow himself up. Now after about eight years, with good behavior, and studying at a higher institutions of learning in UK jails, he could come out as a fully fledged jihadist. This is clearly not a satisfactory solution.

  4. I couldn’t be bothered buggering around with Type pad and the like just to make a few comments. With respect to the case of Bela Khazaal in Australia, people need to be aware that there are moves in legal circles to overturn the law on downloading and preparing material in support of terrorism. This should be opposed everywhere in this bastard deserves to go away for a lot longer than 12 years. While you’re at it, Jim Kouri of Jim Kouri fame – he’s the guy that advertises shoulder holsters – is discovered yet another plot, this time in Dallas Texas to blow up a skyscraper. Yet another lone wolf. I happen to respect wolves especially as they’ve been hunted to near extinction. These people are nothing like wolves, more like jackals or something lower down on the scale. Their casual attitude to taking human life is something that Westerners cannot seem to grasp or don’t want to and that could be our undoing. On a rather repugnant website known as Dandelion Salad last week, an IRA sympathizer talked about Western governments “dehumanizing the other” in other words US imperialism and its cohorts dehumanize those who would seek to destroy them including social democrats, liberals and any who oppose the onward march of Islam. And in Australia, it’s almost impossible to own a gun legally. When will we ever learn?

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