Victim's mothers fury as murderer Mehmet Ince is allowed out to visit his mum

  • Brendan Roberts
  • From:Herald Sun/ thanks to Gramfan
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  • A CONVICTED murderer who continues to dodge deportation through an endless list of court appeals has been rewarded with an extended day trip to visit his mother.

    The Herald Sun captured Maribyrnong Detention Centre detainee Mehmet Ince enjoying a six-hour day-release trip to visit his mother at her northern suburbs home.

    The mid-morning jaunt has infuriated the mother of Ian Broadbent, who was gunned down by Ince in 1997.

    Heather McDonald said she was disgusted that Ince’s mother had been allowed to hug her son in her own home, while she could only visit her son’s grave site.

    “I had to see my son lying cold on a slab and his mum gets to hug him at her own home, how can this happen?” a distraught Ms McDonald said.

    “I have to go to the cemetery to see him.

    “It destroys me . . . it’s like we’re the criminals and he’s the one getting the sympathy.”

    Ince, 31, was released from jail in November last year after serving 10 years behind bars for Mr Broadbent’s murder.

    The killer, who committed more than 30 crimes in two years after migrating to Australia from Turkey in 1995, had his visa cancelled in late 2004, and an appeal against the ruling failed in early 2005.

    Last month, Immigration and Citizenship Minister Chris Evans rejected yet another attempt by Ince to dodge deportation.

    At the time an Immigration Department spokesman said the killer’s deportation was imminent. Ince has now taken his case to the federal Magistrates’ Court in a last-ditch attempt to stay in the country.

    Department spokesman Sandi Logan said Ince had been deemed an appropriate candidate for a home visit.

    “We operate a humane immigration detention system and decisions are made on a case-by-case basis after careful security assessments,” Mr Logan said.

    Ms McDonald was infuriated that her son’s killer was still in Australia and receiving special treatment. “I’ve had 12 years of dealing with this, he’s beating the system and laughing about it. It’s disgusting. He’s had so many chances and every one destroys my family more.”

    Sources say Ince is not the only deportation dodger receiving special treatment at the Maribyrnong centre.

    Another killer, UK-born Andrew Derek Moore, is said to be enjoying perks including a new television and DVD player in his room, as he continues to appeal his deportation ruling.

    “He’s treating the place as (his) own Ritz-Carlton,” the source said.

    “He walks around in a blue robe most of the time, gets a television and a brand new DVD player and chooses his favourite movies to watch.”

    Moore was jailed for seven years for manslaughter after he stabbed a man to death in 2000 during a drunken argument in Croydon.

    He escaped custody this year after fleeing his minders during a visit to a Melbourne hospital, but was later recaptured.

    Moore has been in detention since 2006 and continues to appeal against his deportation.

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