Are You a Sponsor of Female Genital Mutilation?

Are you sending money to any of the 5 big aid organizations?

Chances are your help does more damage than good:

400,000 sponsored girls who are marketed by the big development organizations PLAN International, World Vision, Kindernothilfe and ChildFund do not receive protection from female genital mutilation. We have started a new campaign, at, to protect the girls from female genital mutilation. We invite our readers to come join us.


Will Naomi Wolf fight female genital mutilation?

2nd Update:

Female Genital Mutilation, Islam and Leftist Complicity /(FrontPage Magazine)
“Within the context of Islamic FGM, the barbarity is kept alive and legitimized by Islamic theology.”

As our readers will be familiar, Wolf went on a political pilgrimage to Morocco, Jordan, and Egypt and found a “thriving sexuality behind the veil.”

Obviously Wolf was not at all concerned about what state women’s vaginas were in within the sexual paradises that she visited and praised, seeing that the barbaric crime of female genital mutilation is perpetrated with high frequency in the areas she visited.  Read more from JW


How much female genital mutilation is okay?

“Lets do it for them here so they don’t have to go back to the home country” doesn’t cut the mustard. We can’t allow this, period. Not a nick and not a cut. But here’s an article which tries to “balance pro’s and con’s.” What could be more important? Spero News

Will You Help Save a Girl From Mutilation? – by Jamie Glazov

These children are marketed in order to acquire money from trustful donors. The donors pay about 30 Euros per month – which means 360 Euros per year, in the belief that the organizations do all they can for providing a better life — including health for the sponsored children. PLAN International for instance, acquires about 72 million Euros every year, just by marketing the 240,000 concerned girls.

But asked about female genital mutilation on the sponsored girls, these organizations openly and publicly claim that demanding the safe protection of the girls would be against their approaches and against their policy.

So, by failing to demand, to stipulate and to control the protection of the sponsored girls from FGM, the organizations must be considered complicit in every single crime perpetrated against a little girl in this regard.

We are The Alliance for Protection of Girls from Female Genital Mutilation. We consider this simply scandalous and unacceptable. It is a crime against the girls and also a system of defrauding the donors.

That’s why we launched this campaign. It is suited to go the largest step forward in the direction of an end of FGM since the beginning of the fight against these practices. It could lead to true and immediate protection of a few million girls.

Read the whole thing, here

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Update:  Austria

Between 6,000 and 8,000 women in Austria have been forced to undergo genital mutilation, according to Social Democratic MP Petra Bayr.

Austrian Times

Forever deluded dogooders:

Greens’ women’s spokeswoman Judith Schwentner called for asylum for all prospective victims of genital mutilation, “a serious assault on the physical and sexual integrity of women and a serious violation of human rights.”

This is, of course, absurd and idiotic. We cannot solve all the problems of the third world and especially not those caused by Mohammedanism. Besides, it is cultural chauvinism to believe that we bear responsibility for their well being. We don’t.

Lawmakers plan new law and tough sentences for genital mutilation

The upper house of parliament has announced plans to impose strict punishment for genital mutilation of women.

Members of the Bundesrat wants tough jail sentences for individuals found guilty of female genital mutilation.

The upper house has decided that the practice should constitute a specific legal crime under German law.

Under current legislation, genital mutilation is merely classed as aggravated assault with a maximum prison sentence of six months. The Bundesrat now wants to raise that to a minimum of two years.

Thousands of women in Germany, most of them immigrants, have suffered genital mutilation, which is still an active ritual in some parts of Africa and, to a lesser extent, Asia and Latin America.

High numbers of victims meant that Germany had to take action said the justice minister for the state of Hesse, Joerg-Uwe Hahn.

The scales of justice would weigh up mutilation as a new crime

“The victims suffer all their lives from the physical and psychological effects of female genital mutilation,” Hahn said.

The women’s rights organization Terres des Femmes says some 20,000 cases of genital mutilation are known in Europe, with between 4,000 and 5,000 of these in Germany. Deutsche Welle has more>>

63 thoughts on “Are You a Sponsor of Female Genital Mutilation?”

  1. Why do we even bother trying to debate these disgusting savages? To do so serves only to lend credibility to their antedeluvian belief system.
    One might just as well attempt to reason with a turnip; as long as islam is practised, women will never be free.
    Why are we so afraid to stand up for ourselves and tell it like it is? Islam is an evil brain disease, and must be obliterated from the face of the earth. (Funny, that’s what they’ve been preaching about our civilized and compassionate societies for centuries! Why, for Heaven’s sake, is it cultural diversity when the bad guys say it, and fascist/islamophobic/redneck/hate speech when we say it?)
    “It’s a very strange world we live in, Master Jack!”

  2. Isn’t the odious Tim Costello, the lover of all things Islamic and vehemently anti-Israel guy, the CEO of World Vision Australia?

    Another reason to hold him in contempt.

  3. why only prevent female circumcision? I think you should prevent all circumcision. do not baby boys scream in agony and feel pain also?

  4. Will the organizations calling for the discrimination of girls through the withdrawal of aid to the communities affected by FGM bear responsibility for what happens to the community when the aid organization stops vaccinating, educating girls, ensuring clean water, medical aid, etc etc? If there are deaths due to disease and malnutrition because of lack of aid, who will they blame then, if it is their demands that bring it about?

  5. Not that this would interest you cause it’s not anti-Islamic, but I thought I would share it anyway

    Even though the practice can be found among Christians, Jews and Muslims, none of the holy texts of any of these religions
    prescribes female genital mutilation and the
    practice pre-dates both Christianity and Islam
    (WHO, 1996a; WHO and UNFPA, 2006)

  6. it’s really a pathetic rule of some country’s, which is really wrong in the concept of Islam and human being. so it should stop as early as possible. other wise the help less and power less women has to bear it all the life.

  7. i hate female Mutilation, but i like and allow male Mutilation. because it is good for male and very harmful for female.

  8. that is bullcrap! who in their right MINDwould cut OFF a little girls’ private area?????????????? why don’t you want hte child to have babies, to carry on your heritage! that’s absolutly INSANE the Qu’ran NEVER said anything about that even though ive never read it (i’m christian. i just know good and well that was never said). are they seriously nuts??? they do this to stop girls from having babies by giving them pain more hurtful than havin babies! you gotta be kidding man! seriously this needs to be spoken about WORLD WIDE!!!!!!!!!!!!!! i’m out!

  9. Because islam is a sick relgion. I mean look at the world right now. In England (where i’m from) A group called Islam4UK wanted to march through the streets of wooton bassett for publicity and to cause an outrage. They wanted to add the sharia law or whatever it is to this country, AND look at sham marriages!! They marry european woman for visas and come to the UK. Not all Muslims bad. And this whole genital mutilation is DISGUSTING. Religion is CROWD CONTROL, (If you hadn’t of guessed, i’m athiest.) I don’t care if you call me racist, because these days, Muslims take everything seriously. What i am pointing out is truth and FACTS and also opinions. so shove any racism cards the next person brings, shove it up your arse.

  10. Its tranparent to get circ. 90% of usa an european wimin. That be a good lesson to they are for cut spread their idiotic wave of feminism.

  11. I don’t want to destroy your efforts to show how barbaric Muslims are, but I happend to read your comment, that FGM ist practised by Muslims and not by Jews or Christians. There are several African ethic groups that practise FGM although they are not Muslims (like the Kuria which are partly Christian and partly believe in non-monotheistic religions). I guess you could find many examples if you where actually interested in facts and proper discussions and not just in diffamation.
    By the way I am Catholic and not Muslim

  12. Dear XxY,

    Many Muslims come on this site and claim they are Christians. Why do you try to deceive? Out of habit?

    ” There are several African ethic groups that practise FGM although they are not Muslims “

    We are not interested in what fringe tribes do.

    Muslims do it and its spreading wherever Muslims establish their cult.

    We stick to facts and we will not be deterred by spin.

    As for defamation, why do you feel defamed by the truth?

  13. “By the way I am Catholic and not Muslim”

    Who cares! Before you can be anything, you have to be a good human being. FGM , like so called honor murders, forced marriages, and other such misogynist practices are not acceptable among the Christians, including the Catholics or Jews, that is a fact. Get over it!

  14. Lets be real clear on this. The problem is, who’s God are you acountable to. The God of the Bible or the god of the Quran? Each religion is commeited to one or the other. For one, I don’t see God of the Bible showing His love by this barbaric means, where the god of the Quran is clearly seen here.

  15. The practice of FGM preceeds our recognised religions. It is deeply embedded within the societies it persists in. It is not a Muslim phenomenon and was practiced in Victorian Europe to cure “hysterical” women and nymphomaniacs. It seems humans are universally uneasy with the sexual drive they were blessed with and seek to control it at any cost.

  16. Dearest people of the against female Genital circumcision I am well pleased with your actions but it is not felt world wide. As I am writing you now I am the web master of one organization that has been facing not only problems to stop it but this female circumcision is a tradition to them Calling on the external world to come help us in this fight. There are many ways to support the fight it can be: Financially, Morally, or Physical appearance with us in the field….. This and more are on our website which is below Please in the Name of the Creator help the oppressed children here were we work….
    Thanks I will be waiting to hear from that faithful helper my contacts are below !!!!!!!!!!

  17. i thing that the problem is very serious and dangerous. it is unbelievable that some people can emprisoned girls such a way. it is a sin to do that.

    we should understand that many girls that undergo the genital circumcision do not feel a sensual contact with a man. and we all know that going to bed is to go and share the love the two lover have together.
    the practice of cicumsision is not only that it is painfull but also that it changes the girl as an intrument. it has to abolish totaly

    i wish that they will practicians will protest saying that it is the tradition and i will say any tradition that endanger the life of some body is a tradition to abandonned.

    for the one who says that the male circumsition also pain. it is true but since it is advised by doctor and has not till yet endanger the life of anybody thus we cannot decide now to abolish it just matter of painfulness.

  18. Beloon pade-pade. Propaganda Eropa terhadap kaum muslim tidak akan pernah usai ! ingat itu !

  19. Liliana is speaking Sand SNIP so dont worry if you dont understand. Who cares what a dumb Mussie thinks anyway. I say SNIP clits off. Who gives a shit about them and their evil religion.
    Why dont they all get on Camel Airways and piss off back to the Islamic hell hole they came from. I will personaly pay for a few tickets myself.
    Im so sick of these Muslium pricks here in Australia.
    SNIP……all of you dirty Islamic scum.

  20. Genital Mutalation is keeping with humanities barbaric, self pleasing sexual impulses created by sick monsters that have been turned to religion through the ages. Conservatism, of any kind, clings to our barbaric, survival of the fittest, unequal past. Our world will only survive if our entire race embraces eqality. I am an athiest but I think the love thy neighbor as yourself is the best piece of advice out there. If we embrace equality things like FGM will dissapear. I doubt many muslim men would willingly have their dicks sliced off and mutalated. These cultures need to die out. Conservatism must beforgotten.

  21. there is no Female Genital Mutilation in islam,its tribal practce ,islam stop them we do circumstion for males similir to the jews, have you ever ask yourself y not christanty and please you know my spilling is bad so install auto correct for me

  22. * so install auto correct for me

    How about a lie detector instead, tahir?

  23. * If we embrace equality things like FGM will dissapear.

    Really, me – just like that?

  24. First off,

    It amazes me when GENERALIZATIONS are made regarding ‘religions’ or ‘race’ or whatever it happens to be; How quick we forget that, if some black gangbanger robs a bank, it does not mean the black man getting gas at 7-11 is going to pull a gun and take the money. That’s absurd, correct?

    Now, I am not a religious man – I believe that Christ loved me so much that he died for my spirit, and you can believe whatever you damn well please. I am not asking for your allegiance – we’ve all been given a choice, and you’ve made yours and I have too. So have the muslims. (The more I read, the more I find them to be arrogant pigs, BTW – wanted to get that off of my chest!).

    The God of the Bible, the Creator/Deity/’head cheese,’ loves us all (Yes, even these pigs), and is motivated only by love. So, therefore, what these muslims ‘preach’ is 100% wrong because it is based upon ‘Sharia’ or whatever, and has nothing to do with Faith whatsoever (compare to Hebrews 11, etc).

    What they practice is “Law”, or the concept of ‘earning’ your way to Heaven, ignoring the fact that Jesus is the only Way to get there, and Faith working thru Love is what is required – not killing, not converting, not saying certain prayers. All that is required is Faith.

    Now, let me ask you this: how can you confuse a person? Not tell him the whole story, that’s how. That is what satan, your enemy, is doing – he’s not giving people the truth of Christ and what He did on the cross: You NEVER hear that in any blog, in any YouTube vid, or even in any church. If you gave a man a sword (religion), but did not teach him how to use it (Faith in Christ), then the sword is useless as a weapon (‘spiritual attack on Christ’s message’) and the wielder will be slaughtered (public opinion of outspoken Christians).

    Our confusion creates the horror, and our societies pay the price.

    God Bless……

  25. Ha ha!
    You guys are so ignorant and stupid, it actually gets funny.
    Carry on walking your path of idiocy, you seem to love it, and others seem to need such nonsense to justify their existence.

    Female Genital Mutilation has nothing to do with religion, and everything to do with the male pathological need to control women. But then, the picture is much less pretty, because men are found everywhere in society.

    So yes, female genital mutilation is outrageous, should be banned and addressed as being a massive human rights issue. But don’t fool yourself. You are a man. You are a part of this problem, whatever your God.

    Oh, and also: “thou shall give birth in pain”. How’s that for a liberal, woman-friendly religion, hey?

    (I’m also expecting my comment not to be published, but I felt you needed to be educated).

  26. Actually many muslims use the quran to justify this practise – talk to them and don’t waste your “energy” here – you are not educating anyone, though perhaps you might wish to either open your eyes or do a little more reading. Your anti-male statement is rather ridiculous and suggests that you have ulterior motives other than the removal of unnecessary suffering from women. Actually, the birth process is rather painful and this is a matter of fact – nothing to with religion – just a statement of fact. Did you know that for the majority of women in third world countries giving birth is actually a life.threatening exercise. Sheik, I very much doubt this idiot is a woman: the writing is sufficiently dumb and hate-filled to suggest another mohammedan at work.
    Could you post the IP?

  27. BTW “idiot”, we are open for critiscm so why should your post be banned. You want to make a fool of yourself then please go ahead.

  28. “The birth process” (natural process, for which nature has actually planned natural pain relief in the form of hormones being released as the baby enters the vagina) vs “genital mutilation” (where it is simply a matter of controlling women’s bodies and sexuality)???
    Are you guys for real????
    I am a woman, I am fervently ATHEIST, and people like you make me sick.
    Female genital mutilation is used by Muslims, Christians and loads of other religions. It is a cultural abomination that is wide spread mostly in Africa, Asia, and all the countries where people from Africa or Asia migrate (the US, Europe, etc…).
    Hiding behind the Coran and pretending we cannot do anything in the name of religious freedom is a lie, a blatant sign of cowardice and yet another sickening, brutal act of violence perpetrated on women.
    But let’s see a little bit further. Who said that a “nick on the clitoris” was, after all, acceptable, in order to preserve tradition? The AMERICAN ASSOCIATION of PEDIATRICS (whose motto, as medicine practitioners is “FIRST, DO NO HARM”). Yes. So, tell me again, who are these murderous, barbarous, horrible human beings? They are, yes, you guessed it, mostly white Americans.

    I consider ALL extremism as being the sign of ignorance, insecurity and fear. You guys stink of fear. And ignorance. And insecurity.
    The same people that advocate against genital mutilation in particular, and the Muslims in general are usually found at “pro-life” rallies, arguing that a man should decide what a woman should do with her body. Where is the difference?
    When a woman here (the UK) is raped, she has less than 6% chance to see her rapist convicted. Why? How do you think that makes them feel? All warm and fuzzy inside?
    Face it. When it comes to women’s rights, nobody is safe, anywhere on the planet, because violence against women is general, accepted and considered as normal. Why? Because men are insecure, scared and have a pathological need to be in control. I didn’t say it. But you can see it every single day, everywhere. Among blacks, whites, reds, christians, muslims, jews,…

    And yes, I have experienced first hand violence against women, the inertia of society and the corrosive feeling that you’re only being treated that way because you don’t have a penis to “prove your worth”.

    and one or two things for you to reflect on:
    – the US of A ranks 41st in maternal mortality.
    – 1 in 3 women will, at some point, experience violence.
    – in the UK, 2 women die each week, killed by domestic violence.
    – 90% of women in jail for murder (in the Western world) have been jailed for killing their partner, snapping after years of abuse.

    Does that make you feel like men are nice guys? Because, as far as I am concerned, it doesn’t.

  29. Mohammedan??? What you I call ypou? A bullshitian? Because that’s what it looks like to me. Dumb American rednecks…

  30. Should have read “what should I call you”. In case you start going on about my spelling and dumb writing. Which also makes me laugh, considering.

  31. am MUSLIM and proud to be , what u talking about here is forbidden in ISLAM , its not in our QURAAN , it got nothing to do with religion as much as behaviour of some ,
    by the way who ever say about ISLAM its sick or bad or barberian you know nothing about ISLAM but the name , so shut up and get alife

  32. I am against that inhumanly act. Its against the GOD’s will.

    May God give them Hedaya not to do such a evil act.

  33. this is all bull shit. there is nothing such thing in Islam

    Islam only allows male circumcision :’)

  34. Wrong khizer – you don’t even know your own religion – which is in reality a perversion. And get the fuck out of my country, you muslim turd!!!!

    Here we see a pathetic muslim dog pretending to Australian.

  35. Hi all,

    This Genital Mutilation is wrong, I know Islam very well, it means Peace although this is not how it is seen in the World today.

    Non Muslims are fumed with rage and hatred and I can see why. This is not because of Islam yet there are people out there who think are Muslims yet they do not know anything about Islam.

    Majority of the Muslims in the world don’t understand the Quran (a guide for the humankind), instead they bring their culture and label that as Islam, imagine that.

    An example for non Muslims, if your parents told you to read a book in Japanese and follow that you would be like what? Because you are not a Japanese….that’s how it is for Muslims as the don’t understand and are thought wrong from young age.

    It is said, converts are the best muslims because at least they research and learn the truth. It is said that if non beleivers were beleivers the world would be a better place. Certainly for one thing is that these silly muslims with no knowledge would not be able to fight back.

    Those Muslims who do understand are trying to be good Muslims and get this challenge highlighted but no one is listening and it is very difficult to be heard.

    I know a lot of people hate me, but I know why they hate me and I don’t blame you for hating me. I have never hurt or would hurt a person, this is just wrong. If it makes you happy to hate me, please let me know and I will let you insult me if that makes you feel happy. I will not fight you, I will do this because Islam has been Distored.

    My name is SaMm and I am not a terrorist.

  36. * yet they do not know anything about Islam

    If I had a dollar for every time I read this sentence, or a slight variation thereof, I’d make Bill Gates look like a pauper.

  37. I for one think a proper form of humanitarian aid would be for refugees fled to America this qualifies as a preexisting condition that under Obamacare would be covered and granted optional plastic surgery to disguise scar tissue and possibly enhance love making process for victims of primitive rights of passage.
    I am a veteran of the military and served in Jordan that believes if my country is trying to rehabilitate the middle east this is a viable option to open the doors of freedom. If these poor women are expected to recover from their psychological damage we should force LA plastic surgeons to do some humanitarian work instead of the equally disturbing liposuction and cosmetic work they do now. American excess can be put to positive use in this instance. As part of the global war on terror this elective surgery can be used to win over the hearts and minds of oppressed women whom are offered refuge.
    I strongly believe this ideology is consistent with Obama and his views on politics. Instead of worrying about sending money overseas we could shift the focus on rehabilitation to those rescued from famously oppressed war torn zones. I believe it is the duty of my nation has become the melting pot of cultures around the world and celebrates diversity to allow these people to practice their religions and cultures in new and redeeming ways. For instance, when a Muslim in America says female circum is not part of their culture they should not be attacked and called uneducated but rather promoted as revolutionaries. And in my opinion, if the world medical association promotes decreased levels of mutilation as acceptable in order to be in favor of Allah while simultaneously minimizing the cutting to a simple one step operation it should be viewed as progress not objectified. In many parts of the world this reform would be great progress.
    Eventually these people will be allowed back to their homelands and viewed as founders of the new testament that promises to be consistent with human rights structured on a global scale. This is the only way to eradicate sub culture taboo. It has to be done by people recognized as rooted from their own personal culture and accepted followers of regional belief structures. That is how trust works.
    Correct me if I’m wrong but wasn’t Osama bin Laden studying in the US during 9/11 attacks?!?!? Bush allowed him refuge back to his native territory and Al Queda made a martyr out of him. Now we have a full fledge war on terror. If we can do the same thing by reformed religion we would have the double edge sword needed to have adequate civil war. I live in Richmond VA and know the importance of a good old civil war. The Muslim religion needs polarization to the point we can see political activity familiar in the states. I call it left, center, and right wingers. In order to have a proper center we need the extreme left and extreme right to battle out their beliefs in some type of psuedo civil war esque battle of beliefs so the center can adopt proper traits and merge as the dominant party. Put it this way if Iran ever expects to get nuclear power plants and be trusted not to make weapons this type of progress is much needed. Or else as soon as we prematurely leave Afghanistan we will send our troops to them until the job is done and polarity is achieved with some level of equality. This is my main concern.

  38. * Correct me if I’m wrong but wasn’t Osama bin Laden studying in the US during 9/11 attacks?!?!?

    Studying controlled demolition?

  39. The “islam menas peace” line is outdated. We all know now that the true meaning is “submission.” We even know now what taquiyyah is.

  40. this sick bastards do this to those poor girls cut their clits of so they can never have an orgasm so they would never cheat since they will never experience the lust, or now how it ever feels. Ive met a girl who was mutulated like this, and sex was more painful for her then anything. In return those sick bastards themself they can marry 10 young girls make them their wifes and cheat on them as they please, and fuck little 10 year old girls in the name of allah…. fuck u sick mullahs!!! we need to stop this sickening disease called islam!!

  41. this sick bastards cut of the clits of their girls so the girls would never cheat on their ugly ass!!!

  42. Oh my God. They are realy so crual, who cuts the organ of little angels. GOD WILL NEVER FORGIVE THEM.

  43. Female Circumcision is pure blasphemy because it proclaims that God does not know how to make women — if women should be without a clitoris, God would have made them so and they would be born without one. Since they are born with one, that must be his will. God wants women to enjoy sex, it’s men who do not — out of fear they might find a man who was a better lover. It’s the lack of masculinity that brings Muslim men to blaspheme against the will of God and deprive women of their God-given right to look forward to enjoying a night of love — if a man were wise, he would use their clitoris to bring them ecstacy, and they would love their husbandsall the more for that. But Muslim husbands do not want to be loved, romantic love as it exists in Western Culture is in the eyes of Muslims whoredom. The sex act in Islam follows the rules, the man uses the woman as he pleases, her purpose on this earth, other than bearing children, is to provide him with ecstasy. If the sex act for her is painful, well, he thinks that’s how it should be.

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