Cyprus: "My Allah is Better Than Yours" Causes Fanatical Frenzy @ Mosque

Clash at Omeriye Mosque

  • Taliban Bombs Mosque During Ramadan (not to worry,  other religions bomb each other all the time, right?  Can’t blame all Muslims for… tiny minority of…… Islam is not a monol….most Muslims are peace-loving (sharia-)law abiding citizens…..)


CyprusMail – Charles Charalambous/thanks to Counter Jihad

Here’s a hint of what happened:

“…he was an Arab Wahhabi, they want to be honoured, they think they are better than us. They say that no Pakistani, no Indian, no Bangladeshi should come into the mosque, but we say that nobody can tell us as Muslims that we cannot pray here. Everyone is made equal in the world,” said Mohammed.”  Hmm, not really: there is dhimmitude and the jiziya which impoverishes and  degrades unbelievers to a status below slaves…

A CLASH involving at least 100 people – some reports say 500 – using stones, sticks and pipes took place on Monday night at Omeriye Mosque in Nicosia, following the ejection of one group of worshippers who followed a different interpretation of Islam to the majority of those present.

Update from Atlas:

Another incident involving worshippers at the Omeriye Mosque had occurred on Sunday night, during a pop concert by Greek artist Pantelis Thalassinos at the Erodos Café and Restaurant next the mosque, while evening prayers were taking place.

Worshippers became angry when their prayers were interrupted at 9.30pm by the start of the concert, and one or two people expressed their anger by starting to throw stones at the assembled crowd. Police intervened quickly, and calm was restored by mosque officials.

UPDATE: The constant agitators are causing trouble in Greece too, incidentally.

Update 2:

European Court of Human Rights condemns Turkey for human rights violations in Cyprus

More on the jihad in Cyprus here. “Cyprus: EU Court Condemns Turkey Of Human Rights Violations,” from ANSAmed, September 23 (thanks to Insubria):

(ANSAmed) - NICOSIA, SEPTEMBER 23 – The fourth section of the European Court of Human Rights issued yesterday its decisions on 18 cases Greek Cypriots brought against Turkey, condemning Ankara of human rights violation due to the continuing occupation of Cyprus’ northern part, which deprives them of their home and properties. All the cases, as CNA reports, rely in particular on Article 1 of Protocol No. 1 (protection of property) and most also on Article 8 (right to respect for private and family life). The Court decided that it is not disputed that the applicants, who were arrested and remanded in custody by the so-called Nicosia district court in the Turkish occupied areas, were deprived of their liberty or that there was an ill-treatment by the so-called Turkish Cypriot authorities…

Other News:

Five of those involved in the clash were injured severely enough to be taken to Nicosia General Hospital, and they were released after receiving first aid. A car was also damaged.

There are differing and often contradictory accounts of what exactly happened and why. According to one version, the ejected group were Pakistani Shia Muslims, while another account says they were Wahhabis either from or influenced by Saudi Arabia.

CyBC reported that the clash was between “around 500 Sunni and Shia Muslims”.

The station said the problem started when 3-5 Pakistani Shias entered the mosque and were ejected after expressing different interpretations of the Koran, which were not welcomed by the Sunni majority.

Those ejected then reportedly met up with other Pakistani Shias in Ohi Square. Around 200 then headed to Omeriye, where around 9.30pm they clashed with people coming out, using sticks, stones in what was described in some reports as “a battlefield”.

According to police members of the Rapid Response Unit, Crime Prevention Unit and traffic police were mobilised around 9.20pm. As soon as they arrived, everyone ran off and five injured people were taken to hospital.

Police spokesman Michalis Katsounotos described the clash as “small-scale”, and said the prompt intervention by police had “prevented the worst”. Police have details of those who took part in the clash, and he did not rule out criminal charges.

An eyewitness told television reporters that trouble had been brewing for some three months, during which Shia Muslims had been agitating around the mosque and handing out leaflets. He first suggested that the Shias were being funded from abroad, and then named Iran as the main instigator.

A different version of events was given to the Cyprus Mail yesterday by two other eyewitnesses, who said that 15-20 men entered the mosque around 7.00pm.

Mohammed – a Sunni from Pakistan – said that the men had travelled to Nicosia from Paphos and belonged to the Wahhabi sect. Both eyewitnesses – the second did not wish to give his name – said that on entering, the group split up and sat in various parts of the mosque, and soon their leader began to argue with the imam.

Mohammed said that the leader objected to the fact that the imam’s robe included the colour green, a symbol of Islam, and became verbally aggressive pushing the imam and knocking off his headdress. Other worshippers started to remonstrate over the show of disrespect, provoking scuffles.

Both eyewitnesses insisted that it was a combination of ethnic and religious differences that caused the subsequent violence, not Sunni against Shia.

“Why would one Muslim want to threaten to kill another Muslim? Because he was an Arab Wahhabi, they want to be honoured, they think they are better than us. They say that no Pakistani, no Indian, no Bangladeshi should come into the mosque, but we say that nobody can tell us as Muslims that we cannot pray here. Everyone is made equal in the world,” said Mohammed.

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  1. All the infighting between different muslim groups does not receive enough media attention. They can’t even get on with each other. We had a big fight at our local mosque; now the new comers run the show and the old timers meet in a deerstalkers hall. They are now the cities second class muslims. All of this divide ran along racial lines as well..I think it was basically Arabs and non Arabs…..So much for peace.

  2. Causing mayhem in other people’s countries – why do we tolerate it ?
    Why don’t they f.o. to where they belong – in their primitive societies with their own primitive people ?

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