"In Islam there is no racism, we only hate kufar (non-Muslims)"

Thus spake the jihadist who admitted to planning attacks in Canada. He also said non-Muslims “don’t have Islam. They’re the most filthiest people.” Where would he get an idea like that? Why, the Qur’an:

Lo! those who disbelieve, among the People of the Scripture and the idolaters, will abide in fire of hell. They are the worst of created beings. (98:6)

myths-slaveryArab slave traders with booty

An update on this story. “Toronto terror participant hated non-Muslims, court told,” by Stewart Bell for the National Post, September 23 (thanks to JW):

BRAMPTON, Ont. — A Toronto man who admitted Wednesday he was a member of a terrorist group that planned attacks in Canada was caught on police wiretaps saying he hated non-Muslims.

Ali Mohamed Dirie, a Canadian born in Somalia, called white people the “number 1 filthiest people on the face of the planet. They don’t have Islam. They’re the most filthiest people.”

He added that: “In Islam there is no racism, we only hate kufar (non-Muslims).”

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There is no racism in Mohammedanism?

How about the racism especially against black people?

Muhammad’s reference to black people as “raisin heads” and “pug-nosed slaves”; how inbred bedouin savage Arabs call black people “chocolata”, “africaca” (African s***) and, in following their pseudo-prophet’s example, slave; and so many more cases of Muhammedan racism can be found in the linked articles. And let’s not forget how Ayaan Hirsi Ali mentions in Infidel that she and her sister were called “slaves” by the future Arab jihadist-breeding tents in school in Saudi Arabia.

According to the literal Arabic translation of Sura 3:106, 107, on Judgment Day, only people with white faces will be saved. People with black faces will be damned.

So much for those Black Muslims.

The Islamic Trade in African Slaves

We live in a politically correct time.

Under the core tenets of multiculturalism, all evils in the world are assigned to white Europeans. The trade in African slaves is represented as one of the foremost examples of white evil, and virtually the entire historical focus is on the Middle Passage from West Africa to the New World, in which white men play the part of primary villains.

What is generally ignored is an inconvenient truth: most black African slaves were in fact captured by Muslims and carried off to North Africa and the Arabian Peninsula to serve Muslim masters under the most brutal conditions imaginable.

A recent German documentary has gone a long way towards rectifying this historical amnesia. A subtitled version is below, divided into five parts. Many thanks to VH for the translation and Vlad Tepes for the subtitling:

Lots more, videos, comments and educational stuff…

The Islamic slave trade

The Islamic slave trade, part II

The Islamic slave trade, part III

The Islamic slave trade, part IV

The Islamic slave trade, part V

The Evils of Colonialism

Gates of Vienna/


slaveshackleThe photo above was taken in about 1907, and shows a British sailor sawing the shackle off the leg of an African slave.

Where was that slave bound before he was freed by the British?

In 1907 there was no longer any market for slaves among white people anywhere in the world. In fact, there was probably no market at all for slaves except in black Africa or among the Arabs. In all likelihood that slave was going to be sold on the Arabian Peninsula or perhaps to African Muslims.

Who captured the slave?

He was probably captured by another black African from a neighboring tribe, either in warfare or as a part of a deliberate slave-taking raid. The Arabs rarely captured black slaves themselves, and this slave might have been brokered several times by African traders before arriving at his final owner.

In any case, both the slave-taker and the customer were almost certainly Muslims.

Yet white Europeans are to blame for all this. As our multicultural indoctrination has drummed into us over and over, white people are the cause of all the world’s evils, including the enslavement of Africans.

Somehow, perhaps through diabolical mind-rays, we induced the Africans and the Arabs to enslave millions of blacks and then trade them among themselves.

It just goes to show how viciously omnipotent we white people are.

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

Here’s the full story about the photo:
– – – – – – – – –
Rare ‘slave freeing’ photos on show

A set of rare photographs showing African slaves being freed by the Royal Navy have gone on show for the first time.

They are part of an exhibition marking the bicentenary of the abolition of the slave trade.

Samuel Chidwick, 74, has donated the photographs taken by his father Able Seaman Joseph Chidwick, born in 1881, on board HMS Sphinx off the East African coast in about 1907.

The photographs, on display at the Royal Naval Museum, Portsmouth, Hants, show a sailor removing the manacle from a newly-freed slave as well as the ship’s marines escorting captured slavers.

Mr Chidwick, of Dover, Kent, said: “The pictures were taken by my father who was serving aboard HMS Sphinx while on armed patrol off the Zanzibar and Mozambique coast.

“They caught quite a few slavers and those particular slaves that are in the pictures happened while he was on watch.

“That night a dhow sailed by and the slaves were all chained together. He raised the alarm and they got them on to the ship and got the chains knocked off them.

“They then questioned them and sent a party of marines ashore to try to track the slave traders down.

“They caught two of them and I believe they were of Arabic origin.

“My father thought the slave trade was a despicable thing that was going on, the slaves were treated very badly so when they got the slavers they didn’t give them a very nice time.”

Jacquie Shaw, spokeswoman for the Royal Naval Museum, said: “The museum and the Royal Navy are delighted to announce the donation of a nationally important collection of unique photographs taken by Able Seaman Joseph John Chidwick during his service on the Persian Gulf Station where the crew of HMS Sphinx were engaged in subduing the slave trade.

“The collection comprises a fascinating and important snapshot of life on anti-slavery duties off the coast of Africa.”

The exhibition, ‘Chasing Freedom -The Royal Navy and the suppression of the Transatlantic Slave Trade’, is being held until January next year to mark the 200th anniversary of the abolition of the slave trade.

The House of Commons passed a bill in 1805 making it unlawful for any British subject to capture and transport slaves but the measure was blocked by the House of Lords and did not come into force until March 25, 1807.

Mrs Shaw said that since the exhibition opened, members of the public had brought forward several historically-important items.

She said: “As well as these amazing images, members of the public have brought many other unheard stories of the Royal Navy and the trade in enslaved Africans to the museum’s attention including the original ship’s log of the famed HMS Black Joke of the West Coast of Africa Station.”

5 thoughts on “"In Islam there is no racism, we only hate kufar (non-Muslims)"”

  1. “According to the literal Arabic translation of Sura 3:106, 107, on Judgment Day, only people with white faces will be saved. People with black faces will be damned.”

    YUSUFALI: On the Day when some faces will be (lit up with) white, and some faces will be (in the gloom of) black: To those whose faces will be black, (will be said): “Did ye reject Faith after accepting it? Taste then the penalty for rejecting Faith.”
    PICKTHAL: On the Day when (some) faces will be whitened and (some) faces will be blackened; and as for those whose faces have been blackened, it will be said unto them: Disbelieved ye after your (profession of) belief? Then taste the punishment for that ye disbelieved.
    SHAKIR: On the day when (some) faces shall turn white and (some) faces shall turn black; then as to those whose faces turn black: Did you disbelieve after your believing? Taste therefore the chastisement because you disbelieved.

    YUSUFALI: But those whose faces will be (lit with) white,- they will be in (the light of) Allah’s mercy: therein to dwell (for ever).
    PICKTHAL: And as for those whose faces have been whitened, in the mercy of Allah they dwell for ever.
    SHAKIR: And as to those whose faces turn white, they shall be in Allah’s mercy; in it they shall-abide.

    More word twisting to somehow justify the indefencible. So the night time is racist or should we say light is? Get real.

    Racism does exist in the Muslim world in particular with tribal Arabs who have no excuse whatosoever. When some Arab makes a remark I remind them that among the most respected and favourite followers of Mohammed was Bilal, who was a slave and whom was given the most important honor of doing the first ever “call to prayer”. When you say that to a Muslim who says a racist remark against blacks, the result is their bowing their heads in embarassment and they walk away without a word – because they are caught out.

  2. Your so-called religion is a blight upon humanity and has been since ole mo crawled out of the desert to rape his first 9 year old. I have some advice for you muzzy, get out of the West and head to the muzzy paradise of your choice. The backlash you fear is now on your doorstep and ye shall reap what you sow.


  4. I don’t doubt that Mohammed existed for real. According to his dictated scriptures he profiled himself as a warlord, a babbler of epileptic nonsensical, a polygamist and a pederast. No problem, it was all quite normal behaviour, 1400 years ago. But can you muslims fucking please stop worshipping this archaic character like he has a master degree in cosmic wisdom? In the western world of today His Holiness would be rewarded with a prison stay for life.

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