Italy, Ramadan, Prison Jihad, Prison Da'awa: One Third of Inmates are Mohammedans

Not to worry:

according to Solkar, our resident Islamo-troll, Islam does not breed criminals and terrorists…

Italian authorities fear “radicalization” of prison inmates during Ramadan

But it just can’t have anything to do with Islam — it’s overcrowding. Yeah, that explains everything. Or, if you don’t buy that, more on Ramadan and jihad can be found here. “Italy: Ramadan may be used to ‘recruit militants’ in prison,” from AdnKronos International, September 4 via JW


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Rome, 4 Sept. (AKI) – The holy fasting month of Ramadan may provide fertile ground for recruiting militants in Italy’s already overcrowded prisons, according to a senior police official. Secretary-general of the Italian penitentiary police union (SAPPE), Donato Capace, said authorities were concerned that foreign prisoners may become radicalised due to the difficult conditions.

“Of the 27,000 foreign detainees, one third of them are Muslim,” said Capace told Adnkronos.

“The increase in tension in the situation of Afghanistan and Iraq could (also) have repercussions.

“Due to the overcrowding in the cells and the high number of foreign detainees, with so many of them of the Islamic faith, the prison cell could become a place where petty criminals are tempted by jailed members of terror organisations,” said Capace.

Although many of the detainees face restrictions such as not being able to pray beside their friends and family and have no access to traditional food during Ramadan, prison authorities are sensitive to the religious requirements of the inmates.

Capace warned that those who support Islamic terrorism try to camouflage their activities by infiltrating their own faithful as well as unsuspecting detainees and even westerners.

He referred to a case in 2001 and 2002, when a 29-year-old Italian who converted to Islam placed explosives in several places in Italy.

“A Sicilian detainee converted to Islam in jail where he was serving a sentence for minor crimes, and after being set free he blew up two gas cylinders at the subway in Milan and at the Temple of Concord in Agrigento,” he said….

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  1. Correct: “according to Solkar, our resident Islamo-troll, Islam does not breed criminals and terrorists…”

    Radicals breed criminals and terrorists, and it is modified by other factors such as access to educution, persecution, oppression and a multitude of others – including the ammunition given to radicals by the far-right antiIslam radicals.

  2. Solkhar’s struck oil! (well, a geyser of something dark and slimy)

    * Radicals breed criminals and terrorists …

    Nothing to do with islam and its “teachings”?

  3. The are just following the example of their CULTS inventor Mohammad who was a murderer and cheat a thief a liar and a paedophile.

  4. Solkhar,

    Well said “Radicals breed criminals and terrorists, and it is modified by other factors such as access to educution, persecution, oppression and a multitude of others – including the ammunition given to radicals by the far-right antiIslam radicals.”

    However, These clowns you sincerely referred as Radical but muslims swear by their life that they are doing the right thing. There are even many Highly educated, rich intellectuals that are radical.

    And they all say the same thing, they are doing the right thing, by the Koran & etc.

    Problem is you and the many more claim that its not the case & Im not particularly sure that you would put your life on it. But then theres a clear separation isn’t it?

    Im sure both of you are muslims, and since islam is the last religion or the 1st religion and its so clear and simple, Why cant anyone agree with 1 thing?

    Its looks to be Solkhar you have a 50% chance to going to hell. I do hope you get your virgins as a complementary gift, but I sincerely doubt it.

    Maybe its just the words that we dont understand. Even in english, “Giving Alms” means a charitable act, donation in a universal congregation. However, Zakat was somehow connected to Giving Alms, which is wrong. Zakat is over 90% linked with warefare, to get rid of non muslims, to build better mosques and very little was given to the real poor. Even if it was given to the poor, its only the poor muslims, not the real poor.

    So, simple things like this are very easy to be confused, And Solkhar, Since you do not put your life on it, its hard to take any of your word for that matter, or perhaps you might want to reconsider & do something about it.

  5. “Zakat is over 90% linked with warefare, to get rid of non muslims, to build better mosques and very little was given to the real poor”

    No, that is frankly BS and if your so sure, give us reference.

    Zakat is for the proscribed for the poor and needy. The vast majority of Zakat paid by most Muslims themselves are to families in need in their own communities and not some national or international Zakat fund. Fitr is exactly the same.

    Those so called Zakat Funds that are going to support say Palaestinians in their fight against Israeli “occupation” are far and few between and are a great propoganda excercise.

    Remember, the studying and tracking of financing of terrorism is my speciality and that one will simply not stick. As I have read, Wahhabist and Salafist groups try and force many of their members to give to the “offical Zakat” fund and that is a possible source, but more likely it is to feed their missionary activities.

    State sponsored Zakat Funds are the first thing monitored by international watchdogs and professionals such as myself. The Salafaist community in Morocco is constantly scrutinized and they no longer have any so-called funds and their links are all but closed. The three known groups have spent their money on fixing up their own Mosques.

    These things are not a subject to be easily confused as you said. There are facts, there are many more rumours and then there are malicous hate-mongers who like to change things to their agendas. The last ones are both Muslim and non-Muslim.

  6. Additionally, your comment “Since you do not put your life on it” is also rather mute.

    I live in Morocco, I live in a middle-class suburb in a reasonably conservative neighbourhood of the historic Moroccan city of Marrakech. I can afford to live elsewhere but I like my home and the neighbourhood knows me very well enough.

    In the three or so caf̩s that I frequent I discuss these topics and even show a few people all of your rantings and we have a good laugh about it. I have no problem discussing these topics, my opinions, the opinions of others, we can even have a heated debate with a few others who sometimes come Рno problem.

    I can assume that most of you sit at home in comfort and imagine streets of Kabul, what on TV you have seen of Baghdad and in reality have no idea of the life and lifestyle of most Muslims and what is acceptable and what is not.

    But for most of you, ignorance is perhaps an excuse, whilst some of you have non The blog-owner is as he now has confessed supporter of Israel and his almost blind and methodic no-holds barred bashing of Islam means that he knows better and thus with no excuse.

  7. Dear Solkhar,

    First of all I live in a muslim country & I love Marrakesh. And Im not a bigot that you usually claim most of.

    However, I suspect that you do not get what I meant. Its imperative to understand that Im proving the words of English versus the Words of Arabic, which narratively relies on islamic cultures & tradations.

    Well, since your take on Zakat is substantial, which in my statement, in some contradiction with the Universal term ‘Giving Alms (to Poor)’, Its very strange to find that Zakat gets its way only to muslims, not people of all believes in general.

    Im not a specialist on tracking funds as well, but theres a distinction between the objectives and Im very sure you could agree with that.

    The question is simple, what would a moderate do versus a radical do with Zakat? As I also clearly state that Your believe contradicts with other muslims. You seem like a decent guy and would probably give zakat to the needy and all. But what would others do?

    In this context, I dont care how the money was used, for palestine or to kill jews or for anything else. I am stating that Arabic words have a completely different meaning that English words. Period.

    Unless you could prove to me that Zakat was used in a equal opportunity fashion to help the real needy no matter he is a jew , christian, muslim or what not, Just like the western world practices, then you lost this argument.

    So, ultimately, I WAS INDEED supporting your answers on the 10 questions posted by Sheik. Not because you smartly avoided it, But simply because the English that We the free world understands and Arabic thats closely infused by islamic traditions does not stand in par. You actually won on technicality.

    My second point was even simpler. You claimed that Its not but others claim its Yes. And its all relating to the same general questions of Islam.

    For eg. Is Apostasy in Islam punishable by Death? Some say Yes & Some say No. So, Say, if 50% voted on each side, Does any part of the 50% muslims end up in hell?

    So, Say, Islam is a clear & detailed religion, provided by a fine prophet of the word of allah. Why doesn’t every muslim agree on a simple thing? Was Islam being misunderstood? Was it being corrupted? Or was it the practice of muslims to lie to non muslims for maybe being ashamed? But you know, I would be ashamed If I was a muslim, not because I have little faith, but I could not comprehend the values of the free world, eg, like comparing a dirt bike to a brand new bmw, no matter which side you are on, the argument is the same.

    And since Islam is won by the seriousness of its followers that determine their faith, What stronger material proof that you need If a man prepares to put his life on it? Anyone would take him more serious than the other that just talks on blogs and not putting anything at stake.

    That leaves the voice of the rest of the peaceful moderate non radicals that happen to be muslim. How would the world believe in any word you say?

    Do you understand my points?

    Finally, I do not bash Islam and the Koran, I strictly bash idiots, muslim or not. My definition of Koran is totally different from yours to start with.

  8. On the subject of muslim criminals, seems like it’s all kicked off again in Birmingham, less than a month after previous mohammedan rioting:

    The English Defence League once again find themselves at the forefront of the anti-jihad after being attacked by “anti-fascists” (Brit-media codeword for assorted muslims, blacks, lefties and gay rights conspiracy theorist kooks). It looks like the nearly islamified Birmingham and Luton are the main epicentres to the fight back against islamic expansion, and I hope that it yields some results. You would never have this happen in areas such as Bradford and much of North and East London as these are areas that are utterly swamped with some places with as much as 90% islamic population. It seems like the inhabitants of these areas have taken in what has happened in other places around the country, and have decided to take action before they lose their hometown to an agressive immigrant army.

    Well done to them!!!

  9. Dear Sir/Madam,
    I live in a poor village of my country most of the people of the village are day labors. They have no capacity to help other people of my village. There are 8 disabled children (all documents are remained) and adult live my village out of them 04 is in the same family. They are living in a vulnerable situation. They have no capacity to bear the expenditure of their treatment as well as three meals in a day. I am a NGO worker, so I am exploring the best opportunity and kind hearted man who are interested to provide support for them. If any person or organization stand beside them along with essentials financial supports, which will helpful for us to reduce their vulnerability conditions.

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