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The obsessive hatred that inspires British-born Muslim terrorists to kill TheTelegraph — Philip Johnston

British Muslim terrorist dreamed of jihad since his teensThe Guardian of Muslims

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The organisers of an anti-Islam demonstration planned for September 11 today promised a peaceful protest, amid fears of violent clashes with anti-fascists.


Borough in danger of being associated with Muslim terrorism, says imam

Nah, not by a long shot. Who whould do a thing like that? The dhimmified British press?

WALTHAM Forest is in danger of being seen as a “hotbed of terrorism” by outsiders following the transatlantic bomb plot trials, according to an imam from a Leyton mosque.

Abdullah Ahmed, Tanvir Hussain, Assad Sarwar

Ringleader Adulla Ahmed, Ali, 27, of Walthamstow, and Tanvir Hussain, 27, of Leyton, were this week, along with Assad Sarwar, of High Wycombe, found guilty of conspiring to murder by blowing up aircraft.

Religion of Peace hangs Geert Wilders in effigy

The Hague police arrested four persons for hanging Geert Wilders in effigy. The police found a Wilders doll hanging from a tree in a noose at the Central station, a knife stuck in the back and a picture of Wilders attached and painted with blood red ink. The doll also had a bag over its head.  More: Wilders hanged in effigy

Better-integrated Dutch-Moroccan Muslims are more criminal

* Better educated Muslim terrorists are more dangerous…

Eight Muslims arrested outside school in Antwerp over hijab ban

Muslim student in niqab

Danes: Muslim countries should apologize

Swedish firefighters scared of Muslim city

You knew this was coming:

See Video: George Pataki talks about the legacy of 9/11 and how the Obama administration is jeopardizing national security Click Here Now

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  1. * Better educated Muslim terrorists are more dangerous…

    The myth put out by a former Dutch diplomat, anti-terror expert,
    chef, food critic & Geelong supporter has it that better education will
    reduce the risk of “radicalism”.

    Education makes it easier to calculate how much semtex can be packed into a human rectum, how many jerrycans will fit into a
    Jeep Cherokee (etc).

    Right, Solkhar?

  2. * Revealed: Muslim terrorist threat on our docks

    Muslims should not be working in occupations where they are in a
    position to attack people or critical infrastructure – full stop.

  3. Or what “sad-man-hussy”??

    Do you seriously think you scare anyone, you stupid islamic twat?

    Actually I think that we will track you down and make a public example of you – my people are getting sick of you lazy islamic slobs who do nothing but threaten whilst living of OUR money. Time to get rid of you, you pathetic waste of resources.

    SheikYermami – can you post some more accurate depictions of the rapist called mohammed and the evil and subversive life style it introduced called islam. It is about time more public examples were made of useless islamic t____ like saddam, and about time all were made aware of just how bad islam is. . If this pathetic muslim survives long enough to made a legal threat it can be easily neutralised by showing the numerous threats against Judiam, Hinduism, Christianity and other religions made by “sad-man hussy” and his fellow Nazis.

    Hej “sad- man-hussy” – we WILL be coming for you – BE SEEING YOU SOON!!!!! Y

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