Meet Marc Garlasco, Yuman Rites Nazi Bastard

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Garlasco’s Nazi fetish shows that he is incapable of carrying out an unbiased inquiry of Israel’s actions, but even their staffers becoming increasingly annoyed with HRW’s circling the wagons.

Nothing is what it seems these days. So would it surprise you  that Senior HRW analyst Marc Garlasco turns out to be a die hard Nazi bastard who has a fetish for SS memorabilia? In his response to the accusations he digs himself deeper into a hole:

Garlasco Responds

Aussie Dave/Isreallicool

Senior HRW analyst Marc Garlasco responds to the bollocking he has been receiving for his Nazi memorabilia fetish.

I’m used to taking heat for my job as a military analyst for Human Rights Watch, because our findings that this government or that armed group has violated the laws of war frequently provoke accusations that we’re biased or siding with the enemy.

Now I’ve achieved some blogosphere fame, not for the hours I’ve spent sifting through the detritus of war, visiting hospitals, interviewing victims and witnesses and soldiers, but for my hobby (unusual and disturbing to some, I realize) of collecting Second World War memorabilia associated with my German grandfatherand my American great-uncle. I’m a military geek, with an abiding interest not only in the medals I collect but in the weapons that I study and the shrapnel I analyze. I think this makes me a better investigator and analyst. And to suggest it shows Nazi tendencies is defamatory nonsense, spread maliciously by people with an interest in trying to undermine Human Rights Watch’s reporting.

I work to expose war crimes and the Nazis were the worst war criminals of all time. But I’m now in the bizarre and painful situation of having to deny accusations that I’m a Nazi.

The Second World War turned my grandfather, who was conscripted and served on an anti-aircraft battery, into a staunch pacifist. He couldn’t understand why I went to work at the Pentagon, where I was on 9/11, of learning from his experiences – the horrific stories he told me late in life of seeing the bodies he shot down fall out of the sky. It wasn’t until he died that I really took his lessons to heart, and decided to use my military expertise to try to lessen the horrors of war.

So I left my government career and joined Human Rights Watch to use my expertise in weapons systems and targeting to push soldiers to protect civilians, to uphold the laws born in the ashes of the Second World War. My first investigation took me to the bomb craters in Iraq and brought me face-to-face with the survivors and other victims of the strikes I helped plan. It was a traumatic experience and provoked much soul-searching. I thought often of my grandfather.

As an American child, I learned that Germans were the bad guys; as I got to know my grandfather, I realized that not all Germans were Nazis. Because of him, and my great-uncle, a gunner on an American B-17 bomber, I developed an interest in German and American war memorabilia, and I wrote a long monograph, published last year, on German Second World War Air Force and anti-aircraft medals.

I’ve never hidden my hobby, because there’s nothing shameful in it, however weird it might seem to those who aren’t fascinated bymilitary history. Precisely because it’s so obvious that the Nazis were evil, I never realized that other people, including friends and colleagues, might wonder why I care about these things. Thousands of military history buffs collect war paraphernalia because we want to learn from the past. But I should have realized that images of the Second World War German military are hurtful to many.

I deeply regret causing pain and offense with a handful of juvenile and tasteless postings I made on two websites that study Second World War artifacts (including American, British, German, Japanese and Russian items). Other comments there might seem strange and even distasteful, but they reflect the enthusiasm of the collector, such as gloating about getting my hands on an American pilot’s uniform.

I told my daughters, as I wrote in my book, that “the war was horrible and cruel, that Germany lost and for that we should be thankful.” I meant what I wrote. And because of the intense suffering during the Second World War and the genocidal campaign against the Jewish people, I spend my days doing what I can to ensure that such horrors are never allowed to happen again.

Notice how Garlasco is not merely unapologetic, but actually goes as far as  to claim his Nazi hobby better qualifies him as a human rights investigator and analyst.

He also sets up a strawman when he talks of being in the “painful situation of having to deny accusations that I’m a Nazi.” Those of us who have taken him to task over his obsession have gone to great lengths to make clear that we are not accusing him ofbeing a Nazi. Rather, we are raising some serious questions about whether his hobby – along with his nonchalant attitude towards the Nazis and his tasteless comments – place his anti-Israel findings in a certain light, as well as his suitability for investigating supposed Israeli war crimes.

Garlasco also blatantly lies in his response. His contentions that “I’ve never hidden my hobby, because there’s nothing shameful in it” and “I never realized that other people, including friends and colleagues, might wonder why I care about these things” do not compare well with this comment to him by a fellow Nazi memorabiliaaficionado on one of the forums (no longer accessible without a login):

I remember you asking about using a psydonym before your book was published. Using your real name it really was only a matter of time before something like this happened.

The pretense that he studies “Second World War artifacts” is just that – a pretense – given that his focus is clearly on Nazi memorabilia.

His attribution of comments that “might seem strange and even distasteful” to “the enthusiasm of the collector” is also misleading, given that the “enthusiastic collector” in this case is someone who should be attuned to the suffering of others, and who has a track record bashing the one state in the world belonging to the main victims of the creators of the memorabilia he so loves.

I mean, can you explain away this comment as merely reflecting “the enthusiasm of the collector”?

That is so cool! The leather SS jacket makes my blood go cold it is so COOL!


Garlasco claims he told his daughters about the horrors of war. So I’m guessing this girl is not one of his daughters?

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12 thoughts on “Meet Marc Garlasco, Yuman Rites Nazi Bastard”

  1. i wonder what the blog-owner’s gripe is?

    the guy was a part of the pentagon, a war strategist whom did some significant effort in the first Gulf War and then discovered how easily it can go foul when done wrong and so he devoted his life since then in protecting human rights.

    his fascination for WW2 memorabilia is a popular hobby, my father was one and owned and fully restored a light tank from Rommel’s army and surched hard for actual uniforms, medals etc. My own hobby collection is collecting historic first hand-produced or first-edition maps. The collection is now insured and locked away in a bank-vault because it has serious value, the best pieces being three of the charts of Abel Tasman on his epic discoveries, all with personal notations and tobacco stains.

    The point is, the collection means nothing except a fascination that can go to obsessive. I was tempted to sell my home in Rotterdam to get a down-payment for a 800 year old pristine Portuguese map of the surrounds of Lisbon. It would have been rediculous, I could not do it, but I thought about it (and if I sold it now I still would not have made any money).

    The reason why the blog-owner hates this guy, I think, is because he pointed out the Gaza War was unjustly handled, he has made comments that some of the treatment of Palestinians are inhumane and thus it does not support the agenda of the blog-owner to have a Greater Isreal that includes the ethnic cleansing of the Palestinians.

  2. * the agenda of the blog-owner to have a Greater Isreal that includes the ethnic cleansing of the Palestinians.

    You have a fertile imagination, Solkhar. Where has the blog-owner pushed for a Greater Israel / “ethnic cleansing” of Palestinians?

    It is your fellow followers of satan / allah who seek the destruction
    of Israel (“zionist entity”), and it is they who will be destroyed
    when they try. It won’t be by the blog-owner, the IDF, the UN,
    but by the God you mock and blaspheme against – the One who
    cut the covenant with Abram / Abraham.

  3. Solkhar,
    The situation in Gaza is a very long way from ethnic cleansing as per Rwanda,
    possibly Dafur, Eastern Europe under the Nazis etc etc. I agree that the Palestinians are treated poorly but it is not from Israel! From my point of view the Palestinians are considered simply as “revolutionary” raw material by many Arab leaders. Incidentally, the majority of traditional Palestinian land is in the Jordan, but after events leading up to Black September and other incidents the Palestinians are not particularly welcome in Jordan. As regards the recent conflict in Gaza, it was initiated by Hamas. Why? I suspect as a tool to test the western reception to the Hamas interpretation of events. In the event, the western media took the bait, and Hamas realised that it has more or less free reign to do what it wants in the region regardless of the plight of the palestinian people. Some proof is in many of the idiotic claims supported by the western media which could be easily shown to be false with simple analysis. The combined blame lies with Hamas, and the western media whose motivation I still find difficult to understand. It is in the interests of many middle east Arab leaders to keep the conflict active and alive.

  4. Kaw,

    the situation is not ethnic cleansning and with the use of some intelligence and restraint it will not get to that point.

    I am simply pointing out that there is an existing radical element in Israel that are after a greater Israel, the annexation of the West Bank and believe that to do so by ethnic cleansing is justifiable under “God’s Instruction”.

    There is no denial in my saying that such ideals is as bad as those many more numerous Muslim radicals whom use and abuse God’s name similarly.

    As for opinions about political Palestinians, they have been and continue to be their own worst enemy. As you have mentioned, they were invited to take refuge in Jordan and when they outwelcomed it inteand of saying sorry they tried to take over the place militarily. They have basically created horrors for the local inhabitants of Lebanone and most Palestinians to this day have a collective chip on the shoulders that can only be compared to what many Israelis have that makes dealing with them very difficult.

    The desperation of Palestinians to “win” this so called battle also made them embrace terrorism, side with Saddam Hussein in the first Gulf War on a promiss to attack Israel and now that their political framework has collapsed, they are chaos. The need and desire to have a solution by forming a Palestinian State is necessary, in spite of their best efforts to lose that opportunity.

  5. * There is no denial in my saying that such ideals is as bad as those many more numerous Muslim radicals whom use and abuse God’s name similarly.

    You are in the same boat as muslim “radicals” when it comes to blaspheming against God and his only begotten Son, Solkhar.

    There are consequences, if muslims persist with their blasphemies.

  6. The arabs do not have 57 states, nor islam; the biggest islamic organization O.I.C.has 56 members and several one have muslim minorities (Russia, Guyana, Suriname A.O.).

    1. You are correct, SM.

      It is in fact the OIC that represents Mohammedan interests against Israel and the west. It is also the OIC that very proactively tries to pervert freedom of speech in western countries.

  7. Blog-owner, why would the creation of a Palestinian State be at the expense of Israel? If they become a State it will be on the basis that they renounce the political destroy-Israel rhetoric so that would not be one of these ‘expense’.

    Why in fact are you counting, should there be a quota on the number of States with a religous majority? How many Christian States are there? Shall we call Secular a category?

    Many questions there blog-owner.

    1. There are no questions worth answering here, Solkie.

      The idea of a Pali terror statelet is just as idiotic and absurd as giving Gaza to the Pals (or any imbecilic “land for peace” delusions.) We have also given the Sinai back to Egypt and both times we lost. Because the genocidal Arab rabble sees nothing but weakness in such moves. For them it is just another victory in the jihad to destroy Israel, while the so-called “international community” (URAWA) rains money on these parasites for inexplicable reasons. There is no difference between Hamas or Fatah, there is no history, language, coinage or culture that makes Pali-Arabs different from the Jordanians, Syrians or Egyptian Arab Mohammedans, in short: there is no basis for any claim. We must never allow the Arabs to question “the right of Israel to exist”, it perverts everything that is good and legitimizes the bad.

      The only question is: why we still allow Arab Muslims to occupy large parts of Israel?

      The extremely warped question “How many Christian States are there?” could only originate in a Mohammedan mind. For most of us freedom from religion overrides freedom to practice religion. It makes no sense. I am at a loss what you are reffering to since no state or nation in the world has ever declared itself ‘Christian’ or is ruled by Christian clergy apart from the Vatican. You don’t understand seperation of church and state. Further proof that in your warped mind you are stuck with crusades and defending the dar al Islam….

  8. Sheikyermami, you are right about the OIC, they try to push their
    defamation of religion resolution through the U.N. which would be
    only in favour of islam, it would protect only their religion and make
    any critical remark about islam impossible.
    The world will have to make a choice; do nothing and not complain
    about the outcome OR stop the extremists who want to take the entire
    world back to the 7 th century.

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