Sweden: Soldiers of Allah set Swedish Cities on Fire

Muslim riots

Swedish cities hit by spate of arson and unrest

Muslims riot and burn in Sweden

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Friday night was a troublesome one for many police forces across Sweden with several reports of arson and unrest. Police fear an escalation in the violence.

Violence continued in the Uppsala suburbs of Gottsunda, Valsätra and Eriksberg as at least eight cars were destroyed in arson attacks.

A police car was subjected to a shower of stones in Gottsunda as the unit was sent to investigate reports of vandalism by youth gangs.

At around 11pm further reports of burning cars were called in by concerned residents in Gottsunda and Valsätra, who have had to sustain continued unrest since the troubles broke out two weeks ago.

“It started on August 28th when the police were called to Gottsunda to investigate a car fire, and were then met with stone-throwing youths. It has since gone in waves, escalated, and spread to other neighbourhoods,” Christer Nordström at Uppsala police told the news website Svd.se.

In Södertälje, south of Stockholm, there were reports of serious damage to at least seven cars. Police suspect arson.

The unrest was not however limited to Sweden’s east coast with further reports of arson at several locations in western Sweden.

In the Bergsjön area of Gothenburg flammable liquid was sprayed on a tram and set alight.

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  1. Why is northern europe putting up with religion? , around 85% of the
    swedes, 75% of the finnish, 70% of the norwegians, 65% of the danes don’t believe in god anymore; ideal to enforce the secular law.
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