Osama (not Obama) tells Germans: Vote Socialists or Else!

Al-Qaeda Tells Germany To Change Gov’t

  • The irony is, of course, that in Germany  even the conservatives are Socialists…


“It is time for Germany to know that Afghanistan is not the seventeenth province of Germany and that it is not the ‘beer tent’ where to hold the ‘Oktoberfest’ throughout the year…”

Al-Qaeda tells Germany to change leaders

By France24

Al-Qaeda warned Germans on Friday to change their government in the September 27 election, saying they will face a “bad awakening” if they do not, according to two intelligence monitoring services.

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Germany was also told to withdraw its 4,200 troops from Afghanistan or face being attacked at home, the US-based groups said.

In video footage a man identified as Abu Talha the German, and speaking in German, says that if Chancellor Angela Merkel is re-elected, “bitter times await the Germans,” according to IntelCenter and the SITE Intelligence Group.

He asks: “Mrs Merkel, what is the logical outcome reaped by the British and Spanish conservatives by their support for the Iraq war?” in an apparent reference to attacks in Madrid and London in 2004 and 2005.

He appears to suggest that if German voters do not heed his warnings, Al-Qaeda will act within a fortnight.


Counter Jihad News:

Germany’s interior ministry said on Friday there was an increased risk of attacks on German soil ahead of the elections, and said security at airports and train stations had been boosted.

Addressing German Muslims Abu Talha says: “Al-Qaeda asks you to stay away from all that is not necessary in the two weeks that follow the elections, if the German people does not decide to withdraw its soldiers from Afghanistan. Keep your children near you in this period.”

Abu Talha, whose real name is said to be Bekkay Harrach, stands in front of a red backdrop, wearing a jacket and tie.

He is said by the German authorities to be a native of Morocco, and in his early 30s, who has lived intermittently in Bonn and is now thought to be in the Afghanistan-Pakistan border area.

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  1. Tomorrow is world peace day – just ruined by the rantings of some ignorant pig islamists. Osama – go give your pet camel fellatio.

  2. Die Deutschen muessen fuer Deutschland waehlen, nicht fuer was die
    anderen wollen/the Germans must vote for Germany, not for what the
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