Poll Results:

Why are our political leaders so ignorant about Islam?

60 % believe because of cowardice, fear

20 % believe its because of  economic deliberations, trade etc.

20 % its because of  threats & blackmail by moslems

New Poll:

Why do some Western governments openly support Islamic Extremists?

Islam will dominate

Shari’a is divine and above our law

Ignorance and/or stupidity

Because they are corrupt and lost their moral compass


Comment of the day:

Eight years later

Eight years after the attacks the New York Times and the BBC still refuse to label these killers as terrorists.The US (& the world at large) lost its moral clarity. The moral clarity being eaten away by linguistic gymnastics  like “they are “militants”, “gunmen”, or “bombers” but never terrorists. They do not kidnap people in the world of the Times and BBC. They “”capture” them as if they are a legitimate police force. Firing rockets & blowing up pizza parlors have been translated into “non peaceful protest.” The victims of 9-11 are never mentioned anymore. Instead we are told that it was immoral and illegal to interrogate the mastermind on the attack. These terrorists can count on the BBC to plead their cause.

Moral clarity? Sorry, it’s not in style anymore, just not trendy enough. Today, political correctness, moral equivalency, & appeasement are the order of the day. Throw in a little multi-culturalist BS & some historical revisionism,  and we are entering another period of irrationality.

2 thoughts on “Poll Results:”

  1. This poll was pathetic as it has no logic and certainly is not a legitimate or serious attempt and understanding anything.

    “Why are our political leaders so ignorant about Islam?”

    “believe because of cowardice, fear”
    “believe its because of economic deliberations, trade etc.” or
    “its because of threats & blackmail by moslems”

    Thus no options to even remotely make any such poll valid such as:

    “no, most political leaders are not ignorant”
    “the media is providing biased information” or
    “depends if which agenda they are following”.

    So now the next poll does exactly the same and thus is not valid or logical at all.

    “Why do some Western governments openly support Islamic Extremists?”

    With the only options being:
    “Islam will dominate”
    “Shari’a is divine and above our law”
    “Ignorance and/or stupidity” or
    “Because they are corrupt and lost their moral compass”

    But it does not have what any respectable poll having options such as:

    “They do not support Islamic extremists” or
    “Some wish to not admit to making mistakes in migration” or
    “fear of attempting to identify the extremists will annoy conservative but non-violent muslims”.

    I find unabashed bigoted and fixed polls to be an example of an effort from those losing battle to win their propoganda war.

  2. I agree the poll is a bit weak but the this blog is the best blog I have found so far in the literary struggle against Jihad – and there are very many blogs now trying to awaken our deluded countrymen, who still believe that ‘diversity’ is fun (but there are still fewer anti-jihad blogs than there are jihad blogs).

    The paragraph highlighting the use of BBC language is also excellent and provides robust evidence of the bias/corruption/delusion that has engulfed the UK ‘Westmintser Village’ (i.e. the community of politicians and media who rarely mix with any other members of the population).

    Some blogs have also noted the biased reporting of the Harrow cancelled protest – to watch the report would have been comical if the situation was not so serious – the narration told a completely different story to the pictures that we could see with our own eyes of the aggression and intimidation by hoardes of people who caused a legal protest to be banned by the police.

    We need much more of this documented evidence of bias, ignorance and corruption so that we can build a case that no member of the political class can refute.

    A report yesterday on the EDP vicotry in Doncaster was an example – it wasn’t specifically about Islam but the PC delusion is what is causing the blindness to Jihad and so any way to expose the fallacy of PC will ultimately illuminate the true nature of Jihad also. This is what I saw on the report – the narration was clearly coming from the position that surely any party called the English Democratic Party must be racist. A journalist went up to a brown man in the street and thrust the manifesto under his nose and said with emphasis ‘what do you think? do you want to restrict immigrants coming to the UK???’ and the man (who clearly was a born and bred Doncastrian) looked up at the journalist and calmly said ‘Yes’. Ha!! The English are multi-racial and it is time the political class stopped conflating race and culture. The true racist is the journalist who automatically assumes that anyone with brown or black skin is going to support more immigration.

    Once we have redressed this terrible misunderstanding about race and culture only then can we start to decide what sort of culture we would like to have in a multi-racial England/UK/Europe/West.

    Please note that the Policy Network group of the labour party now insists on writing the ‘west’, as if Western civilisation never really existed anyway.

    These are dangerous times and I thank you for your well researched and easy to read blog. We need rigorous intellectual arguments. The many references to what statesmen in the past have said about jihad are really useful in building robust evidence. What we need to do now is to unpick some of the poll options and to find evidence about exactly how and why the political class are ignorant and corrupt. Sharia finance has already been introduced in the UK. This needs to be monitored, as does the growing segreagtion of society through separate legal channels, schools, funds to ‘community’ groups etc. etc.

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