American shot over drinking water during Ramadan

Fanatical Frenzy Watch:

The Libtard from MSNBC who reported this story tried to hide it in the third paragraph, among how many “civilians” were killed in an attack on the Taliban.

In Kabul, the capital, an American service member and an Afghan police officer got into an argument because the American was drinking water in front of the Afghan police, who are not eating or drinking during the day because of the Muslim fasting month of Ramadan, said the district chief, Abdul Baqi Zemari.

The police officer shot the American and seriously wounded him, while other American troops responded and seriously wounded the police officer, Zemari said.

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Koran desecration! Fasten your seatbelts!

Explosives in a Koran, bombings near a mosque — why, sometimes it’s almost enough for someone to think that maybe, just maybe, Islam really isn’t a Religion of Peace.

But anyway, while there would be international riots if non-Muslims had hid explosives in a Koran — remember, it’s a hate crime to put a slice of bacon into a Koran this Koran was wired by Muslims, and that makes it all right.

Sunni/Shi’ite Jihad Update: “Deadly Blasts Rock Shiite Mosque in Baghdad,” by Steven Lee Myers for the New York Times, September 12 (thanks to JW):

5 thoughts on “American shot over drinking water during Ramadan”

  1. * In Kabul, the capital, an American service member and an Afghan police officer got into an argument …

    One guess as to who will get the “sensitivity training” to show “respeck”
    for whose “sensibilities”…

  2. The reason this soldier was shot is because he was not adequately briefed on Islam and moslems. He was not adequately briefed because his commanders have orders NOT to brief the troops on the real meanings of Islam and what is truly in the hearts of observant moslems. The commanders have orders NOT to fully brief the troops because their political leaders, members of congress, POTUS, SCOTUS, et al., refuse to tell the truth about Islam. The political leaders refuse to disclose what they know about Islam because they are in bed with prominant, oil-rich, self appointed “royalty” types from the Arabian Peninsula and elsewhere.

    Very sorry soldier, you should have had a “plan to kill everyone you meet” like the Marines at Fallujah. Your First Sergeant failed you.You should have drank the water while your buddy switches from “safe” to “fire” on his weapon in case ANYONE, even a supposed police officer, tries to shoot you in an attempt to impose Islam on you, no matter how slight the amount (fasting for Ramadan to be “in-step” with the locals.)

    AGain, I am very sorry you were shot and wounded, soldier. If I were your platoon leader, the Afghan Police would have had a snipers’ bullet go through his head the second he started knashing his teeth at you. Have any of you learned the local language so you can tell when they are upset and about to shoot at you? Probably not, or this incident would have seen you on top, and the Afghan Cop lying in a pool of his own blood/brain/bone.

    Again, your First Sergeant has failed you, as well as your Sergeant Major, your Company Commander, Battalion Commander, Brigade Commander, Division Commander, all of their XO’s and Adjutants, up to and including the CINC.

    Get well troop. I will never forget your service.

  3. The folks in the armed services should NEVER trust muslims in a muslim country. To muslims: ramadan is your festival – not ours. you are free to practise your religion in peace but do not try and force your beliefs on us – the consequences will be terminal for you.

    Thanks again to the brave men and women who are serving in Afghanistan.

  4. The event is just an example of what happens in ultra-conservative countries.

    It is correct that it was stupid that the person in question did not consider the local sensitivities (or as the poster above suggested, his superiors for allowing him to be ignorant if not ordering him to take better care).

    The reality is tough that this happens in world-ignorant ultra conservative Muslim nations and would not happen in most other Muslim countries. During all this Ramadan, here in Marrakech you can pass by a select number of cafés or past MacDonalds and Pizza Hut and see foreigners and non-Muslim locals sitting outside, eating and drinking.

    Also unlike those radical and conservative countries, young children are still drinking and eating in the street and to follow the season, locals will give them sweets etc, because they are not obliged to fast at that young age (as are pregnant ladies, diabetics and travellers).

    “NEVER trust a Muslim in a Muslim country” is frankly a rediculous statement.

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