What does it take to shake the Obama-bastard out of his tree?

20090916TeaParty01No, I’m not a birther. I actually do believe that the Obamessiah was born somewhere in Hawaii. But I would like to know what’s on the actual birth-certificate, because the magic  muslim-negro has already spent close to two million dollars in legal fees to prevent us from seeing it. So what’s wrong with it? Something stinks to high heaven and who (apart from Obama) is stopping us from knowing the facts?

  • Houston: don’t f*kc with the Obama-bastard! BreitbartTV/ZIP


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One thought on “What does it take to shake the Obama-bastard out of his tree?”

  1. Obamasama is an economic terrorist. He will destroy the old American way of life. He said we could know him by who he surrounds himself with. Every appointee he made is a socialist/communist anti-constitutionalist radical. Now we know him. Birds of a feather. I have voted Democrat but will never again. The party of JFK has been destroyed and replaced with socialist/internationalists. Hubert Humphrey would be called a right wing extremist now.

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