Ahmadinejad's Genocidal Obsession


“Zionists cling like ticks”


If a war breaks out in Iraq, we believe it is due to the provocation of the Zionists. If it happens in Afghanistan, it is because of their provocation. If Sudan is oppressed, it is due to Zionist seduction. We consider all the arrogant, colonialist schemes to be inspired by the Zionists. More>>>

Pali TV: English is the language of the enemy

Jihad Watch:

Former Egyptian chief of staff a Misunderstander of Islam, says Arabs must fight Israel again “based on our belief in God, the Koran, and the Prophet Muhammad”

Somehow Sa’d Al-Din Al-Shazli seems to have gotten the crazy idea that the Koran makes it incumbent upon Muslims to wage war against Israel. Now where could he have gotten such an impression of the Book of Peace? Has he been listening to greasy Islamophobes? Hasn’t he read the Book of Peace for himself?

Spencer: for a clue as to how this really might have happened, consult my book The Complete Infidel’s Guide to the Koran. “Former Egyptian Chief of Staff Sa’d Al-Din Shazli: There Will Definitely Be More Wars between the Arabs and Israel,” from MEMRI TV, H/T JW

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