Australian lawmaker calls for debate on Muslim immigration

Outcry as MP calls for debate on Muslim enclaves Kevin Andrews calls for debate on Muslim enclaves | The Australian H/T Mullah

Of course there’s a link: between uncontrolled Muslim immigration and terrorism

LIBERAL MP Kevin Andrews has blamed political correctness for a failure to debate the Muslim “enclaves” in parts of Australia.

  • Kevin Andrews wants Muslim debate/long overdue
  • Islamic Council says its counterproductive/of course its”counterproductive” – to Islam….
  • Greens say suggestion ‘despicable’-  Remember, Bobby Brown has the most to lose….

Instantly, the usual suspects go apeshit:

Opposition frontbencher Greg Hunt distanced himself from Mr Andrews’ comments.

“Our approach should be colour-blind, ethnicity-blind, background-blind and simply focused on their ability to contribute,” he said.

“I believe in a diverse and multicultural Australia.” (Muslims believe in an Islamic Australia and are religiously obliged to make Australia Islamic/ed)

Mr Andrews told The Australian Online that it was clear that some Muslims were not “dispersing” into the community as other ethnic groups had in the past.

“I don’t think it’s happening as rapidly as with other communities in the past. I think it’s desirable,” he said.

No “evidence”, for Muslims, there is never any evidence:

Islamic Council of Victoria vice-president Sherene Hassan challenged Mr Andrews to back up his statements with evidence. “The Melbourne experience is very different to the Sydney experience.”

Ms Hassan said it was natural for migrants to Australia to gravitate towards areas where there was a presence from their homeland.

And this is not exclusive to Muslims, she said.

“But if he is genuinely interested in finding a solution to what he considers a problem he can do that in a constructive manner rather than jumping on a shock jock’s radio program.”

“We are very happy to talk to him.”

Ms Hassan said Mr Andrews’ actions were counterproductive.

“All this does is build up anti-Muslim sentiment and as a consequence people are much less likely to integrate if they feel scared and threatened.”

Mr Andrews’ comments coincided with a call from outspoken Liberal MP Wilson Tuckey this morning for Australia to call in the army to get asylum-seekers off the Oceanic Viking customs vessel and onshore to an Indonesian detention centre.

Mr Tuckey said today the Prime Minister should send in the army if the asylum-seekers onboard an Australian customs vessel after 11 days at sea refused to disembark.

“He can ask the army to go up there and take those people off,” Mr Tuckey said.

“He can send that vessel back.”

Mr Andrews defended his calls for a debate, saying that “when a subject becomes politically incorrect to talk about, then it ends up with a backlash”.

“I think part of the (Pauline) Hanson movement in the early 1990s was because some subjects were simply said to be off the table, they couldn’t be discussed and a lot of Australians wanted to discuss them.

“Whether they were right or wrong is not the point. In a democracy you should be able to discuss them.”

Earth Times

Sydney – Member of Parliament Kevin Andrews on Thursday called for a national debate on whether Muslim immigration to Australia should be curbed. Andrews, immigration minister in the conservative government defeated two years ago, said Muslims were the first migrant group not to assimilate and to congregate in certain suburbs of big cities.

“To have a concentration of one ethnic or one particular group that remains in an enclave for a long period of time is not good,” Andrews told local radio. “You should be able to talk about it … it’s ridiculous if you can’t talk about any subject.

Andrews was commenting on a column in The Australian newspaper arguing that large numbers of Muslim migrants posed a security risk because some would be drawn to terrorism.

Andrews’ call for debate was immediately stomped on by Greens leader Bob Brown.

“We are seeing a far-right, pretty disgusting point of view,” he said./Greens leader Brown is ignorant of the fact that homosexuals like him would be killed under Islam/ed

The 350,000 Muslims in Australia represent less than 2 per cent of the population but the proportion is rising through immigration and through their higher birth rate.

Andrew Bolt: Of course there’s a link

“Yet it is not only a question of resources but the failure to absorb and integrate new communities. The discredited policy of multiculturalism must be abandoned once and for all. Now a controlled approach to immigration is needed with clear caps set on population growth…”

I can understand why the long overdue debate on immigration is now raging in Britain, which is what I guess has triggered calls here for the same. But I’m a bit puzzled why it needs such urgent attention now in Australia, when it strikes me that prominent Muslim radicals are in retreat here, Muslim immigration has indeed been quietly reduced, and the media is now a lot less willing to give a pulpit to Muslim extremists such as Keysar Trad. No longer do we have a council of Muslim leaders advising the Prime Minister, let alone a council with the links of the pro-jihadist Sheik Hilali. How could John Howard have been so dumb?

I’m in favor of open debate, but still need persuading that we must all join in now – and urgently. I’d say one terror trial after another has sobered up plenty of people even of the Left that were only too likely before to scream “racist”, and what’s needed now is not this kind of shouty “consciousness raising”, but a calm discussion of what actually needs doing that isn’t already being done.

You want the borders kept tight? So does Rudd, who’s trying frantically to undo his mischief. You want Muslim immigration cut further? Tell us by how much more, and do you really mean to include Indonesian businessmen and Turkish academics?

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  1. [Islamic Council of Victoria vice-president Sherene Hassan challenged Mr Andrews to back up his statements with evidence. ”The Melbourne experience is very different to the Sydney experience.”]

    What, this Islamic Council of Victoria, whose board member Hyder Gulam is proposing sharia law in Victoria? You don’t have to look
    too far for evidence, it’s already been posted on WoJ.

    [A SENIOR Melbourne Muslim is proposing a sharia court to handle disputes in the Muslim community, suggesting it might eventually form part of the state’s legal structure.

    Islamic Council of Victoria board member Hyder Gulam was due to meet a senior bureaucrat in the Premier’s Department on Thursday to discuss the idea, but the meeting was postponed to this week.]

    They will chop your head off too, Bob. Too late to chain yourself to a minaret.

  2. “… if you prove us wrong you can earn 10 Islamic dollars for your piggy bank …”

    It took a couple of readings until the islamic penny dropped 🙂

  3. Advice for new Muslim immigrants entering Australia…….if you are trapped in a burning house or have been seriously injured and are bleeding to death, the new emergency number is:


  4. How about we all contribute to buying a one-way ticket to Iraq or Iran for Bob Brown?

    He might not be aware that in Iraq, homosexuals are the new sport for the militia. They are applying super-glue to seal the anuses of gays then force-feeding them laxatives.

    Bob wouldn’t need a return ticket!

  5. In my search for knowledge to better understand what is developing, I came across this valuable piece of Government data. It is fleshing out [no pun intended] the link between the religion of Islam and terrorists.…/mapping-muslim-australia.pdf

    You guys and gals might find this interesting as for where and how much growth there has been locally. and where the already visible troublespots are.

    I have more too.
    Me thinks that the Government already knows, but is unwilling to publically release it, to be “sensitive” to the minority group.…/mapping-muslim-australia.pdf

  6. ADDENDUM: [It has been a long night]

    Page 22 of 223.
    5. Mapping Muslim Australia
    (Statistics and GIS maps).


  7. A considered approach to the problem of Islamic migration and the failed policy of multiculturalism, which was never approved by the Australian people, is long overdue. It is regrettable that Mr. Andrews is being attacked for stating what most of us would regard as the bleeding obvious. Unless a campaign can be mounted to look at matters concerning migration/immigration, multiculturalism, revocation of citizenship and passports and deportation of putative jihadists, we will have it forced upon us not by the nattering nabobs of the left but by an angry people, because sooner or later, terrorists will be successful. How many have to be killed in Australia before we examine this most fundamental of questions?

  8. If it looks like trouble … if it feels like trouble… if it has all the signs of BIG trouble by past , present & future facts & indications ….. then putting it nicely …. what kind of insane or normal , rational thinking person or politican would be … dumb enough … not to EXERCISE … their … hard won … God given right … i e ” freedom of choice ” … & …take the sensible approach to protect … themselves , their loved ones , their property , the people they invite into their homeland & their cherished life style , laws etc.. ??? come on …at least ” put all our cards on the table ” & talk openly & honestly… or be prepared to “drown in your own ………” IS IT TIME FOR STRAIGHT TALK & A REFERENDUM INCLUCED IN & AS PART OF …. THE EARLY FEDERAL ELECTION …. WITHIN THE NEXT THREE TO FOUR MONTHS ???? ASAP..?? OK P.M ENOUGH SMOKE & MIRRORS. ARE YOU THE MAN ? ? ? ? P.S . THE REFERENDUM QUESTIONS … NEEDS TO BE … VERY CLEARLY … EXACTLY WHAT THE PEOPLE WANT…. I.E. ONE BIG HAPPY DEMOCRACY OR ONE BIG MUSLIM DOMINATED ISLAMIC MO HAMMED STYLE SHARIA LAW …CONTROLLED STATE …. IN AUSTRALIA …& LET’S BE MUTUALLY RESPECTFUL & OBJECTIVE ….O.K. BUT LET’S CLEAR THE AIR …. WITH NO AMBIGUITIES OR ” IFS ‘ N BUTS” THANKS


  10. John Miller,
    We need to motivate people to state their point of view vocally and aggressively – violence is not needed or wanter but I fear that it will be required when the RoP oversteps the mark.

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