Erdogan: Hey, let's restore the might of the Ottoman Empire!

Remember: this is the guy who sez ‘assimilation is a crime against humanity’ and ‘ experts on the Middle East concur that the Middle East cannot be democratized.’

D1009EU1Lets bring back the Ottoman empire and the caliphate!

Turkey’s goal is to live in peace with all countries and restore the might of the Ottoman Empire, Turkish Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan said. “I believe that each Turkish family should have at least three children. We believe in Turkey’s future and call on everybody to believe,” he said. Dwelling on Turkish-Russian relations, he described them as strategic. “Russia is our partner. The trade between our countries has reached $40 billion,” Milliyet newspaper quoted Erdogan as saying.

Turkey’s goal is to live in peace with all countries and restore the might of the Ottoman Empire, Turkish Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan said.

* Hmm, what does that remind me of?


A comment from gravenimage:

Nope–no contradictions in the two parts of the statement above–no sir. And just think–if Turkey becomes part of the EU, maybe all of Europe can become part of the restored Ottoman Empire, too! Wouldn’t that be cool?

No doubt they can start with Albania and Kosovo, then move on to Bosnia and Macedonia, and finally make a grab for Bulgaria, Greece, and Sicily.

By that time, the stealth Jihad should be far enough along in the rest of Eurabia for them to make their move. Of course, the Muslims in Europe proper might have different ideas, so perhaps we might be witness to an Islamic power struggle–right in the heart of Europe!

Certainly something to think about.

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  1. * The Coming War of Gog and Magog, an Islamic Invasion?

    You beat me to it, al-Kidya

    Note to Israel – stock up on loaders, excavators and fuel to bury the
    bodies & body parts…

  2. Not to mention the “good governance” (spew!) that an (islamic caliphate) or revived Ottoman Empire will bring …

    Islamic State 2: Revised and Revisited

    SEPT 20 — I started in an earlier article “Islamic State: Revisited and Revised” that the whole substance of the article was meant to make readers understand the underpinning of what constitutes the notion of an Islamic State.

    To summarise the notion, one can conclude that an Islamic State is part of the manifestation of faith since the word Ad Deen is significantly referred to “as a way of life” for a Muslim. Secondly, the political behaviour of a Muslim is guided by the teachings of the Prophets (pbuh) and is considered a faithful act fulfilling the necessities of reward from God. Thirdly, the structure of an Islamic State does not rest its premise on the foundation of God’s representative on earth, rather, it is the premise of vicegerency where the ruler and the subject are accountable.
    The family succession continued until the end of the Ottoman era. But what is important here is that during the tenure of all the empires in the Islamic era, clear guidelines of political and administrative principles were forming and evolving until the documentation of these principles later on become one of the most important references of “good governance”, thanks to the Islamic faith which provided the administrative necessities, to a large extent, on the principle that “allowable (to do anything for the public interest) until state otherwise (prohibits)”. One must cherish this provision in the Islamic faith as it extensively widened the room to innovate, explore and create the best mechanism for the purpose of preserving “good governance”.

    That was why during the Islamic era, worldly knowledge was not encountered in a hostile manner. The Islamic courts and palaces were the centres of knowledge where the Caliphs themselves supervised and extended grants to scholars.
    I do not know what they mean by “backwardness” when they use the word “Taliban”, a made-up term conceived in America. It is sad to learn that given the glittering aspects of civilisation Islam has provided to this world, some people are still too ignorant to accept the role of Islam in governance and administration, which successfully provided not just the necessities to preserve the faith of Islam but also the material needs for everyone.
    I confine my conclusion to these schools because from these sprout the issue of the Islamic State. I strongly believe, given the background of the corrupted materialism, the economic downfall and the low moral standing of political leadership in the West, Islam has the best chance to fill the vacuum left by the neo-colonialist. The world has witnessed the fall of Communism and how the system failed to function when the ideology preached “religion as an opium to society”.

    The neo-colonialist today still exists with a slight change from Republicans to Democrats. In spite of all this, Islamic groups which work within the framework of constitutional rights have gained ground and trust of the public, Muslims and non-Muslims alike.

    Ottoman? a footstool in the living room, and best kept there.

  3. As the Ottoman Empire seeks to revive, Europe’s rotting carcass is
    invaded …

    The Sick Man of Europe meets Islam
    By Daniel Greenfield Monday, October 5, 2009

    Turkey was once known as the Sick Man of Europe because it appeared to be a failed state headed for collapse and ripe for colonization, but today it is Western Europe that appears to be sick, and Turkey’s Islamists, along with their co-religionists in the Middle East that are heading up the reverse colonization effort.

  4. Hamangog awaits, najeeb! All those dead and smelly jihadis for Israel to bury there, in order to cleanse the Holy Land.

  5. treacherous talk back to you left to criticize the policy of Ottoman Turks had put a bad time, so now you have a grudge

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