France's temporary peace with Islam

There are currently some 780 “no-go zones”  in France where Mohammedans rule, where the French government has quasi abdicated its responsibility and the Mohammedan mob rules unchallenged. According to this latest story from Jihad Watch Germany these areas are particularly dangerous on Fridays, when the clerics rouse the believers to prayers and indoctrinate them with good old Islamic hatred  against the kuffar. Roads are closed for  traffic and unbelievers are advised to stay away for their own safety.


The Parisian paper Le Post reminds readers that France is (still) a secular nation, but that in spite of Frances secularism large amounts of taxpayers millions are diverted for  this kind of “cultural enrichment”, namely the building of mosques. This diversion of public funds is, of course, against the law. In other words, the French government pays the jiziya with willing submission for a temporary hudna. But who would argue against it?  These millions buy at least a temporary peace, a hudna, which give  the exasperated French at least a bit of respite from the ongoing carbeques and other attacks on civility. Question is only, for how long? According to Islamic law, a hudna can only be agreed to in order to allow the Muslim forces to gather strength.

Here is the article in German:

Mohammedaner vergewaltigen in Frankreich die Innenstädte, hier sind sie bei Straftaten (etwa Nötigung und Landfriedensbruch) vereint
Freitags sollte man in Paris und in anderen französischen Städten bestimmte Stadtviertel um jeden Preis meiden: Jene, die von Moslems bevölkert werden. Denn Freitags ist im säkularen Frankreich Mohammedaner-Bevorzugungs-Tag. Mohammedaner dürfen dann ungestraft Straftaten verüben – ganze Straßenzüge ohne Genehmigung für den Verkehr sperren und sich dort breit machen und ihre Islam-Ideologie verbreiten. Die Pariser Zeitung Le Post berichtet nun in einem langen Stück darüber, worüber nach ihren Angaben Fernsehen und andere Zeitungen sich nicht mehr zu berichten trauen: Mohammedaner sperren Freitags in Frankreich ihre Stadtviertel ab, sperren die Straßen und zwingen auch Ungläubige, dort “Rücksicht” auf die “gläubigen” Moslems zu nehmen. Sie bringen alles zum Stillstand(siehe Foto).Die Zeitung erinnert daran, dass Frankreich ein säkularer Staat ist. Und sie belegt, dass der Moscheebau staatlich gefördert wird, obwohl staatliche Zahlungen für den Moscheebau nach dem Gesetz verboten sind – man nennt die Ãœberweisung einfach “kulturelle Förderung”. So werden den französischen Moslems Millionen zugeschoben, die sie nach dem Gesetz nie bekommen dürften. Man erkauft sich damit eine Zeitlang innere Ruhe. Und man schaut still und leise zu, wenn Mohammedaner ihre Stadtviertel absperren. Auch das ist ja eine “kulturelle Bereicherung”. (Quelle: Le Post 17. Oktober 2009). Auf der Webseite gibt es oben ein Video, das zeigt, wie eine europäische Hauptstadt aussieht, wenn Mohammedaner Freitags die Straßen sperren – noch nie hat das französische Fernsehen das gezeigt…

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  1. Incredible and still Europe’s blindly politically correct (= left wing) rulers refuse to wake up to reality.The awful truth is that Europe is once again at war. The great task of our time is to push islam out of Europe back to where it belongs the other side of the mediterranean.Alas so far it appears impossible to get those multiculturalists to shake of their rosy dreams and acknowledge what is going on.Sic transit gloria mundi.

  2. It’s not much of a war if one side won’t fight on their home ground or acknowledge that there is a war. It looks like it will end up with France and the rest of Western Europe submitting to Islam. They have essentially already submitted but are not yet conscious of it. They will become conscious of it when they are outright slaves of Islam. There is some hope for Eastern Europe, but by joining the EU they have probably sealed their fate as well. The EU is the hammer that will put to death Western Civilization in Europe.

  3. Vled tapes

    There is no doubt that Islam has to be pushed out of Europe, and the West. If this is not done, then even if they are not in a majority, we will continue to have carBQs, rape of western kuffar women, major security and terror related issues, as well riots and threats of murder whenever Muslims feel that their religion or prophet have been insulted. Freedom of speech then dies, and eventually freedom of thought as well.

    This cannot carry on. For everone’s good, the West and islam have to be separated before a civil war ensues. The last is no good at all.

    The question is how to do it. What conditions must we arrive at, or strategically engineer, that will allow that desirability to become a political doable act.

    As you may be aware that things are getting rather hairy in the UK. So far Muslims and their Lefty allies had the run of the street. Things are now changing. Various groups have formed that have explicitly stated that they will take back the streets as a prelude to the push back. The strengths of these groups is growing rapidly, while Muslims and their Left allies have shot their bolt, as far as numbers are concerned. Then there are two additional factors

    1. England does not have the guilt that Germany, and many other European countries carry, because of the Nazi past.

    2. The natives of England have a long history of getting rough. Very rough – but it goes without saying that it will be done in the best possible taste.

    Meanwhile the political elite, the ones who brought about this mess by their open doors immigration policies, are panicking. They are running around calling SIOE etc as Nazis. It is however a symptom of their panic.

    1. Hi DP111,

      you might like this article from the enlightened progressives over on Harry’s Place. The comments are also interesting. Some go to the most absurd mental gymnastics to deny the 600 pound gorilla in the room:

      An Own Goal?

      How on earth do protesters complaining about a visit by anti-Islamic scaremongering Dutch MP, Geert Wilders think they’re countering his message by, according to the BBC,

      chanting “Wilders go to hell” and waving placards saying “Sharia for the Netherlands” and “Islam will be superior”.

      Other chants and placards said “the Muslims will be dominant” and “we want Sharia law”, as well as “free speech go to hell” and “freedom can go to hell”.

      One would be forgiven for thinking Wilders paid this rent-a-crowd of nuts to stand there appearing to prove his point in front of assembled MPs, journalists and the world’s TV cameras? He may as well have!

      It must be repeated though that these ‘Islam4UK’ types are not representative of the average British Muslim. They are the mirror image of the far-right. So their provocative act was not an own goal at all. They are not trying to improve relations between Muslims and wider society. They are not trying to address anti-Muslim bigotry. In fact, they’re trying to exacerbate it. They also see a “clash of civilisations” and are anxious for the war to begin. They are also fascists.

      Some of the posters:

      It must be repeated though that these ‘Islam4UK’ types are not representative of the average British Muslim.
      These were not anti-Wilders protesters, they were anti-democracy/anti-West protests by publicity hungry street rats and we should not be covering their publicity stunts as though they are the “anti-Wilders” protests they claim to be. This is a cover to try and recruit some of the 99.99999999% of British Muslims who entirely reject al-Muhajiroun’s message of hate.

  4. DP111,
    I agree – the left wing elite are starting to worry. Now we have to make sure these people don’t change to rules so that they can survive.

  5. kaw
    As some groups have made clear, any attempt to change the rules, then they wont be responsible for what follows. It is a warning.

  6. Sheikh

    Eight years after 9/11 they still havnt got it.

    The distinction between moderate Muslims and radical Muslims is meaningless, for the simple reason that the larger the number of Muslims, moderate or radical, the greater will be the demands for sharia. If these are not granted, then threats of violence will follow.

    What funds and generates the Jihad is the total number of Muslims. What will stop the Jihad is the complete separation from Islam. In fact I’m certain that just starting to decrease the population of Muslims in any western country, will stop the Jihad in that country. Once that starts, it will cascade.

    Look at the chaos Muslims have created in the UK, even though their population is no larger then 3% of the total. Then imagine what will happen when they are 10% or 20%.

    A lot of people in the UK have got the message. It is just the political elite and the chattering class still prattling on about the “tiny minority of extemists”, but they cant resist the rising tide.

  7. Sheikh

    But the above at Harry’s place do not compare to what has happened in the US. Just eight years after 9/11, they elected Barak H Obama. Unbelievable. We are still in a war. America is at war. How, how, how, can this happen? So BO is releasing all the POWs even when America is still at war. This is a novel way to run a war. I wonder why Clausewitz, Basil Lidel Hart, or Tsen Zhu didnt think of it. You will counter, that the above three I mentioned, were great military strategists, but they were not Obama. True. You got me there.

    1. DP111,

      I will try to answer your queries at length, stay tuned.

      I’ll be out for the rest of the day, but I’ll post my thoughts on this later this evening.

    2. Lets see if I can answer this for you, DP111:

      “Just eight years after 9/11, they elected Barak H Obama. Unbelievable.”

      I’ll try: Americans, (and Australians) are probably the most a-political people in the world. We hate wars and we want to be liked and popular in the world. Our kids have been dumbed down with political correctness, our adults are being dumbed down with Oprah, Jerry Springer, Dr Phil, celebrity worship and sports. Our main stream media is totally infiltrated by our enemies, by Muslims, communist and other subversives, and facts or truth is hard to come by. Were it not for the internet, our world would be vanishing even faster.

      There are a million other things we can blame, like the failed education system, affirmative action, reverse racism, grievance theater by all kinds of different interest and lobby groups, but we are still puzzled over how things went so wrong. We can always blame GWB, a simpleton, an inarticulate buffoon, but we still won’t get to the bottom of it.

      How the Obamabastard, the son of a Kenyan Marxist Moslem and an American, Gramscian whore became POTUS of the United States will remain a mystery for decades to come. I think most of us know that the Arabs financed his campaign and that it was voter fraud on a massive scale.

      But the bigger question would be: did we really have nothing better to oppose him than McCain, a spent force, and who were the people who opposed Giuliani, Romney or Huckabee, all of whom would have been far better candidates for the presidency?

      All we can hope for now is that the Obumbler damage can somehow be contained, (it won’t be) that he doesn’t make it through the term (some say he might even be reelected) or that a roof tile falls on his head. At this stage I don’t think Americans are ready for a revolution, but as a constitutional fundamentalist I would say its long overdue.

      This cannot go on.

  8. Though I like this from one of the comments

    “First they tell you it can’t happen, then they tell you it isn’t happening, then they tell you everyone knew it was happening from the begining, and further more, you agreed to it.

    This is very much the tactic of the post honest political process, and is an outstanding example of “thoughtful radicalism”. The idea that its correct to bring about change by stealth, without debate, by feeding it to us in stages. While all the while denying the ultimate intention” End Quote
    From unknown source.

    The above is true for allowing unfettered Muslim immigration, as well the Global warming scam.

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