How about some good news for a change?

U.K.: Ruling overturns Home Office decision barring Geert Wilders from the country

Here’s the Atlas link to this story:

Wilders Liberated to Travel to UK! Coming to Columbia University Next Week

article-1141622-037EAA42000005DC-745_468x575Here’s what happened last time when he tried to visit….

Good news, in an update on this story. “Dutch MP overturns UK entry ban,” from BBCNews, October 13 (thanks to Jihad Watch):

Far-right Dutch MP Geert Wilders has won an appeal against a Home Office decision barring his entry to the UK.

“Far-right”: Media-speak for “frightens children, barks at other people’s dogs, and makes Cratchit work on Christmas.”

Other good news:

The Asylum and Immigration Tribunal ruling overturns a government decision that led to Mr Wilder being turned back at Heathrow in February.

The Freedom Party leader – who has been accused of Islamophobia – was due at a House of Lords’ screening of his film linking the Koran to terrorism.

Then the Middle East, the Horn of Africa, Afghanistan, Pakistan, Indonesia, and Malaysia are chock-full of Islamophobes.

The Home Office said it was disappointed at the new ruling.

Ridiculous mischaracterization and moral equivalence in 3… 2…

A spokesman said: “We are disappointed by the court’s decision. The government opposes extremism in all its forms. (A government that bans free speech is… pretty extreme/ed)

“The decision to refuse Wilders admission was taken on the basis that his presence could have inflamed tensions between our communities and have led to inter-faith violence. We still maintain this view.” (What a shameless admission of cowardice and failure to hold up British laws and values in the face of Mohammedan blackmail and intimidation!/ed)

Mr Wilders faces trial in his own country for “inciting hatred.”

In February, he had been invited to the House of Lords to show his controversial film Fitna, which caused outrage across the Muslim world when it was posted on the internet last year.

When he was refused entry, Mr Wilders told the BBC it was a “very sad day” for UK democracy.

“I’m not doing anything wrong. I’m not protesting or running through the streets of London,” he said.

“Democracy means differences and debate. It’s a very sad day when the UK bans an elected parliamentarian.”…

There is also a Reuters link, here…

A little gem from Hugh on Al BeBeeCeera:

“Far-right Dutch MP Geert Wilders”

The BBC must be held to account. The BBC itself should be made a campaign issue: its coverage of Islam and of subjects related, clearly, to its Defense and Protection of Islam (as its grotesque and incessant coverage of Israel and Israel’s attempts to defend itself against a Jihad that the BBC has been in the forefront of those refusing to recognize) have weakened the natural defenses of those in the Western world who listen to it. Its personnel — start with John Simpson (google “John Simpson” and “Hugh” and “Jihad Watch” for more), then go to Frank Gardner, or nasty-voiced Lyse Doucet, or Orla Guerin, the PLO sympathizer (and why not? she married one), and Barbara Plett, who wept uncontrollably while reporting on the death of Yassir Arafat, and so many more — need to be discharged, and replaced by those who are not Defenders and Protectors of Islam, nor antisemites (antisemitism is always and everywhere to be deplored, but there are times in history when the antisemite is not merely disgusting but constitutes a national or civilisational security risk, as in the late 1930s), but have a clear sense of Great Britain, of the West, and of the threat not only to the West, but to All the (Non-Islamic) Rest, of Islam.

The BBBC requires a complete change of personnel and policies. This has to be done. It doesn’t matter what the Gulf Arabs think, how they will be outraged, nor does their money matter now. Everything is at stake. The Gulf Arabs should be ignored or told to go to hell.

“Money can buy everything, except civilisation.”


An article by Philip Johnston in The Telegraph, about the current travails of Jacqui Smith:

“It has not been Jacqui Smith’s week to say the least (and it is only Tuesday). First. an official report into the arrest of Damian Green, ther Tory immigration spokesman, criticised the disproportionate approach taken by the Government and the police towards the informaiton leaked to him. Green was arrested last year after an investigation was ordered by the Home Office alleging that national security could be at stake. And who was the Minister in charge: Jacqui Smith, then Home Secretary.

Then, the House of Commons standards and privileges committee concluded that she had breached parliamentary rules by claiming that a room in her sister’s London house was her principal residence rather than the family home in Redditch. She apologised to the House, though in a half-hearted way.

Now, the Appeal Court has overturned her decision to ban the Dutch politician Geert Wilders from coming to Britain. He was invited in February to show a film about Islam to a group of parliamentarians but the Home Office refused him entry to the UK. At the time this was seen as an affront to this country’s traditions of free speech but that did not seem to bother the Government.

So she breached expenses rules, closed off free speech and set in train an investigation that led to an MP’s arrest in the Palace of Westminster (though she was abroad at the time and apparently unaware that the police were going to act).

What an extraordinary legacy for the occupants of one of the great offices of state. Had Miss Smith not stood down in the summer, she most assuredly would be packing her bags by now.”

Johnston leaves out mention of another example Smith’s fiddling of the Exchequer: her including as Member-of-Parliament expenses to be reimbursed by British taxpayers, her husband’s rental of pornographic films. Perhaps, in a certain sense, these were expenses incurred because she was an MP; apparently he rented the films only when she was in London on Her Majesty’s Service

There is still more:

The far-left philo-Islamic antisemitic BBC calls Geert Wilders “far right.”

I would have no trouble explaining, and thoroughly justifying, all three of those epithets above — far-left, philo-Islamic, antisemitic. I think the BBC would have a much harder time trying to justify its characterization of Geert Wilders as “far right.”

Perhaps it would like to take a stab at it. Perhaps it would like to tell the world what, aside from Geert Wilders’s intelligent worry over the effect of a seemingly-unstoppable rise in the Muslim presence in Western Europe, would qualify him to be described, by the BBC, “far right”? Where does Geert Wilders stand on taxation? On education policy? On the environment? On anything at all — does the BBC know a thing about Geert Wilders?

And, furthermore, why should opposition to, worry about, fear of, the growing Muslim presence in Western Europe, with the Daw’a that is so appealling to the psychically and economically marginal, and the attempts to change the laws and customs of the free and advanced Western world, be “right-wing”? Before there was Geert Wilders, there was Pim Fortuyn, murdered by a weak-minded “animal rights” activist who had been persuaded that Pim Fortuyn’s opposition to Muslims could be seen as oppression of the “weak” and assimilated to the “oppression by men of helpless animals.” Van de Graaf, the murderer of Pim Fortuyn, was mentally manipulated by Muslims who used him as the instrument for their own cause.

What about Theo van Gogh? “Right-wing” was he? The threatened-with-death Ayaan Hirsi Ali? Is she “the right-wing Ayaan Hirsi Ali”?

How about that famous life-long leftist, whose Greek lover Panagoulis was a real victim of the far-right, murdered by the gang of Greek colonels (see Papadopoulos), Oriana Fallaci who came from a long line of anti-clericl republican Tuscan patriots, who in her youth, at the age of 14, was risking her life to help the Resistance in Florence — did she become, after a life in which she saw, up close, Khomeini and Arafat and Khaddafy, saw what they and those who worshipped or followed them were all about, realized the terrible threat to Western Europe from Muslims, did she, Oriana Fallaci, become “the right-wing Oriana Fallaci” in the eyes of the disgusting, the sickening, the intolerable speakers and writers of the BBC?

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