Islam Terror Downunder


Cuffed … One of the men is taken to court; Saney Aweys, Nayef El Sayed, Yacqub Khayre and Abdirahman Ahmed in the dock

Terror plot accused to stand trial: FOUR men accused of planning a terrorist attack on the Holsworthy army base have today been ordered to stand trial.

Christmas Island mosque draws crowds

Mosque, Kampong

ASYLUM-SEEKERS at Christmas Island’s immigration detention centre have begun attending Friday prayers with locals at the island’s mosque, following requests from detainees and refugee advocates.  More

Tigers join race for asylum: Paul Maley and Paige Taylor A SENIOR member of the Australian Tamil community says former Tamil Tigers are among the influx of boatpeople to arrive on our shores.

Just in from Mullah:

EXCLUSIVE: Western Australia in full blown dhimmitude:

Culture and Religion
Information Sheet

October 2009


The following sensitivities need to be observed on greeting or

o Devout Muslims do not shake hands with the member of the opposite sex.

o Muslims do not expect any non Muslim to greet them with the Islamic
greeting “assalamu `alaikum”
meaning “Peace be upon you”, with the response “wa `alaikumus salam”
meaning ” and upon
you be peace.” So it is not necessary for a non Muslim to learn the
Islamic way of greeting, since
it is acceptable to greet Muslims with normal English greetings such as
`good morning´ or `good

The following sensitivities need to be observed in seating arrangements
for interview purposes or hosting
offi cial functions:
o Muslim clerics prefer not to be seated next to women.
o Muslim men and women prefer to sit in two separate groups to avoid
mixing with one another, men
on one side and women on the other.
Dress and Appearance
The following dress codes apply:
o The Islamic dress code for males and females is prescribed to be modest.
o Muslims can wear any national or chosen dress code if it loosely covers
certain parts of the body,
consisting of the area from the navel to knee for the male, and the whole
body with the exception
of the face and hands for the female. These areas of the body are referred
to as Awrah.
o The wearing of the Niqab or Purdah (face cover) by Muslim women is not
considered essential by
most Muslims.]

[Food, Drink and Fasting
Recognising appropriate foods and beverages is essential in responding to
the needs of religious
communities. When hosting people from diverse religious and cultural
backgrounds, as a matter of
good practice, always serve a selection of vegetarian and meat foods on
separate trays. A variety of non
alcoholic drinks should also be available at any offi cial function. The
following issues relating to food,
drink and fasting should also be understood:
o If possible, organise all food to be Halal. This is easy to arrange and
ensures everyone can eat.
o Islamic tradition does not allow the consumption of alcohol.
o During Ramadan, the name of the ninth and holiest month of the Muslim
calendar, Muslims do not
eat or drink from dawn break to sunset.]

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