The Islamic Council of Western Australia Makes Sure Infidels Know Their Place

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Culture and Religion   Information Sheet   October 2009


The following sensitivities need to be observed on greeting or introduction:

Devout Muslims do not shake hands with the member of the opposite sex.

Muslims do not expect any non Muslim to greet them with the Islamic  greeting “assalamu `alaikum”
meaning  “Peace be upon you”, with the response “wa `alaikumus salam”meaning ” and upon
you be peace.” So it is not necessary for a non Muslim to learn the  Islamic way of greeting, since
it is acceptable to greet Muslims with normal English greetings such as  `good morning´ or `good


The following sensitivities need to be observed in seating arrangements  for interview purposes or hosting official functions:

Muslim clerics prefer not to be seated next to women.   Muslim men and women prefer to sit in two separate groups to avoid  mixing with one another, men  on one side and women on the other.
Dress and Appearance: The following dress codes apply:

The Islamic dress code for males and females is prescribed to be modest.   Muslims can wear any national or chosen dress code if it loosely covers  certain parts of the body,  consisting of the area from the navel to knee for the male, and the whole  body with the exception  of the face and hands for the female. These areas of the body are referred  to as Awrah.


The wearing of the Niqab or Purdah (face cover) by Muslim women is not  considered essential by
most Muslims.

Food, Drink and Fasting

Recognising appropriate foods and beverages is essential in responding to  the needs of religious
communities. When hosting people from diverse religious and cultural  backgrounds, as a matter of
good practice, always serve a selection of vegetarian and meat foods on  separate trays. A variety of non
alcoholic drinks should also be available at any offi cial function. The  following issues relating to food,
drink and fasting should also be understood:

If possible, organise all food to be Halal. This is easy to arrange and  ensures everyone can eat.
Islamic tradition does not allow the consumption of alcohol.   During Ramadan, the name of the ninth and holiest month of the Muslim  calendar, Muslims do not
eat or drink from dawn break to sunset.

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19 thoughts on “The Islamic Council of Western Australia Makes Sure Infidels Know Their Place”

  1. *If possible, organise all food to be Halal. This is easy to arrange and ensures everyone can eat…

    …food dedicated or sacrificed to false gods and / or idols.

    No thanks!

    “That you abstain from meats offered to idols, and from blood, and from things strangled, and from fornication: from which if you keep yourselves, you shall do well. Fare you well.” (Acts 15:29)

    It will become increasingly difficult to find food not sacrificed or
    dedicated to “allah” in some way, as muslims impose halal food on
    everyone, as in the document above. If I suspect that something
    has been sacrificed to “allah”, I look for the halal certificate, and
    go elsewhere if I see it. I’m usually safe eating a BLT 🙂

  2. Incidentally, you (I) have to wonder where the outcry from the feminist / Germaine Greer set is to this gender separation, not to mention the
    “Human Rights and Equal Opportunity Commission” (HREOC).

    Are they complicit in this dhimmification?

  3. Mullah Lodabullah

    For the Left, the feminists are but an extension of the Marxist Left, the ultimate goal is the destruction of Western civilisation and its root – Christianity. This is also the aim of Islam, and so it follows that they are ideological allies. Their hatred of Western civilisation and Christianity prevents them from acknowledging their mutual incompatibilty. But if they ever defeat or destroy Western civilisation, they will then start the ultimate war for who governs the world.

    It is our duty to prevent that, while at the same time remaining civilised – tough call.

  4. Can anyone get a copy of the other version of this document, which gives specific and obligatory instructions for how Muslims are to respect and accommodate non-Muslims’ beliefs and customs when they visit Riyadh, or Teheran? Like providing alcohol for guests? And bacon sandwiches…?

    In twenty years, this country will be as f*cked as Europe… It’s downhill all the way.

  5. Stop is-lam now , look at t he Netherlands , Norway , Sweden . Danmark , France , Germany , Spain and last Gr. Britain were sharia law is working , FIGHT for your BEATIFUL country , throw the muslim satanist OUT !!

  6. @Simon
    ”In twenty years, this country will be as f*cked as Europe… It’s downhill all the way.”
    You are damn right. I live in Hollandistan.

  7. *If possible, organise all food to be Halal. This is easy to arrange and ensures everyone can eat…

    Actually, there are many, many people who do not wish to eat Halal meat for humanitarian/ethical reasons – the method of killing the animaly is unnecessarily cruel & painfull.
    So let the 10% mulsims eat vegetarian food and the non-muslims eat meat killed humainly.

  8. Of course non-Muslims cannot be allowed to greet Muslims as equals. Infidels must know their place, which is as filth, to be subjugated by their superiors.

    No Muslim would wish an infidel peace, as it is against their “religion”; they must make war against infidels.

  9. “Muslim clerics prefer not to be seated next to women. ”

    Some common ground at last! I prefer not to be seated next to Muslim clerics (or any Muslims for that matter.)

    Muslims insist on separate toilets on campus because they believe that infidels contaminate them. They honestly believe this. Under dhimmitude in Iran, Jews were not allowed to go on the streets if it rained, in case the water fell off them and contaminated a Muslim.

    You just couldn’t make these things up!

  10. “Meanwhile the NSW Board of (anti-Semitic) Studies inflicts dhimmitude on HSC students with trick exegetic questions on Islam

    If students do their “mandatory depth study” of Islam, they will find that Muhammad was a false prophet, not a prophet as claimed
    in the exam paper.

  11. I have included a link of this page to K Rudd. You people are a disgrace to this country and should be ashamed of yourselves, have you nothing better to do with your time? Get a job get a life, geez
    Hypocrites .
    scared of your own shadows grow some balls .

  12. To whom it may concern:
    Today is “Open Mosque Day” in Germany.
    I have visited mosques overseas and am familiar with Islamic customs, however, not many Australians are familiar.
    It might be an idea to have such a day in Australia to teach those who lack knowledge and understanding about the Islamic faith, customs, history, etc.
    Kind Regards,
    Dr. Monika Zechetmayr

    1. “Open Mosque Day”

      Indeed, its a great idea to teach Australians about the horrors of Islam. If people understood what an Islamic Australia would look like there wouldn’t be any mosques in Australia.

      Winds of Jihad raises awareness and teaches knowledge.

      Blessed are those who understand that.

      Sheik yer’mami

  13. @Dr. Monika Zechetmayr


    Grow up and get over yourself.

    Not everyone is going to be enamored with Islam.

    Have you ever considered the possibility that there are people in this world who have “knowledge and understanding about the Islamic faith, customs, history, etc”

    and get this….those people….r-e-j-e-c-t Islam.

    As one of those many people who has rejected Islam we find it repellent, wicked and at times down right evil.

  14. A.Aussie,
    Actually you are the disgrace, and you are almost certainly not an Australian. Do not insult our country again by associating yourself with her.

  15. A .Aussie,
    Send all the links you want – the arguments here prove that the concerns people have with you (muslims) are very legitimate, and since Krudd cannot lower his ego sufficiently to listen to the concerns of real Australians it is useful to have a muslim send the same material. Incidentally. if muslims actually respected others this conflict would never have arisen: as it is the conflict is of YOUR making and WE WILL resolve it. Do us a favour and leave.

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