Nothing but victims who follow their religion…

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Recent terror raids in Queens have led to a spike in fear and racial profiling, Muslim advocates charge.

“Stop the raids”

It’s no secret that Muslim outrage is never directed at terrorism in the name of Islam the way that it is toward the object of their own hurt feelings…

DRUM Rally #1

About 40 people rallied outside theFlushing Public Library yesterday to draw attention to what they called an uptick in targeted policing.

The rally was in response to raids last month linked to a suspected bomb plot.Najibullah Zazi, who authorities say was trained at an al Qaeda terror camp, was charged in the plot. Zazi, 24, pleaded not guilty to conspiring to detonate explosives.

“People are scared,” said Sultan Faiz, a leader at Abu Bakar Mosque in Queens. “People are fearful in our community.”

Faiz said attendance at the mosque has plunged since the raids.

“Stop the raids,” one sign read. “No racial or religious profiling,” read another.

The Daily News has more:

(US) Muslim Threatens to Blow Up DC Metro Station…

Muslim advocates charge NYPD is racial profiling in Queens raids tied to alleged Zazi terror plot

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3 thoughts on “Nothing but victims who follow their religion…”

  1. ““People are scared,” said Sultan Faiz, a leader at Abu Bakar Mosque in Queens. ”

    They follow a “god” and false prophet who instructs them to commit atrocities, and they feel scared, but continue to follow their “god” and
    false prophet, because they are not permitted to leave their cult on
    pain of death.

  2. Poor they feel targeted…Anyone who belongs to an organization whose members do what their members do SHOULD be targeted…Why the total lack of responsibility for their brothers actions? Why the poor grasp on cause and effect?
    Oh thats right..everything is always someone elses fault.

  3. “No racial or religious profiling”

    There they go again…Racial profiling.
    Is Islam a race? Would someone please clarify this?
    I don’t know about you but I see Islam as a political, judicial, social and ideological cult./b..Not a race! Race is based on skln color, cutltural differences etc. but not an ideology. Anybody? Answers to this question? I am cuntfused.

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